Yeh Rishta 29th August 2022 Update Akshara Abhi meet

Yeh Rishta 29th August 2022 Update Akshara Abhi meet

Yeh Rishta 29th August 2022 Update Akshara Abhi meet Yeh Rishta episode spoiler – Jaipur calling for Akshara Manjari tells Abhimanyu that the person we love a lot only hurts us a lot. She says that she doesn’t feel angry at Akshara but hates her for leaving Abhimanyu suffering in pain. Abhimanyu cries. Akshara tells Kairav that he is not feeling well so she cannot leave him alone and go back to India. He asks her to go to Jaipur as destiny has called her there for some reason. Abhimanyu asks the baby to choose where should he go. The baby chooses a finger and he says that he will go to Jaipur.

Banni Chow Home Delivery episode spoiler – Banni doubts Manini:

Manini becomes Yashoda and Yuvan becomes Krishna. Manini celebrates Krishna Janmashtami with Yuvan and sings Yashoda Ka Nandlala. Banni and Devraj are stunned. Hemant feels happy. Banni and Yuvan dance to the song Bolo Radhe Shyam and Manini smiles. Myra discloses to Banni that as Yuvan always talks about his mother being a star so Manini decided to take him to Tara ghar. Banni realizes that something has happened to Yuvan there only.


Yeh Hai Chahatein episode spoiler – Preesha dead?:

Armaan takes away Preesha in his arms as she becomes unconscious. Rudraksh follows him. Armaan keeps Preesha on the floor and Rudraksh wonders why did he put her down. Armaan accuses Rudraksh that Preesha died because of him. He is stunned. Rudraksh asks Preesha to open her eyes and shouts loudly. Preesha remains unresponsive. Rudraksh cries.

Imlie episode spoiler – Aryan’s lovely dream:

Imlie tells Aryan that she had lied to him as she never remembered him in a hateful manner. They both hug each other. Imlie lays down on Aryan and confesses that she loves him a lot. Suddenly Aryan wakes up alone and doesn’t remember whatever happened to him there.


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