Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Update Terrified Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Update Terrified Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Update Terrified Preeta Karan gets too drunk in the party. He goes to Preeta’s room again. His heart takes him to Preeta again and again. He feels guilty that she cried because of him and left the party. He goes to her, and shocks her once again by his presence, which discomforts her. He holds her face, confessing that he loves her. She steps back asking did he lose his mind. She tells him that she is married, she is Rishabh Luthra’s wife. Karan tells her that he loved her since always, and today he will marry her. Preeta is shell shocked by his weirdly unexpected affirmation. Karan doesn’t listen to her, and holds her forcibly to take the rounds by burning a curtain of her room. Will Rishabh intervene and bring Karan to his senses? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi tells Arjun that she has scolded Rishabh a lot. Karan tells that Rishabh troubles him a lot. She tells that Kavya is just like him, she loves Rishabh but gets him scolded. He tells that Kavya is really sweet. Rishabh tells Preeta that everyone has planned a lot for them, he has planned something for them. He gathers the family members. He takes them for a happy family performance. Karan and Preeta come across, and dance. Preeta gets restless and remembers her exactly same dance moves with Karan in the past moment. Preeta cries and runs away. Shrishti gets puzzled and stares at Karan. Raja tells the goons that Arjun had paid Vishnu for Rishabh’s accident, when Rishabh is Arjun’s own brother. Preeta senses Karan when Arjun is around.

Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Update Terrified Preeta:


Preeta cries with Prithvi, and apologizes. Prithvi calls a miracle that Preeta is crying. He thinks who has made Preeta cry. He feels overjoyed seeing her tears. He comes across Shrishti. He is shocked to see her sindoor. He greets her. Shrishti asks him not to flirt with her, she is married. He pities the guy who married Shrishti. He tells that Shrishti will kill her husband by her verbal attacks. He wonders who has made Preeta cry, because Rishabh can never make her cry. He wants to know the villain in Preeta’s life, who has replaced him. He wants to find out the new enemy. Shrishti finds Preeta crying. She asks what’s disturbing her.

Shrishti asks her if Arjun misbehaved with her or said anything wrong. Preeta tells that she doesn’t like Arjun, she gets uncomfortable because of Arjun, she misses Karan and feels he is around. Karan finds her crying for him. Preeta tells that she misses Karan a lot. Karan thinks that its her guilt that she killed him. Anjali asks Arjun what is he doing outside Preeta’s room. Karan wants to overhear Preeta and Shrishti’s conversation. Anjali insists and takes Arjun along. Preeta asks Shrishti to leave her alone and go. Shrishti reminds Preeta that Karan wanted her to stay happy.

She asks Preeta to promise that she won’t cry. Preeta tells that she wants to cry for 5 mins. Shrishti lets her cry. Preeta thinks of Karan. She doesn’t think how Arjun is getting on her mind. Anjali asks Arjun what was he doing outside Preeta’s room. Karan confesses that he was feeling happy to see Preeta. She asks what is he saying. He tells that she is misunderstanding. She asks if he has feelings for Preeta, if he loves her and can’t control his feelings. He tells that he knew it, she will misjudge his feelings. He clears that he doesn’t love Preeta, he hates Preeta and wants to see her crying.

He adds that he was feeling peace seeing her tears, he will give more pain to Preeta. She tells that Preeta feels something and does something else, Preeta loved Karan, but killed him because of Rishabh. She calls Preeta a liar. She understands what Karan is feeling. She tells that Karan was dancing with Preeta, who loved her a lot. She asks him not to lie to her. Karan tells that he isn’t lying, he doesn’t love Preeta. He avoids the confrontation. Shrishti asks Preeta to try and stay happy, nobody isn’t able to forget Karan. She tells that Preeta’s weird behavior with Arjun isn’t right. She asks Preeta to treat Arjun well. She tells that Arjun reminds her of Karan sometimes.

Biji meets them. She asks Shrishti to go, Sameer is calling her. Shrishti refuses to go. Biji asks her to go, she has to talk to Preeta. Shrishti asks her what does she want to talk. She promises to go after she learns the topic. Biji tells that she had a breakup with her boyfriend. Shrishti asks her when did she fall in love, does she really have a boyfriend, did she had a breakup also. Biji asks her to leave now, after all she learnt the topic. Shrishti makes a leave. Biji asks Preeta why is she so upset. Preeta denies at first. She tells that she misses Karan a lot, she sees him everywhere.

Biji asks her to think of Karan’s memories, but not see him everywhere, its wrong to go lost in his memories. She adds that Rishabh is hurt by her behavior. She asks Preeta to think of Rishabh, she should respect his sacrifice, he has given his name to Karan’s child. She tells that guests are asking Rishabh about her, she should be with him, she shouldn’t hurt Rishabh’s sentiments, she should do a wife’s duty, Rishabh should feel that she is with him. She tells that they should miss the lost ones, but not hurt those who are with her. Preeta hugs her. Biji’s mantra works on Preeta.

Preeta goes to Rishabh and asks him for a dance. She holds his hand and takes him to the dance floor. Rishabh gets surprised. She sings to show her respect and gratitude towards Rishabh. Karan grows angered seeing them happy. Prithvi is also surprised to see her smiling face after the tearful moment. Karan angrily starts drinking. Anjali stops him. He remembers the cheat. Other side, Vishnu tells Raja that Arjun slapped him and said Rishabh is his brother. Raja asks the reason for the murder contract. Vishnu tells that they can tell the truth to Rishabh, they will blackmail Arjun for money.

Prithvi meets the goons in the kitchen. He scares them and asks their true identity. Raja tells that they have come to ruin Rishabh’s party. Prithvi joins hands with them. He tells that even he wants to ruin the party. He wants to head the team. He tells that if they don’t call him boss, then he will expose their truth. Raja agrees to make him the boss.

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