Pandya Store 29th August 2022 Shweta enters Pandya family

Pandya Store 29th August 2022 Shweta enters Pandya family

Pandya Store 29th August 2022 Shweta enters Pandya family Pandya Store episode spoiler – Sweta enters Pandya house Shiva searches for Raavi as she goes missing. He shows her picture to various people and enquires about her but no luck. Raavi is lying unconscious on the road. Sweta’s mother and father enter the Pandya house. She tells Suman that they have decided to listen to her and informs that Sweta will only take care of Chiku. Sweta comes with her bag and her mother insists Suman to keep Sweta with them for few days. Everyone is shocked.

Bindiya Sarkaar episode spoiler – Abhay rescues Bindiya:

Bindiya falls unconscious and Abhay gets worried. Abhay’s father kicks Barfi Devi for not controlling Bindiya and threatens to drive her out of the house if Bindiya goes out of hand. He goes to slap her. Abhay picks up Bindiya in his arms and the goddess’s chunari falls on them.


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho episode spoiler – Sangeetha’s disclosure:

Vidhi’s sister is stunned to know that Dev will not be attending the Jagrata. Vidhi says that she has to tell the truth to her family members. Sangeetha informs Dev that the office staff made Vidhi believe that Amba is actually his wife. Dev is stunned. She says that she also saw the staff teasing her throughout the event. Dev realizes that Vidhi’s only mistake is that she is very innocent. Vidhi tells Hariprasad that she wants to say something. Dev declares that he will go to the Jagrata.

Sanjog episode spoiler – Amrita is pregnant?:

Rajeev wishes to end the relationship with Amrita. He declares that they both are over and demands a divorce. Everyone is shocked. Rajeev leaves the house. Gopal and Gauri run from the robbers. Amrita runs after Rajeev and falls unconscious. Gauri also falls unconscious.


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