The Broken News Episode 7 Operation Umbrella

The Broken News Episode 7 Operation Umbrella

The Broken News Episode 7 Operation Umbrella Early morning. Radha talks sweetly and cheerfully with her mother, making her happy. After this, she checks on the documents of Dipankar’s expose. On the other hand, Dipankar tries teaching camera and photography terms to Ahaana. Dipankar gets shocked knowing that Arunima is taking Ahaana to Dubai forever. Arunima tells Dipankar that Xerxes is expanding his business to the middle east. She says she and Ahaana are shifting to Dubai next month. Arunima pays no head when Dipankar restricts her from taking Ahaana away.

Taking Arunima aside, Dipankar tells her that he will go to court if she will try taking Ahaana away. Arunima calls Dipankar selfish for thinking about taking Ahaana to court to get her custody. Dipankar tells Arunima that Ahaana is everything to him. Arunima asks Dipankar to stop deluding himself as only “News” is most important to him. She threatens Dipankar to leave his stubbornness and Ahaana as otherwise, things could get ugly then. Dipankar tells Arunima that he doesn’t even listen to or obey any minister and Don. He asks Arunima why he will listen or obey her boyfriend.


Xerxes comes there and clears it to Dipankar that he is now Arunima’s fiance. Xerxes tries to threaten Dipankar by telling him that he got some recent pictures of him and Lisa. He asks Dipankar if he will make Ahaana stay at the place, where he calls his “call girls”. Dipankar asks Arunima and Xerxes to come straight to the point. He threatens to expose Arunima and Xerxes’s unearthed secrets on National Television if they will create drama in the court to trouble him. Arunima tells Dipankar that people who have a double life feel scared of getting exposed.

She says Xerxes is clean. Dipankar laughs and asks Arunima if she really thinks that one can earn this much by being clean. Dipankar threatens Arunima and Xerxes to expose their dirty secrets in front of the world on national TV. He leaves after meeting Ahaana. On the other hand, Radha gets to know that she has been given a separate cabin after becoming Awaaz Bharati’s new prime-time anchor. Anuj tells Dipankar that he watched his interview with Atul Shinde. He says he found out that Atul got flustered when he (Dipankar) took up the funding issue.

Dipankar asks Anuj to scrape out Atul’s secrets as this may take them to “Operation Umbrella”. He instructs Praful and Anuj that no one except them should know that they are working on Operation Umbrella. Anuj leaves, and Dipankar stops Praful. Dipankar offers a 6-7 PM slot to Praful in exchange for Xerxes Khambatta’s complete background check and information. Praful leaves saying okay sir.

At Awaaz Bharati, Amina tells her staff that they can broadcast the Atharva Uranium story today as they have solid paperwork on it. Radha tells Amina that she thought that they were going to expose Josh 24/7 news channel and Dipankar today. Amina asks Radha to give the whole data of Dipankar to Kamal. She instructs Kamal that she wants Gulnaaz Khan, Anurag Bhatia’s clips, and everything to show the contrast. Amina tells Radha that she can broadcast the first part of her Atharva Uranium story today.

Kamal asks Radha to give some information on the lead she has, which can bring down the Home minister. Radha asks why. Kamal says this big news might bring a lot of subscribers to their channel. Radha says she just has a two-word lead, “Operation Umbrella”. Awaaz Bharati decides to investigate the Home Minister till they find out what Operation Umbrella is. Damani comes and tells Radha that Vectanet CEO, Nandan Balchandran is the owner of Gigasys India. Damani asks Radha to find out why Nandan is making so much effort to hide his own subsidiary company, herself.

He says both Vectanet and Gigasys India’s books are very different. Nandan on the other hand tells Atul that he believes in Covid-19 lab leak theory of China. He says because of a scientist’s minor procedural mistake, Covid-19 spread throughout the world. He says because of one man’s mistake 50 lakh people died, and Global GDP went down by 30%. Nandan tells Atul that even news is like a deadly virus, which should be kept in control. He also tells Atul that Dipankar is still working on Operation Umbrella according to his sources. Nandan indirectly asks Atul to trap the CM as the situation is going out of his hands now.

He assures Atul that he will handle Dipankar. At Awaaz Bharati, Radha is trying to gather information about Nandan and his connection with Atul. Kamal gives details on Dipankar’s all wrong works and deeds to Radha. Kamal says that Dipankar’s career will finish if his misdeeds and divorce news breaks on national TV. He says Dipankar will lose custody of his daughter too. Radha tells Kamal that they shouldn’t feel bad for Dipankar as he ruined many people’s lives for his benefit. Kamal tells Radha that he isn’t asking to feel bad for Dipankar. He says they should give Dipankar a chance to give his side of the story too. Radha says she will reach out to Dipankar.

Radha asks Kamal and Juhi if they got some information on Atul. Juhi tells Radha that till December 2018, Atul’s Bhartiya Vikas Dal (BVD) party was poor but suddenly they received funding of 10 thousand crores in January 2019, through electoral bonds. She says BVD neither did any funding drive nor changed its positioning on any issue. Kamal says it’s legally difficult to find out from where BVD’s 10 thousand crores funding came from because electoral bonds are beyond RTI. Radha shows some documents to Kamal and Juhi, which tells that in December 2018, Vectanet and BVD organized a blood donation camp. She says Atul met Vectanet’s CEO Nandan at the blood donation camp.

Radha tells Kamal that the timing of BVD getting huge amounts of funds suddenly is matching with the blood donation camps date of BVD and Vectanet. She says that Nandan is one of the few people in the country who can afford to spare 10 thousand crores. Radha asks what if Nandan is funding the Home Minister. Kamal tells Radha that they need to have some reason for suspecting Nandan. Radha tells Kamal and Juhi that City Glitz fire victim (journalist) Julia was her flatmate. She reveals that during the fire incident night, a person named Prasanna Nair was with Julia at City Glitz Mall.

Radha says that Prasanna Nair was working for Nandan’s company Gigasys India. She reveals that even Prasanna got killed a few days after Julia’s death. All this shocks Kamal and Juhi. On the other hand, Atul meets the CM at the latter’s residence. He forces CM to give up his post and submit his resignation the next day. Atul tells CM that after knowing that he has 3 malignant tumors in his left lung and going to the US to get 2nd Opinion, his 72 MLAs have decided to join him (Atul). CM gets shocked hearing all this. Atul tells CM that all his 72 MLAs have something or the other to hide, like; ailment, mistress and black money, etc.

At Awaaz Bharati, Radha tries to join the dots and find out the connection between Atul, Nandan, Prasanna Nair, Julia, and Operation Umbrella. Radha one by one recalls all the clues she got. She connects the raw data hard drive that Jason gave her, to her laptop. Later, Kamal and Juhi reach Gigasys India’s office. They introduce themselves as Awaaz Bharati journalists and demand to meet Gigasys India’s HR. Gigasys employees watch Juhi and Kamal with suspicion and anger. Juhi tells HR of Gigasys India that Awaaz Bharati is doing a story on the best places to work in Mumbai. She also tells HR that they want to feature Gigasys India in their story.

HR asks Juhi how she got to know about their company. Juhi tells HR that they got to know about Gigasys from its employees as they write on and LinkedIn. Kamal asks HR if she knows who murdered Prasanna Nair. HR refuses to answer any of Kamal’s questions. She makes Guards throw Juhi and Kamal out of Gigasys India’s office. On searching Hard Drive, Radha gets another name “Jeeva Reddy” connected to Operation Umbrella. She wonders who Jeeva Reddy is. She calls Kamal and Juhi but finds their phones switched off. Radha calls Yashwant Bhau to her office.

Juhi gets scared when Kamal tells her that he feels that Gigasys India is involved in Julia and Prasanna’s murder. Kamal and Juhi get worried about finding both their phone’s batteries dead together. Before they could find the reason behind it, a truck hits their car brutally. This accident injures Kamal and Juhi badly. Kamal notices the truck which intentionally hit his and Juhi’s car, going away. Some people start helping injured Juhi and Kamal. Radha convinces Yashwant to find Jeeva Reddy’s location.

At Josh 24/7’s office, Anuj gives the same information to Dipankar that Juhi already gave to Radha about BVD. Kedia comes and tells Dipankar that tomorrow Atul will take CM Sonawane’s post after the latter will resign. On Kedia’s instructions, Dipankar tries convincing Radha to drop Operation Umbrella’s story. He tells Radha that this story is very dangerous. Dipankar gets shocked when Radha tells him that she has all his misdeed’s information and proofs with her, which are enough to expose and destroy him. Radha asks arrogant Dipankar to talk with her tomorrow at “Aaj Ki Awaaz Bharati” at 9 PM. Both Dipankar and Radha argue about ruining each other the next day.

Later, Radha exposes Atharva Uranium’s misdeeds with Bhiku’s help. Everyone gets shocked seeing Kamal and Juhi badly injured. Kamal tells everyone at the office that for sure Nandan is behind whatever happened with him and Juhi. Radha gets Yashwant’s call and goes to meet him downstairs. Kamal goes behind her. Yashwant tells Radha and Kamal that Jeeva also works in Gigasys and lives in Vashi. Worried, Yashwant and Kamal accompany Radha to Jeeva’s house.

Jeeva closes the door on Radha’s face, seeing Kamal accompanying her. He shows reluctance in helping Awaaz Bharati with Operation Umbrella’s information. Jeeva gets convinced to help Radha to not let Prasanna and Julia’s life sacrifices go to waste. Using sign language, he makes Radha, Yashwant, and Kamal take out their phone’s sim cards. Jeeva tells everyone that they don’t know what is happening and whatever is going to happen. Radha and Kamal look at Jeeva, confused.


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