Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Karan’s secret

Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Karan's secret

Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Karan’s secret Anjali asks Arjun to wake up, its not their house that he is sleeping. Karan wakes up and takes Preeta’s name. She feeds him the black coffee. She tells him that she is taking care of him, because he is behaving like a little kid. She asks him to stop making cute faces. She tells him that he is in Preeta’s room. He tells her that its his room. She asks him to calm down. She tells that he will know right and wrong when he gets to senses. He tells that he didn’t do anything wrong. He shows his pictures on the wall. Rakhi asks Preeta what would she do if Rishabh doesn’t listen to her. Preeta asks what’s the matter.

Mahesh complains about Rakhi, who is stopping him from having sweets. Rakhi asks him not to lie. She tells that she caught Mahesh from the kitchen, he had three laddoos, he took the sweets from a little boy’s hands, he should be ashamed to snatch sweets from a kid. He asks her not to scold him in front of the kids. Rishabh and Preeta find them cute. He tells that he also wants to have such fights with her when he grows old. Biji asks Rishabh about Bani. She wants to fight with Bani.

Rishabh laughs hearing Biji’s complains. He takes Preeta with her. Karan asks Anjali to click his new pictures, they will put new pictures on the wall. Anjali stops him. He tells that Preeta came to his room after their marriage and then took over the entire room. She asks him to talk when he gets sobered up. He wants to sleep for some time. He falls asleep. Anjali doesn’t know what he wants, he loves Preeta so much that he forgot his revenge.


Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2022 Written Update Karan’s secret:

Karan comes to his senses. Anjali scolds him and asks him not to drink too much. He regrets his actions. She tells him what he did, he was confessing love to Preeta. He can’t believe it. She tells him what he told to Preeta, he proposed Preeta for marriage. He calls himself stupid. She tells that he is still a kid at heart, he shouldn’t drink when he can’t control his feelings. He asks her about Preeta’s reaction. She tells that she accepted his proposal, maybe he wants to hear this, but unfortunately this didn’t happen, she pushed him away. He asks how dare Preeta pushed him.

She tells that he was begging to Preeta, he made a big blunder. He calls her stupid that she didn’t stop him from drinking. He blames her. She asks him how can he blame her, she went to get coffee for him and he entered Preeta’s room in her absence. He wants to fix the mistake. She tells that she lied to Preeta to cover up his mistake, he proposes someone in drunken state. He asks her why did she lie. She tells that he should have really proposed her, she would be happy and accept it. He asks her to help him fix the mistake. He tells that he will give her a big thank you card.

Prithvi asks Raja to come with him. Raja tells that they will do whatever he tells them. He questions Prithvi’s identity and intentions. Prithvi tells that he has a sad story, he was Rishabh’s business partner, he blindly believed Rishabh and had a huge loss of crores. He lies to them. He tells that they should get to work now. Raja asks the goons to get the special stuff. They get the guns from the sweet boxes. Prithvi praises them for their professionalism. He takes a gun from them. He tells that he didn’t have a gun in hand before, but now he has one. He praises himself as a mastermind. Sona comes to the kitchen. All of them hide the weapons behind their back. Sona irritates Prithvi.

Sona tells that she is finding her cousin Kavya. Prithvi asks who is Kavya. She tells that Kavya is Rishabh and Preeta’s daughter. He tells that Kavya is Karan and Preeta’s daughter. The goons get talking that Kavya is Arjun’s daughter. They wonder why is Rishabh and Arjun’s surnames different. He wants to get them at gun point and ask them about their surnames. Prithvi asks them to stop gossiping and come with him. Rishabh takes Preeta aside and asks her what does she want to say. He asks if she is worried regarding Kavya. Preeta tells that Kavya is okay. She wants to tell him about Arjun. Karan reaches there.

Preeta sees Arjun and stops saying. Anjali tells that Preeta can tell everything to Rishabh. Karan tells that he doesn’t care, he will go to Rishabh and tell it himself. Rishabh asks Arjun where was he. Karan tells that he was busy in his future moment, he got too drunk in the amazing party, he doesn’t remember where he went and what he did. He admits that he saw Preeta in her room. Rishabh asks him to relax, and not explain so much. Kareena asks them what are they discussing. She calls Rishabh and Preeta for the cake cutting. She asks Arjun to come along. Prithvi keeps an eye on them.

He tells that he has come to tackle all of them. Sherlyn pulls Prithvi’s hand and takes him to the room. Prithvi points the gun asking who is he to drag him. Sherlyn reveals her truth and tells that she is his wife. The goons come to support Prithvi, and get Sherlyn at gun point. Prithvi tells them that Sherlyn is his wife. Raja asks him not to lie. Prithvi tells that he told the truth, Sherlyn is his wife. The goons don’t believe him. Sherlyn asks Prithvi what is happening. She slaps Bunty and also tackles Raja. She threatens them. She asks Prithvi why did he come there.

Prithvi calls her amazing that she can handle anyone. He tells that he has come to ruin Rishabh and Preeta’s happiness, he wants to make them fall on their anniversary day. Rishabh goes to attend a business call. Karan follows Preeta. He turns dizzy. He gets hurt. Preeta turns and finds him in need of help. She holds his hand and saves him. They both get into a moment. He thanks her. She tells that she is expecting a sorry from him. She wants to tell him what he did, when he gets sober. He asks her if he has proposed her for marriage. He repeats the proposal and smiles.

He asks her to not mind, whenever he is drunk, he proposes girls who he dislikes. He tells that she isn’t of his kind. He leaves her speechless. He thinks she is not stylish like him, she isn’t like his kind because she is a murderer, she is a sinner, unlike him. Preeta doesn’t want to invite him in any Luthra party. Prithvi introduces the goons, his new team. He asks them to take his wife’s orders also. He tells that he feels like a boss, he feels rich and powerful like a King. Sherlyn asks him to stop nonsense. He tells that he will ruin the party, and give them the same pain again.

He adds that even the goons have the same motive, so they made a team to execute their plan. He wants to get Luthras money and jewellery before they leave. An old servant enters the room and sees Sherlyn with the waiters. Vishnu attacks him and faints him down. Prithvi praises the professional goons. Kavya comes there. She asks them who are they. Prithvi asks who is she. Kavya introduces herself. Sona takes Kavya with her. Prithvi tells Sherlyn about Karan and Preeta’s daughter Kavya. Sherlyn seems shocked.

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