Kundali Bhagya 23rd August 2022 Written Update Dark truth

Kundali Bhagya 23rd August 2022 Written Update Dark truth

Kundali Bhagya 23rd August 2022 Written Update Dark truth Karan learns about the supari king Raja and the goons. He asks if he can go and meet them. Constable doesn’t allow him. Karan tells that the goons attacked him, he has a right to know the reason. He goes to talk to the goons. Prithvi hides and follows Arjun. Raja asks Karan to free them from the jail. Karan scolds them for coming to Luthra house. Raja tells that they weren’t paid, so they went there for money. Karan asks them why did they get caught. Prithvi thinks its unbelievable that the goons work for Arjun. Raja asks Arjun what’s happening between Rishabh and him, when he wanted to kill Rishabh.

Karan tells that he never wanted to kill him but hurt him. Raja asks him not to lie, because he hired him to kill Rishabh. Karan tells that he didn’t hire him to kill him. Vishnu tells that he is Arjun’s big fan. He wants to work with Arjun again. Karan gives them an offer and tells that it will be good for them. Karan asks them to forget the truth that he hired them for harming Rishabh. He assures that his lawyer will come to bail them out.

Raja asks what they have to do in return. Karan asks them to not meet again. Raja tells that they have entered the house to kill Rishabh and Preeta, they also wanted to expose Arjun. Karan asks them to stay in the jail if they want. Prithvi looks at them from far. Karan tells that nobody will believe the goons even if they try to expose him, because he has signed the FIR against them. Raja agrees to do as Arjun tells them. He tells that he won’t tell anyone about Arjun. Karan suspects someone’s presence. Prithvi hides from him.


Karan tells Anjali that nobody should know that he got the goons bailed out. He adds that from now, the supari King Raja will never trouble or harm them. Sherlyn asks Prithvi what did he find out there. He tells that Arjun knows everything, he is behind the conspiracy. Anjali hears Karan’s frustration. Karan doesn’t want to remember that he loves Preeta. He tells that he just wants to remember that Rishabh and Preeta tried to kill him, that they have wronged him. He struggles with the truth that he still feels for Preeta. Anjali finds him battling with his own self because of Preeta, and feels sympathetic.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd August 2022 Written Update Dark truth:

Karan fails to see Prithvi hiding there. Prithvi is relieved that Arjun didn’t see him. He feels happy that he got to know Arjun’s big secret. He leaves. Preeta recalls her moments with Karan and Arjun. She doesn’t know why is she thinking of Arjun. She tells that she has no feelings for Arjun. She denies the feeling of being with Karan when she is with Arjun. She tells that Arjun and Karan aren’t similar, there can be nobody like Karan. She just loves Karan. She has no feelings for anyone else. She tells that she just loves Karan and holds his memories. She battles with her emotions. Anjali waits for Arjun. She calls him. She sees Prithvi coming out of the police station. He goes and sits on the bench.

He calls his friend to take help. He asks him to come to the police station and pick him. He decides to find out about Arjun. On the other side, Rishabh meets Preeta. He knows she is upset and worried. He tells that her favorite hot chocolate will uplift her mood. Preeta remembers Biji’s words. She doesn’t want to hurt Rishabh’s sentiments, because of her feelings for Arjun. She thinks to stop pondering about Arjun, even if he reminds her of Karan. She tells herself that she is Rishabh’s wife now. Rishabh cheers up Preeta. Prithvi sees Arjun coming out of the police station. He thinks why is Arjun coming out after much time.

Arjun asks Anjali to call the manager and get the goons bailed, the goons won’t trouble now. Prithvi comes home by taking his friend’s help. Sherlyn asks him what was he doing, where was he. He tells that he got to know something important, he was hiding in Arjun’s car dicky, he heard Anjali and Arjun’s conversation, he followed Arjun to the police station, something is wrong with Arjun, Arjun knows everything about the goons, he had hired those goons to kill Rishabh. Sherlyn is shocked to know this. He tells that Arjun is deceptive, he is hiding his real identity. Rishabh cleans the bed.

Preeta asks him to let her work. He asks her to take rest. He tells that she already does a lot of work. She thinks it’s a relation of marriage that they are sharing their life. She knows that she can’t get Karan always, she is Rishabh’s wife now, she will stay in the limits of their relation. She thanks him for the help. Rishabh thanks her for everything. He goes. She is thankful that Rishabh is there with her to support her.

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