Appnapan 7th September 2022 Update Nikhil Pallavi Roka

Appnapan 7th September 2022 Update Nikhil Pallavi Roka

Appnapan 7th September 2022 Update Nikhil Pallavi Roka Nikhil and Pallavi are brought together by Kiran Maa. Pallavi tries to tell Nikhil about his clothes. She asks Nikhil to come with her. He refuses and asks her to say it in front of everyone. Pallavi tells him that he has worn the pyjamas wrong. The family laughs on him. Kiran asks Nikhil what is he doing, is he a kid to wear this pyjama this way. The scene gets funny. Nikhil covers it up and tells that its fashion these days. Kiran pulls his ear. The children laugh at him. Nikhil is upset with Pallavi. Kiran announces their Roka.

Nikhil doesn’t want any Roka to happen. Pallavi and Nikhil’s Roka happens. They get quiet because of Kiran. They exchange the rings and also a moment. Sonali makes an entry in the function. Nikhil gets to see her and runs down the stage. Badal asks Sonali to stay hidden. Sonali tells that nobody can identify her when she has donned the veil. She comes across Teji, but even Teji doesn’t see her. Sonali’s entry shocks Nikhil and Pallavi. Sonali is the reason for Nikhil and Pallavi’s separation. Sonali had deliberately created an impression that Nikhil is interested in her, and brainwashed Pallavi against him.

Sonali has regrets about breaking them apart, and feels she is being punished for her bad deeds. Badal wants Sonali to clear the misunderstanding between his parents and re-unite them again. Sonali has come back with a new agenda, and enters Nikhil’s life. Sonali always wanted to win Nikhil. Pallavi finds Nikhil disturbed and rushes to find out who he spotted in the function. Nikhil doesn’t want Sonali to return in their lives. He pretends to be happy with Pallavi for the sake of Kiran’s health condition. Nandita plans a huge drama in the function, thinking Kiran is going to name her property to Pallavi. What would happen next? Keep reading.


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