Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2022 Written Update Kavya targeted

Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2022 Written Update Kavya targeted

Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2022 Written Update Kavya targeted Anjali asks Preeta what does she see in Rishabh that she/Anjali doesn’t see. Preeta names it his goodness, that his special quality. She tells that when she met Rishabh for the first time, she understood that he has a big heart. Anjali asks her did she fall in love at first sight with Rishabh. Preeta grows uncomfortable with the question, because she loves only Karan. She doesn’t tell the truth of her marriage with Rishabh. Prithvi and Sherlyn meet Kavya, and get revengeful. They plan to kidnap Kavya and take their revenge on Rishabh and Preeta, unaware that Karan is back as Arjun. What twists will come with Prithvi and Sherlyn targeting Kavya? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi introduces the goons, his new team. He asks them to take his wife’s orders also. He tells that he feels like a boss, he feels rich and powerful like a King. Sherlyn asks him to stop nonsense. He tells that he will ruin the party, and give them the same pain again.

He adds that even the goons have the same motive, so they made a team to execute their plan. He wants to get Luthras money and jewellery before they leave. An old servant enters the room and sees Sherlyn with the waiters. Vishnu attacks him and faints him down. Prithvi praises the professional goons. Kavya comes there. She asks them who are they. Prithvi asks who is she. Kavya introduces herself. Sona takes Kavya with her. Prithvi tells Sherlyn about Karan and Preeta’s daughter Kavya. Sherlyn seems shocked.


Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2022 Written Update Kavya targeted:

Rishabh tells Sameer about Taapsee Pannu coming in the party. Sameer tells that he has a crush on her. He runs to get decked up. Shrishti sees him running and wonders who is he expecting. Biji asks her to not get too lazy. Shrishti tells that she can’t explain herself to Biji. Anjali looks for Arjun. She finds Preeta angry. She tells that Preeta always stays angry. Karan tells that Preeta is mad, he was with Preeta, he was feeling dizzy, she saved him and behaved like she did a big favor. He tells that he has lied to Preeta and defended his act. He doesn’t know what Preeta has seen in Rishabh that she married him. She tells that maybe his goodness.

He tells that Preeta married Rishabh for money and success, she loves him and was having an affair since a long time. She tells that Preeta looks comfortable with Rishabh. She stops Arjun from drinking. Shrishti meets Karan to ask something. She asks him if he regards them his family. Karan tells yes. She tells that she is also his family. She talks sweetly. He asks her what work she has with him. She asks how does he know. He tells that he knows her well, he has a sense to know people. Shrishti calls him intelligent. Anjali asks her not to flirt with Arjun. Shrishti asks her if she is jealous. She holds Karan’s hand, and takes him.

Raja questions Sherlyn and Prithvi about Karan. Sherlyn refuses to answer. Prithvi asks the goons to just follow his orders. Raja tells that he isn’t scared of anyone, he wants his answers. Sherlyn tells that Rishabh is her ex-husband. Bunty asks about Prithvi and her relation. Prithvi asks them not to get into his personal details. Vishnu asks him to share some details for them to understand. Prithvi tells that they are those who dream big. She asks them not to waste the time, she will steal the cash, then plan a performance, where they will take everyone at gun point and rob the jewellery from the guests.

She asks them to do anything with Rishabh. She wants to settle old scores with Preeta. She tells their robbery plan to the goons. They all join hands. Karan tells Shrishti that he likes Sameer and her pairing. She tells that she liked Sameer before marriage, she married him just to stay close to her sister Preeta. He tells that she is different, smart and intelligent that she took a bold step, she loves her sister a lot. He asks her about Preeta and Rishabh’s love story. He tells that maybe Karan came in their way, people get confused, they love someone and marry someone, they realize their mistake later, maybe Preeta loved Rishabh and married Karan by mistake.

Shrishti asks him not to mention such an odd thing again. She tells that he can’t judge a book by its cover, he can’t know anyone by outer appearance and behavior. She gets sad telling him about Preeta’s struggles. She tells that Karan died in front of Preeta, she was really shattered. Karan recalls Rishabh and Preeta killing him. He tells that he knows Preeta was there at the time of Karan’s death. She tells that she misses Karan a lot. He hugs her and consoles her saying he has come back. She looks at him. He tells that Karan is still with them, his soul is around them, they just need to look for him and they will see him. He pacifies her. He asks her to make new memories. She finds him strange.

She asks how can she make new memories with him. She asks Karan to come with her and see something. He thinks he is the Karan she is missing. Anjali gets hurt. Rishabh asks her is she okay. Preeta goes to offer help. Anjali asks Preeta how did Rishabh react about Arjun’s marriage proposal. Preeta tells that Anjali shouldn’t work for Arjun, he is a strange person. Anjali praises Arjun, while Preeta praises Rishabh. Anjali asks her what does she see in Rishabh. Preeta tells that she knows Rishabh since a long time, he has a big heart, he is too caring and loving. Anjali asks if she loves Rishabh, if it was a love at first sight.

Preeta tells that it was respect at first sight, he always pays her respect, Arjun can never earn such respect, his nature isn’t good. Anjali thanks her for the concern. She tells that she is really happy with Arjun. Preeta wishes that Anjali never gets a bad guy like Arjun. Sherlyn heads to Rakhi’s room to rob the safe. She doesn’t find the jewellery in the safe. Bunty tells that maybe Luthras have nothing with them. Sherlyn tells that Luthras are really rich. She finds the jewellery. Shrishti likes the cake. Karan asks her why does she need him in the kitchen. She asks him to take the cake outside.

He calls her lazy. She tells that whenever she takes the cake, she drops it by mistake, so she thought to take his help. He calls her naughty. He sees the cake and remembers Rishabh and Preeta’s romance in the party. He intentionally drops the cake. Shrishti panics. He apologizes to her. Anjali reaches there. Shrishti doesn’t know how she will arrange a cake so soon. Anjali asks her not to panic, she will ask her friend to arrange a cake. Shrishti thanks her. Anjali knows Arjun has intentionally ruined the cake. She doesn’t know how to handle his anger and jealousy.

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