Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Preeta sobs

Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Preeta sobs

Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Preeta sobs Kareena tells the family that whenever she sees Rishabh and Arjun together, she feels that Rishabh got a younger brother. Preeta reacts emotionally and asks Kareena how can she say this, Arjun isn’t Karan, there is no comparison between Arjun and Karan, Arjun can never take Karan’s place, he isn’t close to Karan, he isn’t the son of the Luthra family, he can never be a part of their family. She doesn’t want the family to bond with Arjun. Karan still cares for Preeta, and hides his feelings about her. Preeta feels Karan when Arjun is around, and doesn’t want that feeling to grow strong. She wants the family to keep Arjun away from them. Rakhi and family are surprised to see Preeta’s unexpected reaction. Will Rishabh sense Preeta’s growing tension? Keep reading.

Prithvi sneaks inside a car dicky to get saved from the police. Karan speaks to the inspector. He tells that he will come along, Rishabh is busy with his wife, its their wedding anniversary today, Preeta is in shock, she is scared and she needs her husband with her right now. Anjali tells him that Rakhi has sent laddoos for him. Inspector tells him about the goon who wants to kill Rishabh. He adds that Vishnu’s wallet is found in the corridor, he is a killer. Karan asks him to investigate the matter and find out who wants to kill Rishabh. She asks him how does he know so much. He angrily tells that he wanted to kill Rishabh. He sees the inspector in front and worries.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd August 2022 Written Update Preeta sobs:


Karan blurts out the truth that he had hired Vishnu to get Rishabh killed. Anjali gets worried. Inspector tells that it’s a good joke. He adds that maybe Rishabh’s business rival wants to take revenge. Karan tells that he will go and file the FIR. Anjali tells that she will come along. Karan meets Biji and flirts with her. He tells that he will finish the work and come back soon to meet her. Biji tells Karan that she likes him, but she feels Anjali also likes him. Karan tells that Anjali is just a friend. She tells that Anjali likes him. He clears that Anjali works with him, she is just a colleague.

On the other hand, Rishabh finds Preeta tensed and asks her to share the problem. He asks her why is she so much quiet, she wanted him to stay back and Arjun to leave. She tells that she really wanted so. He asks the reason. She tells that the family needs him, nobody cares for Arjun. He tells that he felt she needs him. He asks her about the wound. She tells that its not a deep wound, she will manage. She tells that when he left Arjun to take care of her, she wasn’t feeling good, she was uncomfortable. He apologizes that he didn’t realize that she isn’t comfortable with Arjun, he didn’t think much.

He tells that she wouldn’t be feeling so if any doctor treated her. She isn’t able to understand her feelings when Arjun is around. He asks her what is she thinking. She tells that she will be back. She goes away. Rishabh feels bad that he left her with Arjun, knowing she doesn’t like the latter. Anjali tells Karan that she will get her car. Karan tells that he will drive his car. She asks him to drive slow. Prithvi is hiding in Arjun’s car. He thinks he got saved from the police. He sneezes. Karan hears some sound and turns to see. He gets busy on a call. Prithvi sees him and hides in the dickey again.

He sees the police following Karan’s car. He hears Anjali and Karan talking. Constable gives the good news to Karan that the goons got caught by the police. Prithvi is shocked to learn this. Karan gets worried that the goons might take his name. The Luthras gather in the living room. Mahesh gives them the news of the goons’ arrest. The family is relieved. Rishabh wants to talk to the Inspector about the supari killer. Mahesh stops him. Rishabh tells that he wants to know about the goons. Mahesh asks him not to worry, Arjun called up and said he will handle the matter. The family starts praising Arjun.

Kareena tells that she feels Rishabh has got a younger brother after Karan left. Preeta asks her not to compare Arjun with Karan. She tells that nobody can take Karan’s place, she finds Arjun strange, there is something wrong with him. Shrishti tells that its nothing such. Preeta gets hurt and asks her not to say anything. She goes away. Rakhi tells that Preeta’s pain will never end, Karan left her, Preeta’s wound will never heal. Kareena tells that even they all loved Karan, Arjun is a nice guy who does a lot for them. Sameer tells that Preeta is still in trauma over Karan’s death, they should give her some time.

Karan and Anjali reach the police station. Anjali asks him not to go inside, else the goons will identify him. Karan tells that he is also afraid that his past will come out, his mom and dad will know everything. He asks her to have patience, he will come back. Prithvi comes out of the dickey to see where did Arjun come. He sees the police station. He hides from Anjali. He hears Anjali talking to someone about Arjun. He gets confused and thinks what is Arjun’s past, does he know the goons. He thinks to stay back and find out Arjun’s secret. He takes the risk and goes inside the police station to find out.

Preeta cries on recalling Arjun. Bani asks her why does she react when they talk about Arjun. She tells that everyone likes Arjun, but he isn’t taking Karan’s place, nobody can take Karan’s place, Karan was their life. She feels some connection with Arjun and gets at peace. She asks Preeta not to dislike Arjun, he isn’t too bad. She tells that even Arjun calls her girlfriend just like Karan used to call her. She feels Karan is with her, Arjun is like Karan’s shadow, she feels attached to Arjun. She asks Preeta not to stop her from talking to Arjun. Preeta hugs her. They cry. Bani tells that she likes Arjun a lot, just like her Karan.

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