Udaariyaan 28th July 2022 Written Update Fateh warns Jasmin

Udaariyaan 28th July 2022 Written Update Fateh warns Jasmin

Udaariyaan 28th July 2022 Written Update Fateh warns Jasmin Tejo brings Jasmin home and takes good care of her, spending time with her and wishing the best for her coming baby. Fateh learns that Jasmin has returned to Sandhu house. He goes to meet the Sandhus. He meets Jasmin in private and threatens her. He asks her not to test his patience. Jasmin asks him what will he do, will he tell everyone what she did with Tejo. She scares him saying her truth will shatter down Tejo completely. He asks her to shut up. She refuses to leave. He wants to find a solution for Jasmin’s problem. He tells that Tejo and Amrik’s child are in Jasmin’s control, both Tejo and the baby are important in his life. What will Fateh do to secure Tejo and the baby? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Tejo tells Jasmine that because of all this she started hating her and Fateh. She also tells Jasmine that Satti and Rupy told her the whole truth and how she took care of her when she lost her memory. Tejo further tells Jasmine that she even knows how she and Amrik exposed Angad in front of the police.

She tells Jasmine that she also knows that she lost Amrik because of her. Jasmine silently keeps getting information about what things Tejo knows about what happened till now. Tejo again apologizes to Jasmine and hugs her. Jasmine grins evilly understanding that now Tejo is her old innocent sister of hers. She decides to use Tejo to keep herself safe. On the other hand, Buzzo tells Fateh that Simran seems to be very scared about something these days. He says Simran asks him to daily pick up and drop Candy from and to school respectively.


Udaariyaan 28th July 2022 Written Update Fateh warns Jasmin:

Tejo asks Jasmine why she didn’t come home. She also asks Jasmine why her condition looks worse. Tejo asks Jasmine to come home with her. Jasmine recalls Fateh angrily asking to go away from him, Tejo, their families and Moga. She pretends to be innocent and manipulates Tejo. She tells Tejo that she used to hate her and call her “bad sister”. Jasmine tells Tejo that she even used to hate her and accused her of trying to kill her. She secretly looks at Tejo with an evil smile. Tejo apologizes again to Jasmine for doubting her. Jasmine keeps on blaming herself for Tejo’s miseries.

She keeps on pretending innocence and manipulates Tejo to take her home. Jasmine tells Tejo that she was thrown out by Sweety’s mother late last night. She tells Tejo that she slept on the road the whole night and had to steal food to fill her stomach. Tejo gets shocked hearing all this. Jasmine also tells Tejo that she herself is a good person, because of which everyone seems good to her. She tells Tejo that she did much bad with everyone, especially with her. Jasmine tells Tejo that she is suffering with everything, which she deserves.

Tejo gets emotional with Jasmine’s innocence drama. At last, Jasmine as usual uses her child to fool Tejo. She teksk Tejo that she doesn’t want to give birth to the baby in her womb. She says she will abort or kill her own baby as she and her baby won’t get love from anyone because of her past misdeeds. Jasmine starts running with a secret evil smile on her face. Tejo runs behind sly Jasmine and stops her. She slaps Jasmine for thinking about killing or aborting her child. Tejo tells Jasmine that she knows the pain of losing own child as she had lost her own child.

Tejo tells Jasmine that she failed to save her own child but God gave her the chance and here she is being unthankful to God. She also tells Jasmine that this child will become the hope of her new life and both families’ stronger relations. Tejo further tells Jasmine that everyone will love her child. She convinces evil Jasmine to return home. Tejo hugs Jasmine and promises to take care of Jasmine and her child. Jasmine smiles evilly and returns home with Tejo. She calls her unborn child useful.

Later, Fateh visits Sandhu house, Rupy tells Fateh that Jasmine returned home and Tejo brought her home. This shocks Fateh. Fateh says it’s good. Inside Sandhu house, Satti and Tejo’s grandmother gets happy seeing both sisters, Tejo and Jasmine happy with each other. Tejo cares a lot for Jasmine and feeds her food. Rupy tells Fateh that Tejo is very happy after knowing about Jasmine’s pregnancy. He also tells Fateh that Tejo is showering unconditional love on Jasmine. This gives another big shock to Fateh. Rupy asks Fateh to go and meet Tejo and Jasmine.

Fateh goes towards Tejo and Jasmine’s room. He sees Tejo caring for Jasmine a lot. Fateh overhears Satti and Tejo’s grandmother saying that they wish both Tejo and Jasmine to remain happy and loving with each other always. They also wish for both Virk and Sandhu families to be happy. Fateh thinks about how both families will remain happy when evil Jasmine is in their lives. Tejo’s grandmother and Satti leave from there. Fateh keeps on looking at Jasmine angrily. He feels angry seeing Jasmine using and fooling Tejo as well as all family members. Tejo requests Jasmine to tell her whenever her child will kick next time. She tells Jasmine that she also wants to feel that moment with her. Jasmine moves her head in yes with a fake smile.

Jasmine notices Fateh angrily seeing and overhearing her and Tejo’s conversation. She thinks that Fateh is seeing a live telecast of his defeat. Fateh glares angrily at Jasmine who is also seeing him with an evil and victorious smile. Jasmine requests Tejo to bring a little warm water for her. Tejo leaves to get warm water. Angry Fateh enters inside Sandhu sisters room. Jasmine shows attitude to Fateh. She tells Fateh that she is the eighth wonder of the world. Jasmine also tells Fateh that she always do, what people ask her not to do. Jasmine says she gets a kick from it.

Fateh angrily closes the room door. Jasmine asks Fateh why he closed the door. Fateh asks Jasmine to not test his patience, otherwise consequences won’t be good. Jasmine tells Fateh that her upcoming child is Tejo’s new happiness. She also tells Fateh that she knows that he won’t snatch poor Tejo’s happiness and smile from her. Jasmine further tells Fateh if he will tell everyone and Tejo about her evil reality, then already stressed Tejo’s mental condition might worsen due to extra stress. Fateh gets angry and asks Jasmine to shut up. Jasmine smiles at Fateh’s helplessness. She tells Fateh that they have had so many complicated relations.

She angers Fateh by telling him that his mother is going mad behind her grandchild and even Tejo is showering unconditional love on her child. Jasmine tells Fateh that in all this circus, a decent man like him got trapped. She tells Fateh that he got badly trapped as he wants to become a good son as well as a good and caring husband together. Jasmine confidently and without any shame, tells Fateh that he got trapped in all this mess because of her. She herself addresses herself as a shameless, stupid, stubborn and minx girl. Jasmine makes fun of Fateh for not being able to defeat her. She tells Fateh that she is having the best time of her life. Jasmine also tells Fateh that he wanted to keep her away from Tejo but she herself brought her home with full respect.

Fateh angrily leaves the Sandhu house. He recalls Jasmine telling him that he is helpless and can’t reveal her evil reality to Tejo or anyone as this can worsen Tejo’s mental condition. Angry Fateh breaks a flower pot in anger. He thinks about doing something about Jasmine as his life’s two most important people Tejo and Amrik’s child are in her control. Fateh decides to be careful. Tense Buzzo calls Fateh home. Simran scolds Buzzo for calling Fateh. Buzzo tells Simran that he is badly worried, since she told him about the mysterious and evil man’s call. He asks Simran whom he will share his problem with, if not with his best friend Fateh.

Simran tells Buzzi that there are already many problems going on in Fateh’s life. She says Fateh went to Tejo’s house to ask about her well-being. Simran asks Buzzo why he called Fateh home even on knowing about his life’s problems. Buzzo tells Simran that he can’t take any risk in the case of Candy. Simran angrily asks Buzzo if he thinks that she doesn’t care about Candy. She tells Buzzo that she cleaned each and every piece of the Lego set properly that the mysterious and evil man sent for Candy, so that her son doesn’t get injured or hurt in any way. Simran also tells Buzzo that her family already tolerated a lot because of her.

She further tells Buzzo that she doesn’t want to involve her family anymore in her issues and embarrass them again like earlier days. Simran asks Buzzo to understand her and convinces him to hide their problem from Fateh and Virks. On Buzzo’s questions, Simran tells Buzzo that this mysterious evil person knows about Candy’s age, likes and voice. She tells Buzzo each and everything she knows about this mysterious evil person. Simran further tells Buzzo that this evil mysterious person sent the same Lego game, which Candy wished for in the market. She tells Buzzo that she suspects that this person is following Candy everywhere and keeping a watch on them. Simran gets tense thinking about this.

Buzzo calms Simran. He tells Simran that now they will have to take proper care of Candy and be with Candy all the time. Simran agrees and wipes her tears. Buzzo tells Simran that this mysterious evil person seems very clever and has switched off his phone. He also tells Simran that this person is calling her by changing his number again and again. Buzzo asks Simran to make him talk to this person, when he will call her next time. He also asks Simran to not take tension, saying that everything will get well. Simran hugs Buzzo and calms her.

Fateh reaches Buzzo and Simran. He asks Buzzo and Simran what happened. Simran and Buzzo hide their problem from Fateh. Simran tells Fateh that Buzzo is tensed about worried Gurpreet as she told Jasmine to move on in life but is actually worried and restless about Amrik’s unborn child. She also tells Fateh that Buzzo is also tense as even Tejo didn’t confirm to him (Fateh) till now, if she will accept his and her relationship or not. Fateh says even he is tensed about both things. Next morning, Jasmine recalls herself scaring mentally unstable Tejo with a burning stick. She also recalls how Fateh called off their engagement. Jasmine further recalls Fateh coming home by marrying mentally unstable Tejo.

She also recalls her imagination of herself happy in Fateh’s arms, in which Tejo took her place. Jasmine further recalls Fateh asking and threatening her to leave Moga and go away from him, Tejo and everyone. In all this, Jasmine by mistake pushes the chapati plate, which Satti was holding. She also asks, “to not touch her”. Satti gets confused and picks up the chapati. At college, the principal apologizes to Tejo. Principal gives Tejo her old post at college. At college, Fateh asks himself to give some space to Tejo. He recalls Tejo refusing to accept their marriage. Tejo walks from nearby with her colleagues and friends. Fateh gets mesmerized seeing a beautiful Tejo. “Kesariya” from the film “Brahmāstra” plays in the background.

In the next episode, Tejo will run to Fateh and hug him tightly. She will tell Fateh that she got to know everything he did for her in the last 9 months. Tejo will also tell Fateh Moga’s every corner and person is witness of his love and loyalty towards her. With Tejo’s consent, Fateh will make her wear the nuptial chain (mangalsutra). Tejo will tell Fateh that she wants to return to Virk house and live with him.

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