Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th July 2022 Update Vidhi meets Dev

Na Umra Ki Seema Spoilers Ajooni Channa Mereya

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 28th July 2022 Update Vidhi meets Dev Vidhi’s parents get scared thinking dacoits have come home. They hide the ring. They prepare themselves to deal with the situation. Vidhi’s dad opens the door, and finds his brother. Uncle asks them what are they doing. He complains about Urmila to them. He tells that Urmila has ousted him from the house, he will go once Vidhi returns the money to Urmila. Uncle goes to sleep. He sleeps on the same pillow where the family has hidden the ring. Seema gets the ring somehow. Abhimanyu makes the halwa for Chitra. Priya spoils the halwa. She asks him not to spoil their respect by making such flop halwa. Abhimanyu gets emotional. He tells that she didn’t get happy and instead hurt his feelings. She makes him feel like a loser.

She pities him and calls him a terrible chef. She asks him to see Dev. Dev is also busy in seeing the welcome arrangements for Chitra. He tells that Dev knows what his family member like and dislike. Vidhi’s dad asks Vidhi not to make any mistake and just go to return the ring. Uncle hears them talking about the ring. He asks them. Seema cleverly lies to him. The family distracts him. Dev welcomes Chitra by showering the flowers in her way. Amba steps in and calls his gesture sweet. She asks him if he is so happy with her arrival. He tells that he was welcoming Chitra. Vidhi protects the ring from the people in the bus.


Chitra and Amy dislike the food. Dev and Priya get puzzled. Dev finds Abhimanyu getting upset. He eats the food and praises the taste. He cheers up Abhimanyu, saying the food is enriched with love. Priya tells that they have a good chef in the house. Dev’s mum asks Amba if she knows Dev since before. Dev excuses himself to avoid the topic. Chitra asks Dev to show their lavish house to Amba. Amba asks Dev to stay back for her sake and show his room, which will describe his personality. Dev tells that Abhimanyu will show her the room. Vidhi gets scared that she lost the ring. Amba enters Dev’s room. She likes his room.

She keeps a letter for him. Dev rushes to his office. He converses with his dad’s picture. He informs about Chitra’s marriage and her happy future. He has done a lot for his siblings. He apologizes if he has lacked in something. His friends meet him. Dev tells that Vidhi will be bringing the ring, he believes in her sincerity. His friends suggest that they take the police help. Dev tells that it’s a test for both of them. He wants to see if he can judge someone right or not. Vidhi comes to Dev’s office. She asks the guard to allow her, Dev has called her to meet at his office. She shows Dev’s visiting card to get an entry. Vidhi meets Dev and returns his ring. She asks for the money. Dev finds the ring missing in the box, which shocks Vidhi to the core.


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