Udaariyaan 30th August 2022 Spoiler Jasmin reforms

Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 Spoilers Jasmin's revelation

Udaariyaan 30th August 2022 Spoiler Jasmin reforms Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Naaz’s good upbringing The Virks and Sandhus play cricket while Nehmat cheers for them. Jasmine feels that if Naaz gets an aunt like Tejo she will never go on a wrong path. She holds a pamphlet of Nehmat’s school in her hand. Jasmine decides to get Naaz admitted to the same school as Nehmat because this is the only way left. Rupy is stunned to see Naaz wearing the same school uniform as Nehmat.

Pishachini episode spoiler – Rocky pours his heart:

Rocky tells Pavithra to believe him. He says that the person whom they saw saying yes for the marriage was not him. She becomes upset. He says that he would have never agreed for this marriage if he was in his senses. Rocky says that it is the truth even if she believes it or not as his mind was controlled for a minute at that time. He says that someone had hypnotized him. Pavithra is stunned and remembers Dadaji’s words.


Na Umra Ki Seema Ho episode spoiler – Dev at Vidhi’s house:

Sangeetha tells Dev that he has dressed up normally but what is his plan ahead. Bimla asks Vidhi to call Dev 30 minutes later. Vidhi panics and says that Dev is not coming. The electricity comes back and Dev is standing on the roof. Vidhi and Bimla are shocked to see him. Dev smiles at Vidhi.


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