Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Update Broken ties

Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Update Broken ties

Anupama 30th July 2022 Written Update Broken ties Baa asks Anupama to not expect that she will get or be able to handle everything and everyone. She tells Anupama that she can’t be a Kapadia family member, Shah’s relative and Joshi’s family member at the same time. Baa also tells Anupama that everyone doesn’t get everything. She gives Anupama the example of how Lord Krishna never returned to Gokul after going to Mathura. She folds her hand and requests Anupama to never return to Shah house. This shocks Kinjal, Kavya and Anupama. Baa asks Anupama to leave with Anu and live happily with Anuj.

Vanraj tells Anupama that Baa is right. He tells Anupama that already there are many problems in the Shah family because of her and now Anu is increasing their problems. Anupama asks if Shahs will live happily and arguments free if she won’t visit Shah house. She also asks if Vanraj and Baa’s wrong nature will change, if she won’t visit Shah house. Anupama further asks if Paritosh will improve, if she won’t visit Shah house. She asks everyone if she won’t visit Shah house, will Pakhi become a sweet girl and flowers will blood in the courtyard of Shah house. Anupama also asks everyone if Shahs will remain happy 24*7 and 365 days a year in her absence.

Paritosh, Pakhi and Vanraj feel irritated. Anupama tells Baa that everyone in the Shah house would have been happy even when she left the Shah house, but it didn’t happen. Anupama says arguments and disagreements happen between family members of all families of the world. She says this is life and all this happens in every family. Anupama tells everyone that by blaming just one person and ousting him/her out of the house, won’t bring a happy and argument free life. Vanraj angrily tells Anupama that out of all excuses of arguments, one excuse will lessen. He angrily folds his hands and requests Anupama to leave.


Anupama asks how she can leave her children. Vanraj asks Anupama to ask Pakhi and Paritosh if they want to see her face. Pakhi angrily turns her face, when Anupama sees her. Anupama says there is no family in which children and mother’s don’t get upset with each other. She says all this doesn’t break a mother’s relationship with her children. Vanraj asks Anupama to stop her lecture and give it to someone else. Anupama asks Vanraj whom she should lecture when her relatives and children are present at Shah house.

Vanraj keeps on asking Anupama to leave. Anupama screams and tells Vanraj that his house doesn’t matter to her but her family matters to her. Vanraj tells Anupama that her children don’t need her anymore. Kavya tells Vanraj, that whenever Pakhi and Paritosh will get stuck in some problem, these two idiots will search for their mother first. Kinjal says Kavya is exactly right. She says Pakhi and Paritosh always run to Anupama after getting stuck in a problem. Kinjal also says that as soon as problems go away, Pakhi and Paritosh start getting insolent with Anupama.

Paritosh tries to stop Kinjal. Kinjal reminds Paritosh that he never wanted to bring their child to this world and now he is giving lectures to Anupama on motherhood. Kinjal says it’s useless to talk to Pakhi. Pakhi scolds Kinjal for supporting Anupama. She accuses Anupama and her supporters of playing the victim card. Anupama says now she realized that she failed to give good upbringing to her children (Pakhi and Paritosh). Paritosh angrily accepts that he and Pakhi are bad. He rudely addresses Anupama as great and asks her to leave the Shah house. This hurts Anupama badly.

Anupama cries covering her mouth. She breaks down. Kinjal and Kavya run to Anupama. They try to handle a broken Anupama. Anupama asks what mistake she made that she had to see, this type of day. Pakhi and Paritosh don’t even pay heed to their crying and hurt mother. Kavya tries making crying Anupama have water but the water glass falls from Anupama’s shaking hands. Even Baa and Rakhi feel a little bad for Anupama. Vanraj remains irritated like Pakhi and Paritosh.

Anupama says she breathed a little for herself and this pricked Pakhi and Paritosh. She cries saying that Pakhi always felt embarrassed of her mother and Paritosh accused his mother of being characterless. Anupama reveals that Vanraj used to create a huge drama, when she used to go outside the house for even a little time, leaving his little kids at home. She says now Vanraj wants to oust her from the Shah house as his children grew up and doesn’t need her anymore. Anupama says Vanraj used to be at office the whole day, while she alone raised three children.

She says that whenever she made a mistake, she accepted it and tried hard to improve those mistakes. Anupama says she failed to raise hands on her children at the right time. She says if she would have slapped her children at the right and required times, then Pakhi and Paritosh wouldn’t have been such bad children, like they are today. Vanraj tries to stop Anupama. Anupama reveals that she has always been blamed for everything, which she even never did. She screams out her 26 years of pain in front of everyone. Everyone gets irritated with Anupama’s revelation, only Kinjal, Rakhi and Kavya feel shocked and bad for Anupama.

Anupama tells Shahs that now she won’t take any guilt for anything. Anupama tells everyone that she didn’t make any mistake by loving and marrying Anuj. She says she didn’t make a mistake by fostering Anu. Anupama says she is proud to be little Anu’s mother and doesn’t regret it even a bit. On the other hand, Anu asks Bapuji why adults fight with each other. Anu tells Bapuji that at her orphanage children used to end arguments quickly by apologizing to each other. She says adults are stupid who keeps arguing. Bapuji thinks if adults would have been sensible like children, then there wouldn’t have been issues in any house.

Bapuji worries, thinking about what everyone would be doing with Anupama at Shah house. He asks Anu to always take care of Anupama and keep loving her. Anu promises Bapuji about the same. At Shah house, Anupama scolds Pakhi and Paritosh for asking their mother to leave. She says she has full right to visit or stay at Shah house and she won’t leave her right. Anupama tells Pakhi and Paritosh that even Vanraj can’t stop her from visiting the Shah house. Vanraj tells Anupama that she cried and showed her greatness to everyone. He asks Anupama what she will do by visiting Shah house as no one needs her here.

Anupama refuses to give up her right, which she learnt to handle by much difficulty. She repeatedly says that she will keep visiting Shah house. Vanraj angrily asks Anupama to shut up and stop her drama. He tells Anupama that the truth is that she can’t see anything/anyone over Anu, not even pregnant Kinjal. Anupama says she visited Shah house today to see Kinjal only. Kinjal asks Vanraj to scold an insolent Pakhi and teach her some manners, if he really cares so much about her.

Baa and Vanraj defend Pakhi, saying that Pakhi did all this because of Anupama only. Vanraj asks Anupama to stop her drama and leave, otherwise he will throw her out of the Shah house himself. Anuj arrives and overhears this. He asks Vanraj to dare not touch his wife. Vanraj and Anuj angrily glare at each other. Anuj asks everyone what type of a maternal home is this, where the house’s daughter is being scolded and everyone is just watching everything as a silent spectator. He claps angrily. Anuj goes to Anupama and caresses her face. Anupama hugs Anuj tightly and cries profusely.

Anuj says that normally Anupama can fight for herself but now he will fight for her. He asks Vanraj to repeat whatever he said a few moments ago. Vanraj asks Anuj to keep his college boy attitude to himself. Vanraj tells Anuj that he didn’t hear what his wife said and how she herself created a drama. He asks Anuj to take Anupama with him and never return. Anuj tells Vanraj that his Anupama came to Shah house on her own wish and will also leave on her own will. He requests Anupama to not waste her precious tears on Shahs as they don’t deserve it. Vanraj shows attitude and asks Anuj to take Anupama back to Kapadia house.

Anuj says he first needs to count. Rakhi asks Anuj what he wil count. Anuj tells Rakhi that he is very good at calculation, and how will the accounts be equal until he counts everyone’s sins. He tells Pakhi that he can understand whatever happened at Shah house before his arrival, seeing her attitude and body language. Anuj also tells Pakhi that he never expected this from her. He asks Pakhi if she will get revenge on her mother this way, just because her mother sent her back from her house yesterday. Pakhi asks Anuj to understand whatever he wants to as it’s between a mother and daughter. She says if a mother can say something to her daughter, then even the daughter can say a little bit to her mother.

Anuj tells Pakhi that children can say a little bit to their mother, but clearly she crossed her line here. Pakhi accepts that she crossed her line and asks Anuj what he will do. Anuj addresses Pakhi as Pakhi Vanraj Shah and tells her that now she won’t be seen in her mother’s house ever. He also tells Pakhi that if she will even try to come to Kapadia house to meet Adhik, then she will find Adhik on the road. Anuj further angrily tells Pakhi then at that moment he will see if she was really interested in Adhik or his wealth, lifestyle and status.

This shocks Pakhi. Vanraj angrily says that no one can talk to his daughter this way at his house. Anuj angrily tells Vanraj that no one can talk to his Anupama in higher pitch at any place, like today it happened at Shah house. Anuj tells Vanraj that if Bapuji and Kinjal wouldn’t have been living at Shah house, he would have ruined/destroyed the Shah house completely. Vanraj asks Anuj if he thinks that he would have spared Kapadia house in that situation. Anuj laughs and tells Vanraj that Kapadia house is just a house made of cement and stones. He says his Anupama is his everything.

Vanraj asks Anuj and Anupama to keep showing “Chitrahar” to the world. Anuj tells Vanraj that he won’t understand love as he never respected his ex wife as well as current wife. He tells Kavya that a girl like her deserves a much much much better person. Vanraj threatens Anuj. Anuj asks Vanraj to mail him the list about what things he can do as he will delete it even without reading. Kavya asks Vanraj to calm down. Vanraj screams and asks why he will calm down. He tells Kavya that she shouldn’t be affected as he already deserves better. Anuj asks Vanraj to ask his daughter to never be seen in his house.

Vanraj tells Anuj that his daughter is not getting crazy to visit his house. Anuj asks Vanraj to ask the same question from his daughter’s heart. Vanraj asks Anuj to talk with respect. Anuj tells Vanraj that he is the one who needs to learn some manners and respect people. He asks Vanraj to buy three books on manners for himself, Paritosh and Pakhi. Anuj tells Vanraj that he and his children will get some benefit by reading books on manners. Paritosh tells Anuj that they aren’t saying anything to him because they respect him, but it doesn’t mean that he will keep on saying anything.

Anuj tells Paritosh that he couldn’t have seen tears in his mother’s eyes, if he really knows to respect people. Vanraj asks Anuj to take Anupama with him. He tells Anuj that he can’t hear anything against his daughter. Anuj tells Vanraj that this is the difference between them as he (Vanraj) just can’t hear anything against his daughter but he (Anuj) can’t hear anything against anyone’s daughter. He reminds Vanraj that he was calmly listening to people talking against his little Anu. Vanraj tells Anuj that no one said anything against his little Anu. He says he and his family don’t have any issues with Anu. Anuj reminds Vanraj that he and his family 1000 times have said that they have issues with him and Anupama fostering Anu.

Vanraj rudely asks Anuj to leave with his wife and daughter. In the next episode, Anuj and Vanraj will indulge into a big argument. They will grab each other’s collar in anger. Anupama will scream and make Anuj and Vanraj stop fighting. Anuj will try handling a broken Anupama. Later, Anupama will apologize to Pakhi for being her mother. She will declare that she won’t ever visit Shah house.


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