The Broken News Episode 5 Apne Dum Par

The Broken News Episode 5 Apne Dum Par

The Broken News Episode 5 Apne Dum Par Dipankar and Lisa give each other caring husband and wife feelings. On the other hand, Amina celebrates her resignation with wine. She also tells Pankaj that she has recommended his name in her resignation letter. Pankaj asks Amina to take her resignation back as he can’t take her place. He tells Amina that she is Awaaz Bharati’s team’s moral compass and knows the difference between right and wrong. Amina tells Pankaj that she doesn’t want to be responsible anymore. She says she wants to live freely, not stealthily.

As Amina gets closer to him, Pankaj decides to leave. After Pankaj leaves, Amina throws the stuff, being fed up with her helplessness at office. She breaks down into tears. After screaming out her anger and crying profusely, Amina calls Radhe Shyam to talk about something. Radha on the other hand reaches outside a pub. She tells the security that Mr. Akhil Kapoor is expecting her inside. Security doesn’t find Radha’s name in the guest list. Radha asks security to ask someone inside as she came to help Akhil with his tomorrow’s interview.

Security calls someone named Francis sir and asks him if she should let Radha Bhargava come inside. Radha is given permission to go inside the pub after a confirmation is made through the call. Security asks Radha to leave mobile, ipad and laptop outside as nothing is allowed inside. Radha tells security that she will need to use electronic devices inside for her work. Radha submits her mobile and laptop to security staff being helpless. She enters the pub with a hidden camera attached to her bag. Radha walks towards Akhil. Akhil blames Radha for creating a scandal about him. Radha tells Akhil that he doesn’t seem affected by the scandal and instead partying in the pub.


Akhil Kapoor says it’s normal in a superstar’s life. Radha tells Akhil that tomorrow Josh is going to do a one hour special program on him with 16 victims. Akhil tells Radha that in counter Awaaz Bharati is also doing a soft voluntary interview with him. Radha asks Akhil if he isn’t ashamed at all for exploiting so many girls. Akhil accepts that he forced many girls and exploited them. He reveals that after one time force, he gave a lot of pleasure/money to the same girls/women. Akhil tells Radha that he even exploited her, by forcing her to come to meet him at the pub.

Due to Akhil, Radha gets forced to give her bag to security person Khalid. Akhil tells Radha that she isn’t the first girl who came to make his video. He shows attitude to Radha by telling her that she came to the pub because he wanted her to. Akhil threatens Radha by telling her that he can do anything with her in the party and she won’t be able to harm him in any way. He tells Radha that this is called power, which she doesn’t have, but he has. Khalid takes out the camera and returns the bag to Radha. Akhil talks cheaply and Khalid pushes Radha out of the pub.

Embarrassed Radha takes her laptop and mobile from security and leaves. While sitting in the cab, Radha recalls Akhil’s cheap words and threats. She cries all the way home and wipes her tears before entering her flat. Anuj tells Radha that he made potato and peas vegetables with bread. Seeing Radha upset, Anuj asks her if she is fine. Giving the reason for the theft of her last story, she tells Anuj that she can’t trust him now. She doesn’t give Anuj the chance to say anything and asks him to leave. On the other hand, Dipankar texts Ahaana that he will drop her to school the next day. He asks Ahaana to meet him at the same spot.

Someone sitting in his office hacks Dipankar’s tablet and collects all his chats with his daughter. On the same person’s desktop, a warning dialog box with “Julia Alvares Reactivated” written is seen. Next morning, Radha assures a tense Pooja that she will for sure expose Akhil tonight. On the other hand, Dipankar picks up Ahaana from the bus stop. He showers fatherly love on Ahaana. Dipankar apologizes to Ahaana for always forgetting to attend all her functions and competition.

Ahaana asks Dipankar to prove to her that he is really apologetic towards her for his mistakes. Dipankar tells Ahaana that he will prove it on 10th December. Ahaana asks Dipankar that before planning something on her birthday, he will have to talk to Arunima about it. She reveals that Arunima and Xerxes are also planning something. When Dipankar asks Ahaana if Xerxes is okay, she says Xerxes is okay. Ahaana gets happy and thanks Dipankar when he gives her a smartphone as a warm up gift. At Awaaz Bharati, Kamal asks Radha if she got any details on Akhil Kapoor’s story. Amina enters the conference room.

Jugal and another employee from outside the conference room, signs Radha that they want to talk to her. Radha signs them to leave, she will come after getting free from the meeting. Amina tells her employees that they will do a discussion about the decisions taken by her and everyone’s opinions, about the last two difficult days, later on, not now. Kamal in a taunting tone says that today they will do PR for Akhil Kapoor. Frustrated, Amina asks everyone to start working on Akhil Kapoor’s interview. Dipankar gets angry with his employees after knowing that Awaaz Bharati is going to do a big interview with Akhil Kapoor.

Dipankar scolds Smita for not realizing that the public will want to watch superstar Akhil Kapoor, not 16 unknown female victims. He warns his employees to work hard, otherwise their jobs will be gone. Dipankar asks his employees to think of some competitive options quickly.

Anuj suggests Dipankar to air Gargi murder case news with neighbors interviews, he brought. Through this, Dipankar gets the idea to air Atul Shinde’s (Home Minister) interview at prime time. On the other hand, a hacker tells his employer that someone named Jason D’Souza tried to extract data from Julia’s laptop, today morning. He says he stopped Jason and tracked him. Hacker reveals that Jason D’Souza’s afternoon location was Victoria tower. Hacker and employer doubt Jason to be related to Josh 24/7’s office, situated at Victoria tower.

On the other hand, Jason tells Radha that he used 4 firewalls and an advanced vpn to retrieve the data through Julia’s laptop, but some hacker wiped out everything in front of him within seconds. Radha asks Jason, who is this hacker. Jason tells Radha that he just knows that this hacker knows hacking and about laptop’s data very well. Jason leaves the hard drive containing 60% raw data with Radha, so that she can use the keywords in it to get some information or data. Radha gives Jason some money and thanks him.

Later, Kamal tells Radha that even Josh 24/7 dropped their one hour special program on Akhil’s victims. He says so many girls courageously called them for help and they betrayed them. Radha recalls Nidhi telling her that her story about being Akhil’s victim is different from other women/girls. Radha calls Nidhi and fixes a meeting with her. Soon Radha is seen recording Nidhi’s interview against Akhil Kapoor. Later, Raghav brings Akhil to Awaaz Bharati’s office. Akhil gives his interview and news story script to Amina and asks her to memorize her lines.

Seeing Akhil eyeing Juhi with evil intentions, Amina makes Kamal take Akhil to the green room. Akhil talks cheaply with Amina. At the same time, Radha sends Nidhi’s interview recording to Amina. At Josh 24/7, Dipankar explains Praful how to project and air Atul’s interview. Kedia comes and threatens Dipankar that he will lose his job, if he will air Atul’s interview. Dipankar tries defending his hardwork and ego. Kedia explains to Dipankar that he will lose billions in just one blow. Dipankar asks Kedia why he is being meek and getting scared. He tells Kedia that what’s the harm, if he will lose some money from the billions he earned till now.

Dipankar also tells Kedia that one can earn lost money, but not respect. Kedia reminds Dipankar that he is the real owner of Josh 24/7 and its employees, which includes him too. Kedia asks Dipankar to keep his ego aside and do as he says. Dipankar calls Praful and asks him to cancel Shinde’s interview. He also asks Praful to line up profiles of Akhil Kapoor’s victims. On the other hand, Awaaz Bharati exposes Akhil Kapoor by playing Nidhi Shukla’s interview. In this interview, Nidhi reveals to public that she was raped by Akhil many times in two months in Ooty, when she was shooting for a movie with him in the role of his younger sister.

She also reveals that she was just 15 at that time and thus complained to film director Kuki Gill and producer Vicky Dhanua. Nidhi says it was obvious that no one would have believed her over a superstar. Nidhi further reveals that after 3 months of shooting, in january 2008, she came to know that she is pregnant. Akhil gets scared and says Nidhi is lying. Nidhi reveals that Akhil gave her Rs.10,000 and mobile no. of Dr. Sunil Awasthi. She also reveals that Akhil asked her to not worry as all his abortions are handled by Dr. Awasthi. Seeing Akhil getting scared, Amina asks him why he is getting scared. Amina reveals that Nidhi Shukla became a mother on 6/8/2008 and today her daughter is 13 years old.

Amina says that a simple DNA test can reveal who is lying Nidhi or Akhil. She asks, will Akhil Kapoor conduct a DNA test willingly or on court order?, only time will tell. As the prime time program ends, Akhil leaves angrily. On the way, Radha gives Akhil a befitting reply. Radha shocks Amina and Pankaj by telling them that she is resigning. Amina and Pankaj try to stop Radha from resigning. Amina lets Radha go, when the latter expresses her fear about Awaaz Bharati’s chances of shutting down and talks about Dipankar’s power, position, viewers and money. Radha leaves telling Amina and Pankaj that they have no power as she is sure Akhil will one day return and pressurize them to apologize. Later, Radha calls Dipankar and asks him to make a job offer for her.


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