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Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s decision

Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2022 Written Update Ranbir's decision

Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s decision Pallavi keeps a proposal that Prachi and Sid married. She tells that she wants to get their illegitimate child turn legitimate by their marriage. She asks them to not refuse for the marriage, and just agree for it without any drama. Sid explains Pallavi that her decision of getting him married to Prachi will get more complications for the family, it will complicate the lives furthermore, it won’t be better for anyone. She asks him if he has thought about this when he crossed all the limits set by their relationship. She tells that he has to marry Prachi, he can take the decision as a punishment or as a compensation for hurting the family, but this is the only way that they have to save Prachi and her coming baby. Ranbir stays speechless.

Prachi overhears them and refuses to marry Sid or anyone else. Pallavi tells that she isn’t asking her, but informing her about the marriage fixed in the coming week. She announces Prachi and Sid’s engagement on the next day. Prachi sheds tears, expecting Ranbir to take a stand for her. She doesn’t know why Sid is lying helplessly. Shahana knows Sid’s truth. Will she tell Prachi and Ranbir about Rhea’s crime of blackmailing Sid? Keep reading.

Aaliya threatens Sid by showing his sister’s picture. Sid thinks marriage will be fixed later on, till then he will fix the matter. Pallavi tells that the marriage will happen in a week. Dida doesn’t like it. Aaliya supports Pallavi. Pallavi tells that they will lose their name if they delay this marriage. She adds that her decision is final, its taken for the family’s betterment, engagement will happen tomorrow. Ranbir cries. Pallavi tells that the elders will accept Sid and Prachi’s relationship.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2022 Written Update Ranbir’s decision:

Pallavi asks the family to come, the guests have come. Sid asks her to think again, the decision doesn’t look fine, why is she hurrying with the engagement and marriage. She asks if he wants to delay it. He tells that he doesn’t like her decision, it will make the life more complicated. She asks him if he had thought of this before, before crossing all the limits, he shall take her decision as a punishment or his repentance, but this is the only way to save Prachi and her baby. She tells that Prachi is pregnant, they will never call her baby legitimate, so she was trying to leave the house.

She feels disgusted that Prachi cheated them. Aaliya tells that they didn’t know that Prachi is carrying Sid’s baby, she cleverly kept her pregnancy a secret, when the pregnancy truth came out, she named the baby to Ranbir, she was trying to snatch Rhea’s happiness, she insulted Rhea many times, she has done such big mistakes. She tells them that Rhea is innocent, her mistakes didn’t mean anything, Rhea has got the truth out of Sid and Prachi’s baby. Sid asks Aaliya to stop it. Vikram asks Sid to not have a word now. He tells that both Ranbir and Sid went against the family for the sake of one girl, Prachi. He asks them to just believe the elders and think of the family now. He blames Sid and rebukes him in anger. Rhea and Aaliya enjoy the drama. Vikram tells that their decision will change everything. Ranbir also yells at Sid.

He asks Sid to marry Prachi and give his name to the baby, to repent for his sins. Ranbir finds Prachi at the door. Prachi and Shahana get hugely disappointed on hearing Ranbir’s words. The servant Rahul gets angered thinking of Aaliya’s misbehavior. He tells that Aaliya blamed him for the theft and insulted him when he is innocent. He makes a plan to really steal the necklace. He doesn’t want to forgive Aaliya. He calls his friends home. Vandy comes there to call Dida. Dida asks Vandy to wait for her and sends her. Pallavi tells that her decision is final. She asks Prachi and Sid to discuss their marriage. She tells that they will talk after Visarjan. Rhea reminds that they will keep the engagement tomorrow. Pallavi tells that the engagement will happen tomorrow night. Prachi refuses to marry.

Pallavi tells that she isn’t asking her anything, but telling her decision because children and relations aren’t illegitimate in their family. Aaliya blackmails Sid showing the phone. Sid sadly walks out. Ranbir too leaves, without meeting Prachi’s eyes. Prachi feels shattered. She falls down and cries. Shahana consoles her. Rahul meets his friends. He tells them that he wants to steal Aaliya’s necklace and teach her a lesson. Rahul wants his revenge. Priya asks him to not take the risk and forget it. Rahul makes a plan to enter Kohli house. Priya warns Rahul. Sid asks Ranbir to listen to him once.

Ranbir asks him not to take his name. He refuses to talk. Aryan takes Sid with him. He asks Sid not to provoke Ranbir to hit him. Rhea tells Aaliya that an impossible thing is happening. Aaliya tells that she fed Prachi and Sid’s marriage idea in Pallavi’s mind, and now they can see the result. Rhea praises her. She is glad that Bappa is doing everything in her favor, Sid and Prachi will go out of their lives forever. Aaliya tells that once Prachi gets married to Sid, Ranbir will never see her again. She knows that Prachi and Sid’s marriage will end Ranbir’s love for Prachi forever. Rhea wants this to happen soon. She knows Pallavi’s decision is final. She just wants to cheer up Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir will be happy with her.

Aaliya asks Rhea to please Ranbir and spend time with him. She suggests that Rhea asks Ranbir for dance, and dances in the function. Rhea agrees to dance on a romantic song. Aryan asks Ranbir to go away, instead hurting his heart. Ranbir and Prachi see each other. Ranbir tells that he is really hurt, Prachi is going away from him. Prachi tells Shahana that she can see Ranbir’s pain and helplessness behind his anger. Rhea takes Ranbir for dance. Prachi watches them dance and imagines romancing Ranbir. Ranbir too wishes to see Prachi in his arms. Prachi turns upset seeing Ranbir and Rhea’s closeness.

Rahul and his friends enter the Kohli house. He gets scared seeing Priya. Priya tells that she wishes they don’t get caught. She helps them and gives them details of the family members. They decide to take a disguise and enter the function. Prachi walks lost. She gets saved from getting hurt when a decoration piece falls down. She goes to fix the decoration. Ranbir cares for her so that she doesn’t get hurt. She looks at him angrily.

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  1. I don’t know what you people take marriage you make this movie very irritating.pls do something good how can the evil win always this is very bad impression

  2. This dramas all so funny ppl can get married again n again without divorcing each other,all of them r above the age not minors n yet one person can make decisions for them specially things like marriage,for gods sake pls Sid can walk out of the house,Prachi can tell off that stupid sasuma of hers to go fly a kite ,n walk out of the house with her baby.she don’t even have to tell them where she is going,what is the point of being at that age group n not being able to make Ur own decisions.this producers n directors think they make all this dramas for those without brains.


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