YRKKH Kairav’s love track 4th August 2022 Spoilers

YRKKH Kairav's love track 4th August 2022 Spoilers

YRKKH Kairav’s love track 4th August 2022 Spoilers Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Anisha proposes Kairav Akshara receives a phone call. Abhimanyu asks her who was it. She cries and tells Dr. Kunal Khera had called her and he has promised to meet her. Anisha comes with gifts. Akshara and Abhimanyu are surprised by her sudden visit. Kairav, Mahima and Manjari are shocked. Anisha says that she has a surprise for all of them. She proposes to Kairav to marry her. Everyone is shocked.

Woh Toh Hai Albela episode spoiler – Nakul taunts Saroj:

Kanha asks Sayuri to give him a reason and then go. She says that Chiranjeev died because of her and now she doesn’t want anyone else to die. Kanha is stunned. Nakul tells Saroj that when someone wishes bad for anyone then god doesn’t give them happiness or an apology. Saroj cries. Kanha tells Sayuri that if she loves him she should forget everything and come back to him. She looks sadly at her ring.


Ajooni episode spoiler – Ajooni insults Rajveer:

Ajooni receives a pamphlet in which it is written as 5 days later with her and Rajveer’s picture in a heart-shaped image. She takes it and storms out of the house. Rajveer’s friend informs him that Ajooni is coming. He says that he is looking at Ajooni on his phone. Rajveer’s friend tells him that she is not inside the phone but has really come here. Rajveer smiles. She tears the pamphlet and throws it in his face. Rajveer is bewildered.

Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai episode spoiler – Kamnaa appreciates Indu:

Ritesh calls up Indu and invites her to his home for some time. He informs her that his whole family together wants to thank her. He requests her to come and Indu agrees. Ritesh becomes happy. The media people trouble Indu. Sameer wonders why is Indu trying to be a James Bond leaving her work aside. He decides to find out. Kamnaa thanks Indu and praises her in front of the media. Ritesh gives a gift to Indu.

Bindiya Sarkar episode spoiler – Bindiya’s prayers answered:

Bindiya prays to the goddess to protect her uncle. Two goons are carrying a carpet with a lot of difficulties. She feels weird that two people are not able to carry a simple and light-weighted carpet. The carpet falls down and Bindiya’s uncle comes out of it. His mouth is tied. Bindiya is taken aback.


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