Yeh Rishta 23rd August 2022 Update Track change

Yeh Rishta 23rd August 2022 Update Track change

Yeh Rishta 23rd August 2022 Update Track change The Birlas trust Dr. Kunal for Abhi’s surgery. They expect that the surgery will go well. They wish that Abhi’s surgery gets successful and his hand recovers. Akshara applies the tika to Abhi. She wants Abhi to win in this situation. Abhi knows its really tough for Akshara to balance both the situations, but he is helpless. She feels whatever is happening is right for Abhi. She wants his surgery to happen soon. She receives a shock when Kairav contacts her and asks her to save him from Anisha’s murder case. He informs her about the bad treatment he faced at the police station. He panics. He tells her that he feels like he will get a heart attack. He just finds himself surrounded by problems. He requests her to come and meet her, else he would leave the city and go away from their lives forever.

He doesn’t want to get caught by the police again. He tells that he just wants to meet her once. Abhi seems of overhearing Akshara and Kairav’s conversation. Later, Abhi is accompanied by his family to the hospital, where is goes for the surgery. Akshara encourages Abhi to be strong and that she is always with him. She meets Dr. Kunal there, who keeps her a condition for the surgery. He tells her about his sister Maaya. He asks Akshara to lend her voice to his sister Maaya, if she wants him to perform Abhi’s surgery. He tells that he will operate Abhi only if Akshara agrees to become Maaya’s shadow and name her life to Maaya. Akshara is stunned to know this.

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  1. Drama ongoing too long with Maliska and her antics just get rid of her and her mother and Neelam and Karishma to too boring.


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