Yeh Rishta 4th August 2022 Written Update Abhira’s day

Yeh Rishta 4th August 2022 Written Update Abhira's day

Yeh Rishta 4th August 2022 Written Update Abhira’s day Abhimanyu goes to meet Anisha. Anisha asks Abhimanyu why everyone considers her wrong. Abhimanyu tells Anisha that nobody is considering her wrong. He explains to Anisha that they can’t make others work according to themselves. Anisha asks Abhimanyu, whom he made work according to her. She says she just normally proposed to Kairav for marriage. Anisha asks Abhimanyu why Kairav didn’t answer her. She says everyone is blaming her for not giving clarity to Kairav. Anisha asks Abhimanyu if Kairav gave her clarity today, when she proposed to him.

Abhimanyu explains to Anisha that when she is not present, Kairav has to answer everyone on her behalf and even question people on her behalf. Abhimanyu explains to Anisha that Kairav just needs an assurance that now she won’t ever suddenly leave him and go to Mumbai. He also explains to Anisha that Kairav needs an assurance that she and he will have an equal say in their relationship. Abhimanyu further explains to Anisha that at the end she and Kairav have to live in between family members. He assures his support to Anisha in her decision of marrying Kairav, with a condition that she won’t ever change her decision.

Mahima speaks ill about Anisha. Anand asks where Anisha was till now. He says Anisha never tells anyone wherever she goes. Parth says he is wondering why Anisha suddenly brought up the marriage topic. Akshara checks out the oil painting that Kairav gave her as her birthday gift. She recalls Mahima blaming her for Abhimanyu’s injured hand, accident and miseries. Abhimanyu comes and twirls Akshara. He picks up Akshara and asks her to delete whatever is going on in her mind. Abhimanyu finally cheers up an upset Akshara. He tells Akshara that no storm can affect their love for each other.


Abhimanyu tells Akshara that their love will end with their death only. He feeds a cupcake to Akshara and gets romantic with her. Suddenly, strong air enters Abhira’s room and ruins Kairav’s gifted painting of Abhira with water. Next morning, Abhimanyu grows naughty and romantic with Akshara. He praises Akshara’s look in the dress gifted by him. As Akshara smiles, Abhimanyu asks her to keep smiling like this. On the other hand, Anisha and Kairav are seen talking on video call. On video call, Anisha accepts her mistakes and apologizes to Kairav. She tells Kairav that she doesn’t want to force him for anything. Anisha also tells Kairav that she genuinely loves him and wants to marry him.

She further tells Kairav that he can take as much time as he wants to make a final decision. Anisha promises Kairav that she will accept any decision that he makes. Suhasini comes and overhears Kairav and Anisha’s conversation. She scolds Kairav for talking to Anisha. Suhasini tells Kairav that Anisha won’t leave him, till she hears yes from him for marriage. She tells Kairav that initially Anisha troubled him a lot and now returned to make him dance on her tunes. Kairav tells Suhasini that it’s not like what she is thinking. He reminds Suhasini that she already said much to Anisha yesterday.

Emotional and hurt Suhasini in a sarcastic way says that she made the mistake by scolding princess Anisha. She sarcastically asks Kairav to forgive her. Suhasini says now she can’t even think about the goodness of her children. Kairav tries to calm Suhasini. He tells Suhasini that she knows how much her opinion matters to everyone in the Goenka family. Aarohi asks Kairav what has happened and what Anisha said. At Birla house, Anisha apologizes to Akshara for spoiling her party last night. She makes a Swiss Roll for Akshara. Akshara makes Anisha eat the first bite. She tells Anisha that they are with her.

Akshara asks Anisha to not feel bad about any word of Suhasini as many times her love for Kairav comes out as worriedness. Abhimanyu, Akshara and Anisha together enjoy the Swiss Roll. After knowing how much Anisha ignored Kairav’s calls and texts, Aarohi addresses Anisha as a psycho. She asks Kairav to not marry psycho Anisha. Swarna asks Aarohi to not use such words for anyone. She asks Kairav to forget whatever happened and think about what he has to do further. Aarohi says our future decisions are based on past experiences only. She says Anisha is taking advantage of Kairav’s emotions and soft heart and kind-heartedness.

Suhasini feels relaxed thinking that at least someone is agreeing with her. Manish tells Kairav that they will accept whatever his decision will be. Suhasini asks Kairav to make a decision after thinking what he will do if Anisha runs away after marriage. On the other hand, Abhimanyu praises Akshara’s beauty. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that they visited the temple and gave treats to orphanage kids. She asks Abhimanyu what’s next. Abhimanyu explains some directions to Akshara. They reach a place. On Akshara’s query, Abhimanyu tells her that he already mailed his reports to Dr. Kunal Khera.

Abhimanyu tells Akshara that they should live some moments for themselves too. He takes Akshara near a plant. Abhira is written on the pebbles kept under and around the plant. Akshara gets surprised by this. Abhimanyu hugs Akshara. They address this plant as their love’s symbol. Abhira decides to take proper care of their plant and make it turn into a strong tree. Akshara praises Abhimanyu’s surprise gift and thanks him. Abhira gets romantic with each other. They promise each other that they will nurture their plant as well as their love. After this, Abhira feeds food to each other. They also click photographs and selfies with each other.

Abhimanyu and Akshara spend a beautiful and quality time with each other. At Birla house, Mahima says how can they expect anything from Goenkas as in reality their daughter Anisha is wrong. Anand comes and blames her for Anisha’s mistakes. He tells Mahima that all this would not have happened if she had paid attention to Anisha in her growing years. This shocks everyone. Anand tells Mahima that if she would have paid attention to their children, then even their children would have been settled. Mahima angrily asks Anand if Anisha, Parth and Nishtha are just her children. Anand tells Mahima that being a mother to their children, all this was her responsibility.

Manjiri asks Anand to not say all this. She says Mahima has properly fulfilled all her responsibilities. Anand tells Manjiri that not even a single child of his and Mahima is settled. He asks Manjiri to compare Abhimanyu’s success with Parth. Anand tells Manjiri that she even settled Neil by raising him very well. He says from his children, neither Parth did anything in his life, nor Anisha is seeming that she will do something in her life. Manjiri tells Anand that every child is different and has different qualities and talents. She says as the time comes, everyone makes their place in the world. Anand leaves saying that they can see everything.

Shefali says that right now, they should be tense about Anisha. She says she is wondering if Goenkas will accept Anisha or not. Parth tells Manjiri that Kairav may agree to marry Anisha but Suhasini takes the final decision of the whole Goenka family. Manjiri asks Mahima to not feel tenses as sensible and understanding, Kairav will take care of Anisha just like how Akshara has handled Abhimanyu and their family. On the other hand, Abhira makes a bucket list of whatever they want to do in their lives and wherever they want to go. Abhira promises each other to fulfill each other’s wishes.

Later, Birlas are seen having food on the dining table. Akshara and Shefali notice Shefali ignoring someone’s calls. Abhimanyu asks Anisha to remember to never do something that can hurt anyone. Kairav arrives at Birla house with the whole Goenka family. In the next episode, Goenkas will bring Kairav’s marriage proposal for Anisha to the Birla family. This will make everyone happy. Everyone will dance together and feed sweets to each other. Kairav will make Anisha wear shagun bangles. Later, Akshara will catch Anisha talking to some person sitting inside a car, in a scared tone.


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