Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir slams Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir slams Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir slams Rhea Ranbir asks Prachi to stop crying, the crying phase for them is over. He tells that their new phase will begin now, they will begin their new life together. He consoles Prachi. He tells that just Prachi, he and their baby will be together, because he has already divorced Rhea. He shocks Rhea by showing her the signed divorce papers. He tells Rhea that their relation is over, Rhea has to leave the house now, because they are no more husband and wife. Rhea is shocked to see the signed divorce papers. Pallavi is also shocked that she didn’t plan Ranbir and Rhea’s real divorce. What will Pallavi, Aaliya and Rhea do now? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir tells that it’s a good news if the cow gave birth to a calf. Vikram and Pallavi ask what are they talking. Prachi tells that they just know this good news. Vikram and Pallavi laugh. They also want to have sweets. Ranbir asks why are they laughing. Pallavi tells that their good news is different. Prachi asks what is it. Dida tells Pallavi that Rhea isn’t answering her, she is hiding something. Pallavi asks Rhea to answer Dida. Rhea tells that she is incomplete shock, Pallavi didn’t change her mind and instead made the divorce papers ready. Rhea blames Pallavi. She tears the papers in anger. She tells that she has made her decision right on Pallavi’s face. She throws the pieces of paper on Pallavi’s face. Pallavi angrily raises hand on Rhea. Aaliya steps in between and stops Pallavi from slapping her niece.

Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Ranbir slams Rhea:


Pallavi asks Aaliya to leave her hand. Aaliya asks her not to raise her hand. Pallavi tells that she raised her hand against Rhea’s injustice. Aaliya tells that Rhea is raising her voice for her rights. Pallavi asks her not to support Rhea. Aaliya defends Rhea. Pallavi tells that Aaliya has misused her stay in their house. Aaliya tells that she won’t bow down to anyone. She warns Pallavi. She asks Pallavi not to repeat this again. She tells that she will file a domestic violence case on her, if she dares slap Rhea. She tells that she is Abhi’s sister, she is still the same daring Aaliya. Rhea tells Pallavi that no one would give the divorce happily. Pallavi tells that Rhea just had to sign the divorce papers.

Aaliya asks Pallavi how can she ask Rhea to divorce Ranbir, just because she wants Prachi’s baby. Pallavi tells that Rhea knows what she is thinking. Rhea tells that she will not believe her. She doesn’t want to divorce Ranbir. Ranbir asks them to stop the argument. He tells them that he wants a divorce from Rhea. He goes to his room to get the divorce papers. Aryan and Shahana ask him what is he finding. Ranbir tells that he got the divorce papers signed by Rhea, he didn’t show it before because of her pregnancy, but now Pallavi wants them to get divorced. He finds the divorce papers. He tells that finally, he will be free. He goes back to Rhea. Rhea asks Prachi to get happy, when Ranbir also wants a divorce.

She asks Prachi to laugh on her face. Prachi asks what is she saying. Rhea tells that she can see Prachi laughing in her heart. She yells at Prachi. She tells that Prachi didn’t leave a chance to separate Ranbir and her. Prachi stumbles back, but Ranbir comes to hold her. He asks Prachi to stop crying, a new phase will begin for them, because he has already taken divorce from Rhea. This shocks the entire family. Rhea doesn’t believe the papers. She tells that she didn’t sign any divorce papers, she has torn it. Ranbir tells that she has given the divorce much time before. He asks her to check her signatures.

He tells that their relation is over, and now she has to leave from the house. He holds Prachi’s hand and takes her for breakfast. He asks Rhea to leave. Rhea fumes. The entire family ignores her. Aaliya weeps and goes out. She calls someone. She receives some envelope from him, and pays him money. Rhea yells that she didn’t sign the divorce papers, she won’t leave the house. She asks Ranbir to tell her when did she sign the papers. Ranbir reminds the business party which he threw for Prachi and his anniversary celebrations.

He tells that he wanted to make a new start with Prachi, so he has spiked Rhea’s drink to get her signs on the divorce papers, just like Rhea had done with Prachi. Rhea asks Prachi did she teach cheating to Ranbir. She tells that Prachi has made Ranbir like her. Ranbir tells that this is called Karma, Prachi isn’t at fault, she didn’t know about it. He tells that he took Rhea’s signatures on the papers by intoxicating her, he did wrong, but he had no option, Rhea had forced him to do this. He feels sorry knowing about her pregnancy. He tells that he didn’t tell Prachi because she would scold him for doing wrong. Rhea tells that it’s a perfect crime, he isn’t guilty, hats off to Prachi for winning.

She adds that she will do everything in front of everyone. She goes and burns the divorce papers. Ranbir runs to save the papers. He asks Rhea to leave the papers. Rhea smiles seeing the burnt papers. She asks Prachi to take the papers, its burnt like her wishes. Ranbir asks her to stay away from Prachi, and not involve her. He tells that she can’t treat his wife like this. Rhea tells that she is also his wife, she is also pregnant, she doesn’t like the way he is treating her, she should respect her. He doesn’t want to fight her more. He tells that he doesn’t love her. He calls their relationship a namesake thing.

He can’t explain her more. She tells that she burnt the papers, else he would have explained a lot in the court. She adds that they didn’t get divorced, no one would take the signs seriously if done in intoxicated state. Dida tells that Rhea has burnt the papers, they should talk about their marriage. She asks why does she want to live with a man who doesn’t love her, Prachi is still Ranbir’s wife, Ranbir is Prachi’s husband, so he can’t be Rhea’s husband at first place. Aaliya returns home with the envelope. She tells that Dida has found a good way to support Prachi. She asks how did Ranbir remarry without divorcing his first wife. She threatens that the entire family will go to jail for cheating Rhea.

Prachi tells that Rhea knew it well that Ranbir didn’t get divorced. She asks why did Rhea get married when she knew he isn’t divorced. Rhea tells that she got married to Ranbir because she wanted to, she will not divorce Ranbir, she will take a harsh step. Vikram asks them to sit calm and talk. Pallavi asks them to calm down, instead fighting. She asks Rhea to control her anger. She takes Rhea for a talk, but Aaliya stops them. She tells that they will talk in front of everyone if she insulted Rhea. Pallavi tells that Aaliya has no idea of what she wants to say. She adds that they should take extra care of Prachi, she is pregnant. Rhea tells that she is also pregnant.

Pallavi tells the family that Prachi’s pregnancy is complicated, she spoke to Prachi’s doctor, and learnt the complications. She pities Prachi. She tells that she is feeling angry that Prachi has hid a big thing from them. She doesn’t want to give any stress to Prachi. She requests them to stop the drama. Aaliya apologizes to them. She asks Rhea to tell the secrets to them. Rhea apologizes to Prachi that she can’t save her from sinking. She tells that she tried to convince Prachi for leaving the house, but Prachi is still here. She asks Prachi to stay with her baby’s real father. Ranbir and his family are shocked by Rhea’s accusation.

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