Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Love confess

Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Love confess

Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Love confess Bani welcomes her friend Surekha in the party. She tells that Luthras are famous. She hugs her friend happily. She meets her granddaughter Sonia/Sona. She finds Sona really cute and charming. Sona tells her grandma’s tales. Surekha tells that Sona reminds her everything, Sona accompanies her everywhere she goes. Bani introduces her childhood friend Surekha and Sona. Surekha compliments Preeta. She blesses Rishabh and Preeta. Sona tells that Surekha has fallen in love with Preeta, who is really beautiful. Surekha asks Bani about the handsome hunk. Bani tells that Arjun is their guest. Sona gives a beautiful gift for Rishabh and Preeta. Preeta likes the garlands.

Surekha expresses her wish that Rishabh and Preeta exchange the garlands in front of her, because she didn’t attend their meeting. Shrishti announces the varmala ceremony. She asks Rishabh and Preeta to exchange the varmala. Karan isn’t happy with the happening. He grows upset watching Rishabh and Preeta appearing as the perfect couple, happily married and very much in love. He came to the party to ruin Preeta’s peace, but ends up getting his emotions hurt because of Rishabh and Preeta’s moments. He drinks a lot and goes to propose Preeta for marriage. What will be Preeta’s reaction to Arjun’s marriage proposal? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Karan gets angry seeing Rishabh and Preeta’s romantic dance performance in the party. Prithvi meets the goons in the kitchen. He scares them and asks their true identity. Raja tells that they have come to ruin Rishabh’s party. Prithvi joins hands with them. He tells that even he wants to ruin the party. He wants to head the team. He tells that if they don’t call him boss, then he will expose their truth. Raja agrees to make him the boss.


Kundali Bhagya 9th August 2022 Written Update Love confess:

Karan watches Rishabh and Preeta exchanging the garlands, having all the fun. Karan remembers Preeta and his varmala moment. He gets drunk. Anjali takes him to the room and explains him once again that he should stay in control. She asks him what happened to him. He tells that he didn’t like seeing Rishabh and Preeta exchanging the garlands, because he did that ritual with Preeta during their marriage. She tells that it was his past. He tells that he loves Preeta a lot, he wants to snatch her from the world and keep her in his world. Anjali asks what is he saying. He tells that he loves Preeta, he would die without her. She reminds his words that he hates Preeta, he likes to see her in pain.

She tells that he is drunk now, so he is speaking the truth, he loves Preeta, that’s the truth for him. Anjali reminds that Preeta killed him for Rishabh. He wants to know why did she kill him, why didn’t she kill his feelings. He admits his feelings for Preeta. He tells that he will go to Preeta and tell her that he is Karan. He just wants Preeta. He tells that he loves Preeta a lot. Anjali tells him that she can’t handle him in the drunken state, she is leaving, he can come to talk to her when he gets sober up. She leaves, while he repeats that he loves Preeta.

Karan goes to meet Preeta. He checks her room. He finds the garlands kept on the bed. He recalls their best moments in their room. Preeta comes from the washroom. She sees Arjun in her room again. He holds her hand and confesses that he loves her a lot. She is shocked by his confession. She asks him did he lose his mind, she is married to Rishabh, if he forgot. He tells that he doesn’t believe Rishabh and her marriage. He asks her to marry him. He proposes her for marriage. She can’t believe it. She really finds him mad. She shouts that she is Rishabh Luthra’s wife, he should respect this. Karan tells that he loved her and wants to marry her right away. He plays the marriage mantra on the phone.

He takes the garlands and tells that he will ignite the fire. He pulls a curtain and asks her for a matchbox. She tells that its her marriage anniversary today. She stops his nonsense. He tells that they will marry today and celebrate their marriage anniversary after a year. He confesses love for her and holds the garland in hands. Anjali walks in and is totally shocked seeing his huge blunder. Preeta pushes him away by rebuking him. Anjali holds Arjun and saves him from falling. Karan tells that he wants to marry Preeta. Anjali tries to cover up his act. She makes him sleep on the couch.

She tells Preeta that Arjun is drunk, he isn’t in his senses. She makes an apology. Preeta tells her that Arjun was proposing her for marriage. She gets hyper. Anjali tells that she knows what Preeta is thinking. Preeta tells that she can’t understand this herself. She gets angry that Arjun has gone mad to propose her. Anjali tells that he creates a mess when he drinks. She lies that he proposed her some time back, he can’t handle himself when he gets drunk, he just wants to marry, he proposes any girl when he is drunk. She tells Preeta that his words weren’t intentional. She feels she is at fault that she didn’t stop Arjun from drinking.

She tells that Arjun hates Preeta, he would never propose her, because she isn’t of his type. Preeta yells at her. She asks her to announce in the party that Arjun can propose any girl once he is drunk. She leaves the room in anger. Sherlyn also gets a disguise of a waiter. She looks for Prithvi. She comes across Rishabh. Rishabh doesn’t recognize her. Rishabh finds Preeta worried. Sherlyn is upset that he is still after Preeta. Preeta wants to tell Rishabh about Arjun’s drunken drama. They both get good wishes from the guests. Preeta asks Rishabh to come with her.

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