Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 Written Update Naaz’s truth

Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 Written Update Naaz's truth

Udaariyaan 6th September 2022 Written Update Naaz’s truth Nehmat dismisses Tejo and Fateh’s love on knowing the truth that she isn’t their daughter. They were much scared of her reaction on discovering the truth from someone else. They try to talk to Nehmat and explain her. Nehmat locks herself in the room. Jasmin decides to tell Naaz about her Sandhu family. She wants to enter Tejo’s life again. She gets revengeful again. She wants Naaz to get her rights. Jasmin has a new plan on her mind. Tejo leaves Fateh that she will meet Naaz’s mother and find out why did she tell the truth to Nehmat to ruin their happy family. Tejo heads to meet Jasmin. She doesn’t want anyone to snatch Nehmat’s rights.

Jasmin divulges the truth to Naaz about her family. Rupy finally admits to Satti that Jasmin is back and that too with her daughter Naaz. Satti gets emotional. She tells that she wants to meet Jasmin and Naaz, because Naaz also has a right on their love like Nehmat. Jasmin promises Naaz that Tejo and Rupy will come to take them home. She leaves a letter for Rupy. She tells that she is going for some work, and leaves Naaz alone at home. Rupy and Satti meet Naaz. They break down on hearing Naaz’s innocent words.

Rupy apologizes to Naaz. Fateh takes the food for Nehmat. She doesn’t respond to his request. He wonders who is Naaz’s mother who filled the nonsense in Nehmat’s mind. Naaz tells Satti that Jasmin has gone out. She adds that Jasmin knew about their coming, she asked her to give a letter to them. Rupy is left surprised. Satti doesn’t know how Jasmin left Naaz unattended. Tejo arrives to Naaz’s home to meet her mother. She barges in anger. She is left shocked on seeing her parents there. She is puzzled. Naaz calls Tejo as her Maasi, which brings Tejo’s calm to a calm and makes her realize that Naaz is Jasmin’s daughter.


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