The Broken News Episode 6 Ulti Ganga

The Broken News Episode 6 Ulti Ganga

The Broken News Episode 6 Ulti Ganga Kamal meets Radha outside the office building and asks her what happened between her, Amina and Pankaj, yesterday. In the lift Kamal gets shocked knowing that Radha joined Josh 24/7. On reaching office, Radha sees Josh 24/7, considering Rizwan Ahmed as Gargi’s rapist and murderer. She also sees that Josh 24/7 is asking police or the protesting public to give Justice to Gargi by punishing Rizwan Ahmed. After this Radha meets Dipankar in his cabin.

Dipankar asks Radha why she wants to join Josh 24/7. Radha tells Dipankar that she wants to do 3 stories which she can’t do in Awaaz Bharati. Dipankar asks Radha to tell him about those 3 stories. Radha tells Dipankar about Vishnupur, Jharkhand’s Uranium story, where 180 people have died of cancer since 2015. She says the reason behind people dying is the enrichment plant of Atharva Uranium which is just 2 KM from Vishnupur.


Radha says a local NGO has an entire toxicology report which has been suppressed. She reveals that even this NGO has since been declassified. Radha tells Dipankar that she has the entire report and a witness. She says her witness has images of Atharva trucks just dumping that uranium slug into the pits. Dipankar asks Radha what’s the problem then. Radha tells Dipankar that her witness needs Rs. 10 lakhs for his cancer treatment. Dipankar makes fun of Awaaz Bharati.

Dipankar gives 6 PM slot to Radha. Arfa calls Dipankar for the upcoming meeting. As Radha stands up, Dipankar tells her that it’s a 9 PM edit meeting and she is not required there. When Radha stands up for herself, Dipankar tells Radha that she will get prime time rights only after doing well in her slot. He gives the “Operation Umbrella” file to Radha, telling her that only she will work on it. Dipankar also informs Radha that even the Home Minister is involved in it. He tells Radha that this story can break her as well as give her a break.

Radha asks Dipankar what about her Vishnupur Uranium story. Dipankar asks Radha to call the witness as he wants to see his face, before giving him Rs. 10 lakhs. Radha calls Bhiku to meet her at her office. Anuj gets stunned seeing Radha at Josh 24/7. Kamal tells everyone at Awaaz Bharati that Radha has joined Josh 24/7. This information shocks everyone. Amina asks everyone to focus on Gargi murder case. Juhi tells Amina that the situation is very explosive as Josh’s hashtag journalism has gathered a lynching mob. She says anything crazy could take place at any moment now. Amina confirms from Juhi if their channel’s crew is covering this at the required place. Juhi says yes.

Josh 24/7 is also seen discussing Gargi murder case. Radha enters Josh’s conference room and says that she will just watch the meeting. Smita tells Dipankar that the situation is getting out of hand as a crowd has gathered outside Rizwaan’s house, which is growing. Anuj tells Dipankar that Rizwaan’s friend gave a sensational byte. He reveals that Rizwaan’s friend told him that 15 years ago, Rizwan used to stalk a female athlete. Dipankar asks Anuj to loop that byte at every half an hour. Radha says this video will incite an already angered crowd and thus they shouldn’t do this.

Dipankar thanks Radha and asks his employees to run the live coverage of the crowd and intercut it with news back to back. Radha asks Dipankar to not do it as after viewing this byte, the protesters will turn into lynch mob and may kill Rizwaan. Dipankar tells Radha that it’s called justice. He says Rizwaan raped 12-year girl child and should be punished any way. Radha reminds Dipankar that till now police haven’t even filed any charges against Rizwaan. Dipankar ousts Radha from the conference room by fooling her. He asks his employees to run a story and taunt the Commissioner on police incompetency for not yet filing a case against Rizwaan Ahmed.

Dipankar further asks his employees to put pressure on the system by making noise and throwing sharp words. Radha starts looking at the Operation Umbrella file. She finds a pendrive with Dipankar interviewing Atul Shinde (Home Minister). Radha watches the whole interview and even how Shinde asked Dipankar to stop exposing him. After this Radha meets Bhiku. She politely asks Bhiku about his present health condition. Bhiku tells Radha that his weakness has increased and thus he is finding it difficult to work in 2 shifts now. Radha tells Bhiku that he might get his treatment money from Josh 24/7’s boss. She asks Bhiku to talk to Dipankar and see.

Bhiku gets scared hearing loud as well as angry voices of Josh’s employees. Radha asks Bhiku to not worry and wait for Dipankar. Praful tells his colleagues that Rizwaan’s suicide has been confirmed. Radha feels angry on knowing that Anuj through his interview byte made public suspect Rizwaan to be Gargi’s murderer and rapist. Juhi gets the same information through her source. She tells her channel employees and bosses that Rizwaan has committed suicide. Awaaz Bharati staff runs to their studio to break this news. Even on Radha’s disapproval, Dipankar asks his employees to make more noise using #JusticeDelivered and

Dipankar and Radha argue about the right ways of handling the situation. At last Radha tells Dipankar that they don’t have any proof against Rizwaan that can prove that he raped Gargi. Dipankar asks his employees to give their opinion on what they should do. Anuj supports Dipankar’s idea. Praful and Smita stand in Radha’s favor as according to police sources, Rizwaan might not be the rapist. Dipankar scolds his employees for supporting Radha against him. He threatens his employees to do as he says or resign.

Awaaz Bharati breaks the news of Rizwaan’s suicide through their studio. Radha asks Dipankar to meet Bhiku. When Dipankar shows reluctance, Radha tells him that she understands that he sees Ahaana in Gargi. She asks Dipankar to not take out somebody else’s anger, somewhere else. Dipankar asks Radha what they should do now according to her. Radha tells Dipankar that now they should feel the same for Rizwaan and his family like they felt compassionate for Gargi. Through this Dipankar gets a big idea to cover up his and his channel’s mistake. He explains to his employees his plan to shift the whole blame on online bullying.

Dipankar says they will run an anti-bullying campaign. He plans to use cyber or anti bullying laws. Radha gets shocked when Dipankar says they will get Rizwaan’s mother and maternal uncle on their side. Anuj questions Dipankar’s thought of using dead Rizwaan’s mother for his channel’s TRPs and safety. Dipankar tells Anuj that he wants Rizwaan’s mother crying, making people cry and cursing social media bullying for her son’s suicide on screen. Radha feels heavily shocked with Josh, 24/7’s way of working. Seeing Bhiku leaving, Radha runs behind him and apologizes to him, telling him that everyone got busy in a big story.

Bhiku tells Radha that a total 180 people died in his story and he lost his whole family of 5 members except himself, within a week. When Radha asks Bhiku to wait for 30 minutes more, Bhiku tells Radha that he has almost 6 months to 1 year left of his life. He also tells Radha that this story and justice will die with his death. Bhiku leaves when Radha tells him that she will try her best. Anuj on call bribes Rizwaan’s maternal uncle to help his channel. This shocks Radha. Radha tells Dipankar that Bhiku has not much time left, due to cancer and he left their office by getting tired of waiting. Dipankar ignores Bhiku.

Radha gets another shock knowing that Dipankar and Anuj convinced Rizwaan’s mother to give a byte according to them for Rs.18 lakhs. On the other hand, disturbed, Pankaj tells Amina that he and his wife Shruti have decided to give each other another chance for their children. Amina gets hurt by this. At Josh 24/7, Radha feels bad for Rizwaan’s mother as she gets forced by Josh 24/7 to hide their mistake and curse/blame social/cyber media bullying for Rizwaan’s suicide. As Radha taunts Anuj, Anuj in turn shocks Radha by telling her that she herself gave Dipankar the idea to feel for Rizwaan.

Radha feels hurt, when Anuj tells her that Dipankar hired her because she is ruthless just like him. On the other hand, Amina announces the revamp of Awaaz Bharati in front of her staff. She reveals that Awaaz Bharati is going to be a subscription based channel now. Amina also tells her staff that now they will fight for the viewer’s right to be informed. Radha’s sudden arrival at Awaaz Bharati stuns everyone.

Dipankar also gets shocked with Radha’s resignation. Radha shows Rizwaan’s mother’s real byte to Amina. She tells Amina that she has many more files and stories through which they can prove that Dipankar is both personally as well as professionally corrupt. Radha also tells Amina about the lead that can bring down the Home Minister. Amina angrily tells Radha that she should have thought about all this before joining Josh 24/7.

Radha apologizes to Amina. Amina makes Radha realize that she (Amina) exposed Akhil Kapoor on getting solid proof, without caring about Awaaz Bharati’s future and Radhe Shyam’s approval. Radha again apologizes to Amina saying that joining Josh 24/7 was the biggest mistake of her life. Knowing that Radha wasn’t completely wrong, Amina forgives her. Amina makes Radha the new face and anchor of Awaaz Bharati. She also gets convinced to give Radha an advanced salary for her new post of anchor. Kamal, Juhi and Pankaj get happy knowing that finally Radha is back to Awaaz Bharati.

On the other hand, Josh 24/7 exposes Gargi’s paternal uncle Naresh Pansare as Gargi’s murderer. Dipankar also asks the public what about Rizwaan’s justice. Dipankar feels tired and a little guilty. Later, Dipankar wishes “Happy Birthday” to Ahaana on call. Ahaana expresses to Dipankar her wish of staying with him. Dipankar promises Ahaana to fulfill this wish of hers soon. Radha on the other hand gives money from her salary and savings to Bhiku for his treatment. Bhiku gets emotional and smiles. Dipankar gets stunned on watching Awaaz Bharati officially announcing Radha as their new anchor.


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