Anupama 29th July 2022 Written Update Anuj’s entry

Anupama 29th July 2022 Written Update Anuj's entry

Anupama 29th July 2022 Written Update Anuj’s entry Kavya asks Anu to go to Pakhi’s room and play with a teddy bear kept there. Anu apologizes to Kavya and says that she won’t go anywhere leaving her mother. Pakhi rudely asks Anu to take her mother with her to her house. Anu tells Pakhi that even the Shah house is her house. Pakhi angrily asks Anu to shut up. Kinjal asks Pakhi to shut up. She asks Pakhi what is this way of talking to a kid. Pakhi tauntingly tells Kinjal that she forgot that not Samar, but Anupama’s second supporter is present.

Rakhi reminds Baa that she is always seen ready to slap people. She asks Baa why she is not doing anything when today, her own granddaughter, Pakhi’s behavior deserves a tight slap. Rakhi asks Baa to slap Pakhi as she insulted her daughter. Baa tells Rakhi that everything is done by thinking about everything. Rakhi asks Baa if she is silent, because till now Pakhi didn’t insult her. She also asks Baa to slap Pakhi tightly and make her silent, if she really cares for other people too. Baa tells Rakhi that this will ruin the matter more. Rakhi tells Baa that everything is spoiled or ruined in Shah house.

Vanraj tells Pakhi that she is crossing her limits. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she will cross her limits now. Anupama asks Anu to go to Kinjal’s room. Anu refuses to leave her mother. Anupama signs Bapuji and asks Anu to come with him. Anu tells Pakhi that her Orphanage teacher used to say that a person who gets angry with his/her own mother, God gets angry at that person. Bapuji says God can tolerate own humiliation but not of a mother. He takes Anu inside with him. Pakhi tells Anupama that Anu is just like her. She also tells Anupama that after growing up, Anu will give lectures to everyone just like her (Anupama).


Angry Anupama points a finger at Pakhi and asks her to stop her nonsense. Pakhi rudely asks Anupama what she will do, if she doesn’t get silent. This shocks everyone. On the other hand, while driving, Anuj thinks about why Anupama always has to bear the consequences of trying to bring both Shahs and Kapadias together. He thinks that his Anupama is tolerating more than enough now. Anuj questions God why he/she keeps testing his Anupama. He thinks that now Anupama has tolerated enough. At Shah house, Anupama asks Pakhi if she is suffering from seizures. She tells Pakhi that she just restricted her to stay at Kapadia house, that too, because her father doesn’t like it.

Pakhi tells Anupama that she, being her mother, ousted her from her house. She says even Barkha supported her but not her own mother. Anupama tells Pakhi that she didn’t oust her from her house, but just sent her with her father who came to pick her up. Baa says Adhik taught all this to Pakhi. Pakhi rudely requests Baa to not bring Adhik in between. She says no one needs to say anything to Adhik. This shocks everyone. Rakhi congratulates Baa by telling her that her granddaughter found a grandson-in-law for her. Baa asks Rakhi to stay silent. She asks Pakhi why they shouldn’t say anything to Adhik. Pakhi says because she has her own brain.

Kinjal and Kavya ask Pakhi if she really has a brain of her own. Pakhi tells Kavya and Kinjal that they are insulting her now. Baa asks Pakhi if she herself is giving respect to everyone here. Pakhi asks Baa why she is having a problem if she is saying anything to Anupama. She reminds Baa that she too had humiliated and taunted Anupama for years. This shocks Baa and Vanraj. Anupama tells Pakhi that Baa is her motherly figure and a mother can say anything to her child. She also tells Pakhi that children like her question their mother’s love and affection. Anupama further tells Pakhi that children like her can even abuse their mother.

Anupama tells Pakhi that her questions will end but not her answers. She asks Pakhi who she is to stop her from visiting Shah house. Anupama reminds Pakhi that Shah house became her house before her. Pakhi rudely tells Anupama that she wants to get everything by saying that it belongs to her. Everyone gets shocked hearing this from Pakhi. Rakhi enjoys the show. Pakhi asks Anupama if a little truth hurted her. She tells Anupama that she will start crying, if she says anything else. Vanraj asks Pakhi to stop her insolent behavior.

Pakhi requests Vanraj to not stop her and let her speak today. She tells Vanraj that she won’t be able to tolerate it, by keeping everything inside her. Everyone feels shocked by Pakhi’s weird behavior. Anupama asks Pakhi to speak, whatever she wants to as she has to hear out everything. She asks everyone else to not speak in between her and Pakhi. Kavya signs Vanraj to say something. Vanraj lowers his head in helplessness. Anupama asks Pakhi to pour her heart’s poison out. Pakhi tells Anupama that she visits and stays at Shah house, whenever she wants to. She also tells Anupama that she (Pakhi) has to seek permission from 10 people to stay at her house.

Pakhi further tells Anupama that she is not allowed to stay at Kapadia house, even after getting permission. She tells Anupama that she couldn’t tolerate her living at her house even just for a day. Pakhi asks Anupama if she had a fear that Anu will face problems because of her. Baa asks Pakhi to talk to elders with respect. Pakhi tells Baa that she learnt to talk clearly without any filter. Anupama asks Pakhi to not get insolent with Baa and talk directly to her. Pakhi tells Anupama that she has become selfish, insecure and haughty after getting rich. She also tells Anupama that she was a perfect mother, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, till when she had nothing.

Pakhi further tells Anupama that she has become haughty after becoming a Kapadia. She tells Anupama that no one listened to her at Shah house but Kapadia house doesn’t run without her. Pakhil also tells Anupama that at Shah house, Vanraj never valued her, but now Anuj wanders behind her like a wife’s slave. She further tells Anupama that she will obviously get haughty as she was a normal housewife at Shah house but now became owner of the whole Kapadia empire. Pakhi also tells Anupama that she has lost it seeing so much money and power. Everyone, especially Anupama, gets shocked hearing Pakhi’s cheap thinking.

Kavya angrily signs Vanraj to stop Pakhi. Vanraj makes a helpless face. She recalls Anupama supporting her at each and every step, even when she was wrong. Kavya asks Pakhi what’s her problem as she used to get embarrassed of Anupama when she was nothing but when Anupama has become something, still she is getting troubled. Pakhi tells Kavya that her problem is that Anupama wants everyone to work according to her wishes just like how Anuj does. When Rakhi starts saying something, Kinjal signs her not to. Pakhi keeps on calling Anupama selfish and hypocritical. She tells Anupama that she can’t ever become a good mother.

Everyone gets shell-shocked. Anupama asks Pakhi to not hurt her this much, that she may die. Anu on the other hand refuses to eat sweet cream rolls as her mother is sad. Bapuji thinks Pakhi even being Anupama’s real daughter failed to understand Anupama in years, but Anu being Anupama’s foster child understood Anupama within some days only. He says that the relationship of love turned out to be deeper than the relationship of blood. Bapuji explains to Anu that a person eats sweets to be happy and even when his/her heart is sad. Anu starts eating cream rolls.

Bapuji thinks that people call children the greatest happiness, but what if that same happiness becomes the biggest misery for parents. Paritosh returns home. Pakhi tells Anupama that she has everything at Kapadia house, money, car, rich lifestyle, family and a daughter, then what she needs from Shahs. Shocked, Paritosh asks Kinjal what is all this happening. Rakhi tells Paritosh the same thing is happening, which always happens, but this time it’s happening 10 times stronger. Pakhi tells Anupama that first she divorced Vanraj going against everyone, then left home and her children, after that had an affair and married Anuj and then even fostered a kid.

She tells Anupama that she always did everything selfish and never thought about them. Pakhi tells Anupama that they faced everything and humiliation from friends, neighbors and people. She also tells Anupama that they yearned to see their parents together, but she (Anupama) became Kapadia empire’s owner. Anupama asks Pakhi if she felt so bad learning that her mother became an owner of something. She angrily tells Pakhi that children like her want their mothers to sit at the house’s corner and work the whole day like a servant /maids. Anupama also tells Pakhi that children like her, like a mother only when she is helpless and poor.

Pakhi tells Anupama that parents like her can’t tolerate the truth. Anupama and Pakhi keep arguing. Anupama tells Pakhi that she never thought about her, has always made her cry and also has hurted her. Pakhi tells Anupama that she is a home breaker and ruined everyone’s relations. She accuses Anupama of ruining Baa and Moti’s Baa’s relationship. Anupama scolds Pakhi for taking Moti Baa’s name in all this. Vanraj tries to stop Pakhi. Pakhi says Anupama never let Baa have good relations between Kinjal and Kavya. She says even Baa and Bapuji argue with each other frequently because of Anupama.

Pakhi blames Anupama for Kavya and Vanraj’s arguments. She accuses Anupama of provoking Kinjal against Rakhi and Samar against Vanraj. Pakhi tells Anupama that she has always been the reason behind everyone’s arguments in the family. While everyone gets shocked, Anupama gets brutally hurt by Pakhi’s allegations and accusations. Pakhi further accuses Anupama for creating differences between Anuj and Malvika. She also accuses Anupama of trying to manipulate or provoke Anuj against Ankush and Barkha. Pakhi calls Anupama a wall between everyone’s relations.

Anupama gets badly hurt by Pakhi’s accusations and allegations. Even Raihi gets shocked by Pakhi’s words. On the other hand, Anuj feels very much worried about Anupama. Kavya tells Pakhi that she had never seen a useless, pointless and thankless child like her till now. She says she always used to complain to God, about why she never became a mother. Kavya says if a woman has to hear such bitter words after becoming a mother, then she doesn’t want to become a mother. She says that she is thankful that she has no child of her own. Kavya tells Pakhi that she would have beaten her brutally for her bitter words, if she would have been her real mother in place of Anupama.

Rakhi supports Pakhi. She says even she got shocked seeing that Anupama has fostered a kid, then Pakhi would obviously feel bad. Kinjal tells Rakhi that Anuj and Anupama are Anu’s foster parents. Rakhi tells Kinjal that she will also feel bad, if she will suddenly foster a kid and ask her to accept the kid. Kinjal tells Rakhi that she won’t do that because she even raised her with so much difficulty. Rakhi says at least her daughter is not insolent like Anupama’s daughter. Kavya says Pakhi is insolent because her father is letting her behave insolently. She asks Vanraj to prove that he is a good father by teaching some manners to his insolent daughter.

Vanraj asks Kavya to not interfere. Kavya tells Vanraj that if he won’t stop Pakhi’s insolence today, then in future Pakhi will humiliate him too someday. Even Paritosh accuses Anupama for making his family members argue with each other. Kinjal asks Paritosh to talk to Anupama with respect. He says he will speak only the truth and can’t be Anupama’s pet like Samar. Baa asks everyone to shut up. She tells Pakhi that she will talk to her later on. Baa asks Anupama to never come to Shah house ever again. This hurts Anupama badly and shocks everyone except, Pakhi, Paritosh, Vanraj and Rakhi.

In the next episode, Anupama will tell everyone that she won’t leave her rights as she learnt it by very much difficulty. She will say that she will visit the Shah house for sure. Kavya and Kinjal will try to handle a hurt and broken Anupama. Vanraj will angrily ask Anupama to shut up. He will ask angrily Anupama to stop her drama, otherwise he will throw her out of the Shah house. This will shock Anupama, Kavya and Kinjal. Anuj will overhear all this. He will ask Vanraj to dare not touch his wife. Broken Anupama will hug Anuj. Anuj will say that normally Anupama can fight for herself but now he will fight for her.

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