Udaariyaan 2nd August 2022 Written Update Fateh’s promise

Udaariyaan 2nd August 2022 Written Update Fateh's promise

Udaariyaan 2nd August 2022 Written Update Fateh’s promise Tejo comes out of the bathroom. Fateh requests Tejo to not cry as he can’t tolerate seeing her like this. He tells Tejo that he doesn’t want a child and thus it doesn’t matter even if she can’t become a mother. Fateh wipes Tejo’s tears and tells her that only she is important to him. He hugs a crying Tejo. Suddenly, a tea tray falls from Gurpreet’s hands. This grabs Fateh and Tejo’s attention. Fateh and Tejo get shocked seeing a shocked Gurpreet. Gurpreet runs from there. Fateh runs behind Gurpreet.

On the other hand, Simran is seen tense while dropping Candy to school. The mysterious evil person keeps following Candy and Simran. He keeps a watch on them with cheap and evil intentions. Simran keeps seeing here and there. After seeing that Candy went inside the school, Simran checks who is the person following her. This mysterious person runs away. At Virk house, Fateh tries calming a broken Gurpreet. He tries to make Gurpreet understand that it’s fine. Gurpreet tells Fateh that first, she lost her son Amrik and then even Amrik’s child is going to get snatched away from her. She also tells Fateh that she thought that they will get happiness after Tejo’s re-entry into their home. Gurpreet says happiness might not be in their fate.

Gurpreet asks Fateh how their family’s name will grow further, and how their new generations will arrive now. She says seeing her grandchildren is not in her destiny. Gurpreet asks Fateh how she will tell the other family members that their family and family’s name won’t grow further. She tells Fateh that everything ended now. Fateh thinks that he will have to do something about all this now. Tejo overhears all this and feels hurt and guilty. She runs away from there. On the other hand, Simran brings Candy back home after school. Irritated Candy asks Simran to give him her phone as he wants to call Fateh. Simran angrily asks Candy to go and change his uniform. She also asks Candy to not come outside of his room now. This behavior of Simran irritates and angers Candy and he runs inside his room. Simran gets this evil mysterious person’s calls. She gets angry at the evil mysterious person. This person talks cheaply with Simran. He uses cheap words with Simran. This angers Simran and she threatens this person. Simran tells this evil mysterious person that she will file a police complaint against him if he continues his cheap acts. This evil mysterious person laughs and tells Simran that she will instead benefit him by calling the police and get herself in trouble. Hearing this, Simran grows worried. Some will knock on Simran’s house door. This will tense Simran. Simran will pick up a vase in her hands. Simran opens the door and starts attacking.


The person knocking turns out to be Buzzo. He stops Simran from attacking him. Buzzo asks Simran what happened, why she attacked. Simran hugs Buzzo and apologizes to him. She tells Buzzo that today, the evil mysterious person came outside Candy’s school. Simran also tells Buzzo that she tried a lot to search for this mysterious caller outside Candy’s school but he ran away. Buzzo gets angry and starts walking outside the home to file a report/case against this mysterious caller but Simran stops him. Simran tells Buzzo that the mysterious caller threatened her saying that if they will call police or tell anyone about him, then they will themselves regret.

On the other hand, Jasmine is seen happily dancing and singing. She turns and an irritated Fateh is seen behind. Fateh asks Jasmine if she is over with her drama. Jasmine asks Fateh what he wants from her. Fateh tells Jasmine that he wants to do a deal with her. He tells Jasmine that she will give birth to her child in Virk Mansion. He also tells Jasmine that her child will be raised in the Virk family. Fateh further tells Jasmine that it’s up to her if she wants to stay at Virk house or not as he doesn’t care. This stuns Jasmine a little. Fateh tells Jasmine that it would be good for her child as anyway she won’t be able to give a good upbringing to her child or raise him/her. This irks Jasmine a little. She asks Fateh why he thinks that she will do this.

Fateh tells Jasmine that if she won’t do as he says, then he will expose her evil reality to Tejo. Jasmine laughs and tells Fateh that she knows that he won’t do anything that will shock and stress Tejo. She also tells Fateh that she knows that he won’t hurt Tejo as it can harm Tejo’s mental health. Fateh gets angry and he angrily pulls Jasmine in front of him, asking her to not challenge him. He threatens Jasmine that he can do anything. He will angrily also tell Jasmine that he will expose her evil reality to everyone, even the police. Fateh tells Jasmine once she will get arrested she will have to give her child to Virks as she won’t want to raise her child in prison.

He also tells Jasmine that he will keep a watch on her, so that she won’t be able to do anything evil. Fateh leaves from there, leaving Jasmine stunned. Jasmine feels angry and confused. She wonders what suddenly happened that today Fateh wants to take her to his home. At Virk house, Tejo recalls the doctor giving uer bad news, Nimmo’s taunts and broken Gurpreet’s words. Fateh returns and stands behind Tejo. Tejo understands that Fateh has returned. She tells Fateh that now there will be no one who will run in Virk house with his/her small feet. Tejo says that now she won’t be able to perform motherly duties for anyone or think about her child’s future.

She tells Fateh that suddenly she is feeling that nothing is left in her life to do. Tejo asks Fateh how she will be able to live this meaningless life. Fateh sits with Tejo. He tells Tejo that he is very angry with her as she didn’t include his name in her sorrows. Fateh asks Tejo if he means nothing to her. He reminds Tejo that she used to say that he is just like her kid. Fateh hugs Tejo. He tells Tejo that he wants her love and care. Fateh tells Tejo that he needs her. He asks Tejo how she herself being a teacher said that nothing in her life is left to do. Fateh tells Tejo that at present she has to brighten up the lives of thousands of children.

He requests Tejo to handle herself as he can’t see her like this. Fateh promises to Tejo that he will fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. He tells Tejo that she will perform all motherly duties which she wants to. Fateh explains to Tejo that for becoming a mother, a woman just needs to have unconstitutional love in her heart, which she already has. He tells Tejo that relationships are not only of blood, but also of heart. Fateh gives her an example of Buzzo and Candy. He tells Tejo that they can anytime adopt a kid. Tejo tells Fateh that she wronged him badly. She apologizes to Fateh for always forgetting him in her pain and sorrows.

Tejo again apologizes to Fateh, saying that she forgot that even he must be in pain after losing his first child. She once again apologizes to Fateh, saying that she failed to realize that now his pain must have increased after knowing that now he cannot ever become a father too. Tejo again apologizes to Fateh for getting selfish and not understanding his pain. Fateh asks Tejo to not say all this. Fateh and Tejo wipes each other’s tears. Tejo tells Fateh that Gurpreet won’t ever accept their decision of adopting a child. She says Gurpreet won’t agree to accept anyone else’s blood or child. Tejo tells Fateh that no one in their family will agree to their decision of adopting a child.

Fateh tells Tejo that he has made arrangements for all this. He also tells Tejo that Gurpreet will get whatever she wants. Fateh asks Tejo to remember that they can fight any problem, till they are together. He tells Tejo that no issue or problem can ever be bigger than their relationship. Fateh and Tejo hug each other. On the other hand, Simran sees a suspicious shadow and hears a suspicious knock on her house door. She goes outside to check who it is. Outside, Simran finds an envelope. She finds Buzzo, her, Candy and Virks pictures in the envelope.

At Virk house, on knowing that Tejo can’t ever become a mother, Nimmo badmouths her. Nimmo addresses Tejo as inauspicious for Fateh as well as Virk house. Mahi gets angry at Nimmo for bad mouthing Tejo. Virks breaks down on knowing that Tejo can’t ever conceive. Fateh and Khushbeer return home and get angry on hearing Nimmo’s bitter words against Tejo. Fateh asks Nimmo to see how Swaran’s all children snatched her house and ousted her. Nimmo again starts badmouthing Tejo. This angers Khushbeer and he warns Nimmo to stop. Khushbeer says fate has always wronged Tejo.

Fateh tells Nimmo that being a woman herself, she should understand Tejo’s pain but she instead is increasing her pain. Jasmine arrives at Virk house. She scolds Nimmo for always bad mouthing Tejo. Jasmine scolds even Virks for sometimes loving Tejo and sometimes hurting her badly according to their convenience. Jasmine tells Virks that she will give them their family’s heir. This makes Gurpreet happy but confuses and shocks others.

In the next episode, the evil mysterious person will arrive at Virk house. He will flirt cheaply with Tejo, when she will open the house door for him. Tejo will step back. Later, Simran will see the evil mysterious person and identify him as Amanpreet in a scared tone. Tejo will get confused seeing Amanpreet laughing evilly and Simran getting scared of him.


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