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Bade Acche Lagte 29th August 2022 Update Priya’s decision

Bade Acche Lagte 29th August 2022 Update Priya's decision

Bade Acche Lagte 29th August 2022 Update Priya’s decision Nandini and Vedika call the cops home to get Ishaan arrested for Shivina’s murder, and also to bring out the truth that Priya had been jailed for two years. They tried to malign Priya’s image in front of Pihu so that Priya faces a hatred from her daughter. Priya fails Nandini’s plans. She doesn’t let Pihu know anything about her arrest, and also saves Ishaan in time. She can’t see Nandini ruining the future of two children, and also doesn’t want Ram to lose the deal. Ram wins the minister’s heart, faith, confidence and the deal. The cops congratulate Ram for winning the big deal and also sing praise of Ram, who is a true gem at heart.

Ram is known for being an ideal loving family man. Priya and Krish fail Vedika’s plan smartly. Kanika gets confronted by Vedika. She tells that she was blackmailed and had to lie to the cops. She couldn’t show Ishaan’s crime confession to the police. Later, Kanika blurts out the truth to her husband that Ram and Priya are just acting as a loving couple to bag the deal. Minister can’t believe that Ram had played an entire drama of a united family just for the business deal. He goes to question Ram and find out the truth. Kanika tells that Priya and Pihu are leaving from Ram’s house, and might have left by now since Ram signed the deal.

Minister meets Nandini and Shubham, and asks them if they have done everything to get the deal. He declares that he is cancelling the deal. Priya stops the minister from tearing the papers, and takes it from him. She tells her decision of staying back with Ram, because Ram and Pihu deserve to live with each other. She tells that she isn’t leaving Ram, she has come back in his life. This shocks Nandini and Shubham. Ram and Pihu are away. Pihu asks Ram is he upset that they are leaving. She tells what Priya tells her, that the sorrow goes away when they hug. She hugs Ram with love. Ram gets emotional and cries.

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