The Broken News Episode 8 Satyagraha

The Broken News Episode 8 Satyagraha

The Broken News Episode 8 Satyagraha Arunima scolds Dipanker for arriving at odd hours at her home. Dipanker tells Arunima that he came to talk to her only. He also tells Arunima that the next day a story about his finances and Lisa is going to break on national tv. Dipanker further tells Arunima that he wants her to tell Ahaana beforehand. Arunima asks Dipanker if he is worried thinking that Ahaana’s heart will break on knowing what sort of a person her father is.

Arunima makes Ahaana meet Dipanker. Dipanker tells Ahaana that the next day a story about him and his girlfriend is going to break on national TV. He reveals to Ahaana that he gives money to a girl to be his girlfriend. Before Dipanker could explain himself to Ahaana, she leaves, getting upset. Anuj watches Awaaz Bharati employees taking a man inside their office late at night. Jeeva on the other hand feels scared.

Radha promises Jeeva that Yashwant Bhau will himself drop him to his hometown once his interview gets recorded. In an interview recording, Jeeva tells Radha that Vectanet is running Operation Umbrella on nearly 500 high-ranked politicians, bureaucrats, and Industrialists. Radha asks Jeeva what Operation Umbrella is. Jeeva explains to Radha that Vectanet is keeping a constant watch on high-ranked officials by hacking their phones, tabs, and internet-connected devices. He says Vectanet is collecting state’s high-profile people’s real-time data by having their internet-connected devices.


Radha asks Jeeva if Prasanna and Julia got murdered because they were going to expose Operation Umbrella. Jeeva tells Radha that Prasanna and Julia were murdered because they were going to expose stage 2 of Operation Umbrella. He says whatever he just now explained about Operation Umbrella was its stage 1. Radha asks Jeeva what this stage 1 and stage 2 are. Jeeva explains to Radha that in stage 1, Vectanet will blackmail high-ranked officials and make them implement policy changes. He says in stage 1 only, Vectanet will make high-ranked officials sideline them from the competition.

Jeeva explains that by clearing stage 1, Vectanet will easily be able to implement stage 2. He tells Radha that in stage 2, Vectanet will go statewide. Jeeva says whatever is happening with 500 people in stage 1, will happen with 11 crore people in stage 2. He tells Radha that by using people’s internet-connected device’s cameras and microphones, his company will record all people’s talks and actions. Radha asks Jeeva if he means that Vectanet can remotely switch on her phone’s camera and microphone, without her permission. Jeeva tells Radha that he means to say that her phone’s camera and microphone will never be switched off. He also tells Radha that her phone will always remain switched on even when she will be in her living room, bedroom and bathroom.

This information shocks everyone. Jeeva tells Radha that Vectanet is always watching everyone. Radha asks Jeeva what Vectanet will achieve by listening to her talks. Jeeva tells Radha that Vectanet will auction people’s data, pictures, and secrets. He also tells Radha that the government and Vectanet will blackmail people using their data if they voice their opinion on something which is against Vectanet and the government. Jeeva further tells Radha that Vectanet can sell people’s secrets to their enemies, friends, colleagues, competitors, or anyone. He says people’s secrets can be used against them only. Jeeva explains that people have become products for Vectanet, whom they can sell again and again.

He says Vectanet’s revenue through Operation Umbrella is very huge, thousands of crores. Everyone gets brutally shocked by Operation Umbrella’s revelation. Later, Kedia secretly makes Dipankar meet Nandan Balchandran (Vectanet’s CEO/Chairman). Nandan asks Dipankar to suppress Operation Umbrella’s story which is to be broadcasted by Awaaz Bharati the next day. Dipankar tells Nandan that he doesn’t suppress any news stories, instead brings them up as he is a journalist. Nandan reveals to Dipankar that he is funding his boss Kedia’s ambitious expansion plans. He tells Dipankar that according to the above information he is Josh 24/7’s new boss.

He reminds Dipankar how he used Radha to bring down Anurag Bhatia. Nandan threatens to fire Dipankar from Josh 24/7 if he fails to stop Awaaz Bharati from broadcasting Operation Umbrella’s story, the next day. Dipankar says people will for sure watch/follow him on another news channel. Nandan asks Dipankar how he will stop Ahaana from leaving for Dubai with Xerxes. Dipankar asks Nandan how he knows about all this. Nandan tells Dipankar that this is what “Operation Umbrella” is. He asks Kedia to explain “Operation Umbrella” to Dipankar later on.

Nandan humiliates Dipankar by telling him that people watch cats and dogs videos more than his news. He calls Dipankar a small man and tells him that Xerxes is a much bigger and more approachable personality than him. Nandan tells Dipankar that he is even bigger than Xerxes. He says now Josh 24/7 is going to become a global news network and needs a new head CEO. Nandan tells Dipankar that with the CEO head’s salary standards he can hire better and more expensive lawyers than Xerxes.

The next morning, Anuj tells Dipankar that Nandan is behind BVD funding. He suggests Dipanker to confront Nandan on national tv live, just like what they did with Anurag Bhatia. Anuj says Nandan may crack when they will expose his political links in front of the public. Dipankar says the public watches cats and dogs videos more than their news channel. He also says that the public is stupid and doesn’t know what is good and what is bad for them. Dipankar further tells Anuj that as smart people it’s their responsibility to save the public from their stupidity. He says the Operation Umbrella story is very dangerous for people.

Anuj understands that Dipankar wants to suppress Operation Umbrella’s story. Dipankar tells Anuj that Awaaz Bharati is going to get ruined by doing the Operation Umbrella story. Shocked, Anuj tells Dipankar that yesterday he saw Awaaz Bharati’s employees doing something suspicious late at night in their office. He tells Dipankar that they should look into the matter. At Awaaz Bharati, Amina tells Kamal that it is difficult to believe that Operation Umbrella is state approved. She says that CM wouldn’t do something so fascist. Kamal says that he is not talking about approvals.

He reminds Amina that Jeeva himself told them that 500 people are under surveillance. Kamal says maybe CM Sonawane is one among 500 people. He also says that maybe Shinde is using Operation Umbrella to blackmail the CM. Juhi comes and tells everyone at Awaaz Bharati that CM Sonawane is going to resign. She says according to two trusted sources, CM is suffering from cancer. Radha shocks everyone by correctly guessing that Atul Shinde is going to become the next CM. Pankaj says they need to break the story before Atul becomes the CM. Amina says they can break the story once Jeeva reaches his hometown out of the state. She also says that Jeeva needs to be out of state by 4 PM.

Amina tells her employees that they will merge 3 stories of Corrupt Corporate (Nandan Balchandran), Corrupt Politician (Atul Shinde), and Corrupt Reporter (Dipankar Sanyal). At the same time, Radha receives Dipankar’s call and goes to meet him. Dipankar tries calling Ahaana but her contact number, again and again, comes switched off. He gets restless because of this. Radha forwards interview questions to Dipankar but he in turn warns Radha to not broadcast Operation Umbrella’s story. He threatens to reveal Jeeva’s car’s number to Nandan. Radha reminds Dipankar that he was the benchmark of good journalism in the country because of his fearless journalism. She tells Dipankar that even today Amina quotes his name to upcoming employees of Awaaz Bharati.

Radha tells Dipankar that a big story like Operation Umbrella needs a journalist like he was earlier and can again become the same. She also tells Dipankar that it’s time to awaken the world/public and give them the correct news. Radha tells Dipankar that they both can tell the truth to the public, loud and clear, on both Josh 24/7 and Awaaz Bharati, together. Dipankar tells Radha that they will be called Martyr Dipankar Sanyal and Martyr Radha Bhargava after exposing Operation Umbrella. Radha tells Dipankar that they will become the hero of the Journalists community. She also tells Dipankar that he will become a hero for Ahaana after exposing Operation Umbrella.

Radha leaves telling Dipankar that she hopes that he will agree to her and expose Operation Umbrella. Atul and Nandan discuss being ready in advance if Dipankar goes against them. Radha informs Amina that Dipankar knows the details of Jeeva. Juhi tells Amina and Radha that Jeeva is still 200 km away from the state border. Amina says Jeeva will take approximately 2 hours more to get out of state. Dipankar recalls Radha’s motivating suggestions. He hears various types of news airing in his office, especially Gargi’s rape, and murder case and Atul to be new CM.

Dipankar tells Anuj, Praful, and Smita that they are breaking the Operation Umbrella story at 5 PM. He asks his employees to take out Nandan and Atul’s files. Dipankar also asks his employees to study Vectanet’s annual report. He tells his employees that he wants the link between Vectanet and BVD established, within half an hour. Dipankar leaves telling his employees that this news shouldn’t leak outside. He asks Arfa to not let Kedia reach him till 5 PM. At Awaaz Bharati, Amina says they are fully ready to break the Operation Umbrella story as Jeeva has crossed the state border. Radha convinces Amina to only air Operation Umbrella, leaving Dipankar’s exposing angle.

Dipankar packs his stuff knowing that he will get fired after exposing the Operation Umbrella story. Crying Ahaana calls Dipankar and requests him to take her from Arunima’s house. She keeps on crying, says that Arunima took her phone, and tells Dipankar that she doesn’t want to go to Dubai. Ahaana tells Dipankar she wants to live with him. Dipankar promises Ahaana that she will stay with him and not go away to Dubai. Radha on the other hand cries seeing her and Julia’s photograph. Kamal calms and consoles Radha.

Dipankar grows emotional and weak recalling Radha, Ahaana, and Nandan’s words. He goes into a dilemma. Amina tells Radha that the Home Ministry has filed a case against her; section 336 (endangering life and personal safety of citizens) and section 379 (stealing proprietary documents). Kamal says this means the home minister knows that Awaaz Bharati has Gigasys India’s documents. Amina tells Radha that the Home Ministry will withdraw the case if Awaaz Bharati drops the Operation Umbrella story and returns the documents. Kamal says what if they don’t drop the story. Amina says it’s about state security matters. She also says that Radha will get arrested and won’t even get anticipatory bail if they break the Operation Umbrella story. This shocks and worries everyone.

Amina tries to convince Radha to let her break Operation Umbrella’s story but Radha refuses to get scared of anyone. Amina tells Radha that she has her whole career and life in front of her. She says she (Amina) is on her way out. Amina asks Radha to let her go with a blaze. Radha says it’s Julia’s story and only she will break it. Dipankar decides to break the Operation Umbrella story with a different take. At Awaaz Bharati, Radha tells the public that the Home Minister filed a case against her because she is going to expose his black deeds. Radha further tells the public that she won’t get scared of anyone.

While Radha exposes Operation Umbrella- Nandan and Atul’s devious plan of controlling people’s lives by keeping a constant (24/7) watch on them. Dipankar on the other hand traps Radha in a big lie. He tells the public that Radha leaked the secret system of the state government on live tv. Dipankar says that the state government is going to use a secret high-tech system with tech giant Vectanet. He explains that this secret high-tech system will be used by the state government to catch the terrorists, criminals, and the country’s other enemies.

At Awaaz Bharati, Radha tells the public that Operation Umbrella is kept a secret because the home minister knew that people would rebel against him knowing that he is keeping a constant watch on their living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. Dipankar at Josh 24/7, tells the public that they don’t need to be sacred of Operation Umbrella if they aren’t a criminal or terrorist. While Dipankar tells the public that the government can go to any extent to catch the country’s enemies, Radha tells the public that Nandan and Atul can go to any extent for their benefit. She reveals that to keep Operation Umbrella a secret, Atul and Nandan filed a case against her, involved the car of their two reporters in an accident, and even got a journalist and engineer killed.

Radha further reveals that Awaaz Bharati kept fighting. She says that Vectanet’s engineer Jeeva shared the whole truth with Awaaz Bharati and supported them in their fight, without caring about his own life. Dipankar on the other hand accuses Radha of being a liar. He says Radha misguided and fooled Jeeva and got all the top secret documents of Operation Umbrella through him. Radha tells the public that Jeeva’s interview, his submitted documents, and the truth about Operation Umbrella are available on Youtube and Awaazbharati com. She requests the public to view the truth online, share it with the maximum number of people and raise the voice saying that we are humans, not data.

Dipankar tells the public that Radha has made the people of the state insecure and strengthened the hands of terrorists, by leaking Operation Umbrella’s information. He tags Radha as a traitor and requests the government to get her arrested as soon as possible. Dipankar also requests the most stringent punishment for Radha. Kedia gets happy seeing this. As prime time ends, Dipankar’s employees congratulate him on becoming the global CEO of KNN. Nandan praises Dipankar for twisting the Operation Umbrella story. He tells Dipankar that he also did his work. Nandan asks Dipankar to enjoy his new life with Ahaana. Radha and Awaaz Bharati employees get shocked to see how badly Dipankar trapped Radha.

Radha tells the Media that she isn’t a traitor and Dipankar is lying. On the other hand, Dipankar addresses himself as a soldier, always protecting his country. He celebrates his success with his office employees by cutting a cake. Radha, on the other hand, tells the media that nowadays lying and sitting on the lap of the government or governing body is a profitable deal. She says that not everyone compromises with their principles, some people tell the truth and pay a price for it. Radha says even Julia Alvares paid the price for supporting and exposing the truth. She also says that Opposing the government is not opposing the Nation.

Radha further says that a true patriot is one who is ready to fight with anyone for the sake of the country, even if it is one’s own government. Radha says she is a true patriot and is ready to fight anyone for the sake of her country. She says that her voice can’t be suppressed, even if she is put behind the bars. Radha tells the media that it’s hers, theirs, and Julia’s voice, which can’t be suppressed. She says, “Jai Hind” and shows a picture of two women. Media clicks images of Radha and records her statement. After this two women police constables arrive and arrest Radha.


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