The Broken News Episode 4 The Akhil Kapoor Scandal

The Broken News Episode 4 The Akhil Kapoor Scandal

The Broken News Episode 4 The Akhil Kapoor Scandal Amina tells her employees that they can’t do Akhil Kapoor’s story today as he has got a Gag order issued from a special court. Radha asks Amina on what basis or reason this gag order got issued against their channel. Amina says the reasons are like invasion of privacy, defamation and slander. Awaaz Bharati’s lawyer says that his team is drafting an appeal, which they will file first thing in the morning. Radha says they will broadcast Akhil Kapoor’s story and later apologize. Hearing this a police official tells Radha that it will be considered contempt of court and lead to the editor and owner’s arrest. Suddenly, Kamal comes there and says that Dipankar is broadcasting Akhil Kapoor’s Mee Too story, which they were going to broadcast on their channel.

Awaaz Bharati’s employees, especially Radha, get shocked seeing Nazneen giving a statement against Akhil Kapoor on Josh 24/7. Radhe Shyam and Raghav enter Amina’s cabin. Pooja calls Radha and asks Radha why her channel isn’t working, if everything is fine. Radha tells Pooja that it’s just technical difficulty. Pooja reveals to Radha that she has told her husband everything about Akhil Kapoor. Radha tells Pooja that she understands her situation and asks her to trust her as she is trying her best.


On the other hand, Amina defends her channel, employees and their work in front of Radhe Shyam. Radhe Shyam reminds Amina that he has been in the journalism field for 50 years and his family for 90 years. He tells Amina that everything will get ruined if they don’t adjust with the changing times. Raghav warns Amina to not let any court case or controversies make their investors step back. Radhe Shyam apologizes to Amina and leaves, instructing her to drop Akhil Kapoor’s story.

Dipankar’s secretary (Arfa) gives an envelope of money to Nazneen. Dipankar gets stunned on knowing that Radha reached Nazneen before him for a statement against Akhil Kapoor. He sees that Awaaz Bharati’s transmission has been blocked by court. At Josh 24/7 employees feel happy thinking that their channel will run high on TRP’s after broadcasting Akhil Kapoor’s story. Dipankar scolds Anuj for stealing the news from Radha, being a journalist himself.

Awaaz Bharati on the other hand, apologizes to their audiences for 2.5 hours delay in their live broadcast. While returning home, Radha recalls how she failed to catch Anuj stealing a news story from her house. She feels angry. On the other hand, Dipankar is seen sharing his daughter’s swimming talent with Lisa. Dipankar confidently tells Lisa that one day Aahana will play for India. Dipankar and Lisa get intimate. Radha wakes up with Yashwant’s (informer) call. Yashwant tells Radha that Prasanna Nair’s dead body was found 4 days ago on Mumbai-Pune highway. He says that Prasanna Nair’s body wasn’t claimed by anyone and is still kept in the morgue.

Yashwant reveals that Prasanna Nair was shot with 3 bullets, two on chest and one on head. He confidently tells Radha that Prasanna Nair’s shooter seems to be either a professional from the army, sharp shooter or special force. Yashwant asks Radha to stay away from such people. Radha disconnects the call saying okay and thank you. At Josh 24/7, many women including Sneha Seth start calling to give statements against Akhil Kapoor. Anuj and other employees note these women’s details and ask them to reach Josh 24/7’s office within half an hour. They also start recording women’s calls, who are calling to give statements against Akhil Kapoor.

Dipankar calls Radha and congratulates her for making a record breaking news story about Akhil Kapoor. Radha asks Dipankar to come straight to the point. Dipankar tells Radha that he has sent her whatever he wants to say to her. Radha checks the confidential envelope and asks Dipankar why he sent her Josh 24/7’s access card. Dipankar tells Radha that she can get power to speak truth with this access card at Josh 24/7. Dipankar insists Radha to join him and work like a real powerful journalist. After disconnecting the call, Radha hides her named access card of Josh 24/7 in her drawer. Kedia shows Dipankar the newspaper news story calling their channel’s TRP a scam. Dipankar says Josh 24/7’s TRP is 100% genuine.

Kedia asks Dipankar to understand that Atul Shinde can get a case filed against them as police come under his ministry. Dipankar asks Kedia what he should do as he didn’t even air Atul’s interview. Kedia tells Dipankar that Atul wants an assurance that he won’t ever air his interview. He asks Dipankar to just pretend to be scared. On the other hand, Kamal gives Amina a breaking news on teenage girl, swimmer, Gargi Pansare. He reveals that Gargi was found dead at Gorai beach and in her case, rape and murder is being suspected. Amina gives Gargi’s case to Juhi.

Amina and Radha argue about Awaaz Bharati not being able to air Akhil Kapoor’s story. At Josh 24/7, Anuj gives Dipankar further details on Akhil Kapoor’s case. Anuj feels bad and angry, when Dipankar gives Akhil Kapoor’s story to Smita and Gargi murder case story to him. Praful says okay when Dipankar asks him to get a strong animation prepared on Akhil Kapoor’s case as per the details given by Smita. He tells his employees that they have to expose Akhil Kapoor on TV before his PR team activates everyone and cleans his image.

Smita gives Gargi Murder case story details to Anuj. She also tells him that he has to meet Rizwaan Ahmed, Gargi’s swimming coach. Smita politely tells Anuj that she can understand that he is feeling bad. She asks Anuj to think how much Radha would be feeling bad knowing that he stole her story, on which she worked so hard. On the other hand, a girl named Nidhi calls Radha and tells her that she wants to tell her something about Akhil. Radha apologizes to Nidhi, telling her that Awaaz Bharati is not covering Akhil Kapoor’s story. She doesn’t listen to Nidhi, even when the latter tells her that her story is different from other victims.

Radha disconnects the call asking Nidhi to contact Josh 24/7 for a solution to her problem. Damani calls Radha and tells her that Gigasys India is a shell company whose owner Amravati Informatics is also a shell company. Radha gets shocked when Damini tells her that even Amravati Informatics owner Vikas Intellect is a shell company. Damani tells Radha that the owner of Gigasys India has worked really hard to keep his identity hidden. He says such hard work in the corporate world is done by someone who is doing something wrong.

Damani tells Radha that he will for sure give her information but it will take little extra time. Radha thanks Damani and disconnects the call. Smita tells Dipankar that he was right as Akhil Kapoor has activated his fans in the media. Seeing Akhil using his wife to clean his image, Dipankar calls Akhil a lousy actor. Anuj meets Juhi at Rizwaan’s house. They start taking Rizwaan’s byte for Gargi murder case. When Rizwaan tries defending himself, Juhi asks him why people are raising a finger just on him, not on other coaches of Andheri swimming academy. Rizwaan blames his girlfriend Zubeda for this.

Later, Juhi shows Rizwaan’s byte to Amina and other employees of Awaaz Bharati. She tells Amina that Zubeda filed an FIR against Rizwaan in 2011 for rape but withdrew it later on. When Juhi tells Amina that Zubeda might have got scared of Rizwaan, Amina angrily tells her that a news channel works on facts, not opinion or feelings. Radha and Amina argue with each other. Amina gets angry and asks Juhi to get the facts on Gargi murder case. Anuj also shows Rizwaan’s byte to Dipankar. Dipankar says Akhil Kapoor’s story will get diluted if they break Gargi’s story. He asks Anuj to work on Gargi’s story more and try making it more interesting. Dipankar also asks Anuj to create trend on social media using #justiceforgargi. He further asks Anuj to bring bytes of Rizwaan’s friends, neighborhood and enemies.

Dipankar says there will be someone who believes that Rizwaan is a rapist and he wants that person. On the other hand, Pankaj tells Amina that she will have to explain and save their team from falling apart. Amina tells Pankaj that she is resigning from Awaaz Bharati. She also reveals that she has already accepted the “Culture India” project. Amina expresses her tiredness of fighting for the right with selfish people. Raghav comes there, which irritates Amina more. On the other hand, Dipankar meets Atul Shinde (Home Minister). Atul tells Dipankar if he will delete his interview from the whole system, he will make the police not publicize the TRP scam file.

Dipankar agrees to not air Atul’s interview in exchange for the “Operation Umbrella” story. Worried Atul makes Dipankar leave his house. At Awaaz Bharati, Raghav tells Amina that Akhil Kapoor wants to give them an interview and wants to share his side of the story. He says even Radhe Shyam is okay with it. Later, Anuj meets Radha and apologizes to her for stealing her story. Radha tells Anuj that she will give him 3 more womens details, who wants to give a statement against Akhil Kapoor. Anuj says whatever happened, happened for good as Akhil’s story at least reached the public, instead of getting gagged. Radha requests Anuj to help women who are giving statements against Akhil Kapoor, by giving them a voice.

She also agrees to let Anuj still stay at her house on his requests. Amina tells her employees that the gag order has been canceled by the court. Radha gets angrier on knowing that Awaaz Bharati is giving a 1 hour special show/PR story to Akhil Kapoor to let him clean his ruined image. Amina tells Radha that they are helpless. Radha says Awaaz Bharati has become a PR agency for a sexual predator. This angers Amina. Radha tells Amina that she joined a clean news channel, which was known for its insightful investigative reporting.

Amina gives Radha the duty to prepare Akhil Kapoor for his tomorrow’s interview with Awaaz Bharati. Radha feels very angry and disappointed. All journalists and employees of Awaaz Bharati also feel disappointed. Angry Radha takes her named Josh 24/7’s access card and reaches outside Josh 24/7’s office. Later, Radha walks back from outside of Josh 24/7’s office.


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