Pandya Store 30th August 2022 Update Rishita versus Suman

Pandya Store 30th August 2022 Update Rishita versus Suman

Pandya Store 30th August 2022 Update Rishita versus Suman Shiva finds Raavi at the hospital and gets emotional. They both realize their strong love for each other. They promise to not fight and stay with love from now. He brings her home. The family begins to live their normal lives, until Shweta walks in to stay with the Pandya family. Shweta’s parents beg Suman and Dhara to keep Shweta with them for a month and train her to handle the baby Chiku. Dhara gets emotionally tortured once again. Suman can’t see Shweta and her family playing with Dhara’s emotions. She asks Shweta to leave. Shweta’s mum asks her to give Shweta a chance, and keep her home until a bonding develops between Shweta and her baby.

She promises that she will take Shweta and Chiku with her when their bonding gets strong. Suman finds this a strange request. She refuses to this, but Dhara agrees for the sake of Chiku’s good future and betterment. The family is taken aback from such a wrong demand. Dhara fears of losing Chiku. She keeps Shweta at home and trains her to take care of the baby. Chiku cries for Dhara. Dhara takes care of Chiku and feeds him.

Later, Suman looks for Chutki. She sees Dev and Rishita coming home from outside. She stops them at the door. Suman and Rishita get into a war of words, when Suman learns that Rishita took the baby outside without her permission. Rishita tells that she is the baby’s mother and she can decide where and when to take the baby outside. Suman shouts that she is the mother to everyone living in her house. She tells that a woman who delivered a baby doesn’t step out of the house for 40 days. She calls it a bad omen. Rishita tells that she doesn’t believe in such old customs. She dismisses the customs, much to Suman’s shock.


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