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Swaran Ghar 18th August 2022 Nakul returns Spoilers

Swaran Ghar 23rd August 2022 Fanaa Parineetii Appnapan

Swaran Ghar 18th August 2022 Nakul returns Spoilers Swaran Ghar episode spoiler – Nakul slaps Vikram Swaran gets hiccups and misses Nakul. She knows he is in the US and may not come back. She wants to meet Aarav and break her Janmashtami fast. Swaran gets a huge surprise on finding Nakul at her door. Nakul comes to pick up Swaran and Bebe. She says that the house is no more hers as she gave it to Kiran and Vikram. She says that she will come there only when the house will again become hers. Nakul leaves in fury. He confronts Kiran and Vikram. Nakul slaps Vikram and asks him to give him the papers of the house. Kiran and Nimmo are shocked. Will Vikram change his selfish stride and think of Swaran for once?

Fanaa episode spoiler – Pakhi catches Meera:

Pakhi informs Agastya’s duplicate that Meera has come back to their house. He gets frightened. She says that she got a camera and Meera must have installed it around their house. Pakhi says that she has a device which can detect where the cameras are installed.

Pishachini episode spoiler – Pishachini paralyzes Dadaji:

Pishachini gets her hands on her beloved box. She asks it if it will take her to Bareilly. Dadaji is puzzled. Rani casts a spell on him and laughs loudly. The doctor says that Dadaji is paralyzed and might not be able to walk ever. Everyone is shocked. Pishachini’s clothes never tear, get dirty or can be burnt but Pavithra burns her dupatta. She realizes that Pishachini is not in Chail.

Aashiqana episode spoiler – Chikki betrays Yashvardhan:
Chikki prepares to get married to the murderer. Yash shoots him and tells Chikki that she betrayed him and marrying a murderer. She asks him not to come in between them. Chikki attacks him and he bleeds. Yash forcefully applies sindoor to Chikki. She fumes in anger. Chikki declares that there has been lot of romance in the season of murder but now she will attack.



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