Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2022 Update Armaan in shock

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2022 Update Armaan in shock

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2022 Update Armaan in shock Rudra and Prisha get worried seeing a burning stick fallen near Saaransh’s foot. Saaransh also notices this. He stops worried Rudra from coming near him. Saaransh feels pain due to the burning stick near him. Rudra gets more worried for Saaransh. Worried, Prisha runs to Saaransh and screams his name. This stuns Rudra and makes Saaransh happy. Worried Rudra hopes for something good to happen. Prisha runs and throws the burning stick away from Saaransh’s foot. She asks Saaransh if he is fine. Saaransh replies to Prisha that he is fine.

He asks Prisha if she remembers him and his name. Prisha tells Saaransh that she remembers him and his name as he is Ruhi’s brother. Saaransh and Rudra get disheartened seeing that their plan didn’t work. Prisha tells Saaransh that she thinks that an incident similar to this has happened earlier too. She also tells Saaransh that she feels that she has lived through a similar incident in her past too. Saaransh and Rudra’s hopes return with this. Saaransh tries to make Prisha recall how she saved him the same way in the past too.


Prisha tells Saaransh that she can’t remember anything like this but is feeling weird. She says she can’t even think about anything at present. Prisha and Saaransh see each other’s burns. They leave to apply ointment on each other’s wounds. Armaan sees Saaransh with Prisha. He also sees Saaransh signing victory to Rudra and gets angry. Rudra feels a little relaxed seeing that Prisha has very slowly started to remember her past. In his thoughts, Rudra requests Prisha to not accept defeat and even her family won’t accept defeat. He feels happy thinking that Saaransh will be happy getting his mother’s love.

He decides to wait for Saaransh downstairs. Armaan thinks about how Rudra and Saaransh got the address of the resort he and Prisha are staying in. Armaan thinks that he won’t let Prisha and Rudra re-unite. On the other hand, Prisha applies ointment on Saaransh’s foot burn. Saaransh feels pain and cries. He gets emotional on getting love and affection from his mother. Saaransh also applies ointment on Prisha’s hand burn by blowing air on it, so that Prisha doesn’t feel any kind of irritation and pain. Prisha smiles seeing Saaransh’s affection and care towards her. She gets shocked seeing Saaransh crying and asks him why.

Saaransh tells Prisha that he is crying because she is in pain because of him. Prisha tells Saaransh that he is lovely like Ruhi and is like his mother. Saaransh tells Prisha that he loves his mother and can’t live without her. He addresses Prisha as his mother and tells her that he loves her a lot. This shocks and confuses Prisha. Saaransh says he meant he loves his mother a lot. Prisha tells Saaransh that even Ruhi is like him and loves her mother a lot. She asks Saaransh if he and Ruhi are Rudra’s children. Prisha apologizes to Saaransh and tells Saaransh that she hates Rudra. She also tells Saaransh that she gets uncontrollably angry hearing Rudra’s name, voice and even by seeing his face.

Saaransh asks Prisha why she came running to save him. Prisha tells Saaransh that she didn’t think of anything and just wanted him to not get injured or hurt. She says she felt like all this had happened earlier too and doesn’t know why. Saaransh tells Prisha that it’s because she is his mother. Seeing Prisha shocked, Saaransh apologizes to Prisha. He tells Prisha that he mistakenly addressed her as his mother because Ruhi also repeatedly does the same. Prisha tells Saaransh that it’s fine. She also tells Saaransh that she would have been lucky if she would have had children like him and Ruhi.

Prisha asks Saaransh where his and Ruhi’s mother is, as she never saw her. Saaransh tells Prisha that his mother left him and Ruhi. This shocks Prisha. She hugs Saaransh tightly. Saaransh tells Prisha that his and Ruhi’s mother is just like her; lovely and caring. Prisha tells Saaransh that he and Ruhi can come to her, whenever they will miss their mother. Saaransh cries thinking why Prisha isn’t recalling her past. He thinks if Prisha recalls everything about her past, then they can live together again, like a happy family. Saaransh thanks Prisha for helping and loving him so much. He leaves saying, “I love you Mumma” to Prisha. Prisha feels restless seeing Saaransh leaving.

She says that she is getting similar feelings with Saaransh being near her like the way she feels with Ruhi. She wonders what connection or relation she has with Ruhi and Saaransh. Prisha also wonders why she feels restless whenever Ruhi and Saaransh go away from her. Saaransh hopes that Prisha recalls everything soon. Armaan decides to find out why Saaransh and Rudra came behind him and Prisha. He follows Saaransh. Saaransh tells Rudra that Prisha told him that she feels like she has lived through a similar incident and just wanted to save him. Rudra tells Saaransh that it is the beginning of their victory.

He also tells Saaransh that they will have to think about what other memories they can recreate in front of Prisha to make her regain her memories. Hearing this, Armaan gets shocked and worried about himself. Rudra orders a coffee for him and a milkshake for Saaransh. Armaan decides to not let Rudra get victorious in his plan to make Prisha regain her memory. He bribes and fools the waiter and then mixes something wrong in Rudra’s coffee. Armaan thinks this way, Rudra won’t ever be able to get Prisha back from him. As Rudra drinks his coffee, Armaan gets happy and starts executing his plan.

Rudra starts feeling dizzy after drinking his coffee. Saaransh saves Rudra from falling down. Instead of returning to Delhi, Saaransh and Rudra book two rooms for themselves in the “Nieve Resort”. Armaan again bribes the same waiter and takes the master key that can open and lock all rooms of the resort. He visits Prisha’s room. Prisha asks Armaan if he is fine now as he called her to inform her that he is unwell and thus will rest. This shocks Armaan. Armaan understands that Rudra must have fooled him and Prisha. He thinks Rudra fooled him and made Prisha save Saaransh to bring her memory back.

Armaan takes Prisha for dinner. He decides to get revenge on Rudra. On the other hand, Ruhi tells Sharda that she is badly missing Rudra and Saaransh and is feeling worried about them. Sharda asks Ruhi to return home if she is missing Rudra and Saaransh badly and is worried about them. Ruhi recalls Saaransh and Rudra’s major argument and verbal fight. She tells Sharda that if they return home now, then Rudra and Saaransh will start arguing with each other again. Ruhi also tells Sharda that she wants to teach a lesson to Rudra and Saaransh so that they stop fighting. She says only this way they can bring Prisha back home. Sharda tells Ruhi that she is getting sad herself, this way.

Ruhi says it’s fine. She tells Sharda that she is doing what Prisha does to bring their family together. Sharda tells Ruhi that she is just like her mother. She addresses Ruhi as Prisha’s shadow. Ruhi smiles hearing this. Ruhi prays to God to make Rudra and Saaransh friends. In Shimla, Armaan brings Prisha downstairs for dinner. He secretly makes the waiter mix some wrong pills in Prisha’s drink. Prisha asks Armaan why he didn’t tell her that Saaransh and Ruhi are Rudra’s children. This shocks Armaan.

In the next episode, Prisha will get angry seeing Rudra sleeping in her room beside her. She will angrily throw water on Rudra’s face. Rudra will get shocked and confused. Ruhi and Sharda will reach Shimla to surprise Saaransh and Rudra. Armaan will pretend to be worried about Prisha in front of hotel staff as well as Thakurs. Later, Thakurs will get shocked seeing Rudra with Prisha on the same bed. Armaan will pretend to be shocked and angry.

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