Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2022 Written Update Dida revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2022 Written Update Dida revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2022 Written Update Dida revelation Dida is left in Prachi’s room. The police inspector informs the Kohlis about an old lady’s kidnapping. He enquires about any missing person in the family. He asks Vikram about his mother. He wonders if that old lady was Vikram’s mother. Prachi comes across Dida, and is shocked to find her lying unconscious. Ranbir, Pallavi and Vikram get alert. They attend Dida. Prachi helps Dida in gaining consciousness. She later asks Dida if she remembers how she fell unconscious, who was here, who got her home. Dida remembers the goons attempting to kidnap her. She signs towards Aaliya and Rhea. Aaliya and Rhea try to leave from the room, but Dida stops them by taking their names. Ranbir is shell shocked by Dida’s revelation. Rhea asks Aaliya to do something before Dida exposes their truth completely. Prachi, Pallavi, Vikram and Ranbir secure Dida, and try to find out the culprit behind her kidnapping.

Earlier in the show, Rhea taunts Prachi that she doesn’t want to learn about relations from Prachi, who keeps illegitimate relations. She insults Prachi, and gets a slap in return. Prachi tells that her baby is pure just like her. Rhea also tries to slap her. Prachi threatens her. She tells that she will not tolerate Rhea further. She warns Rhea. She gives her a last chance to change. Pallavi reaches there to call Prachi. The goons take Dida to Prachi’s room. They hear someone coming. They cover up Dida, and hide themselves. Pallavi asks Prachi to sit. She calls Ranbir and asks him to get Sid and the pandit. Prachi seems worried.

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2022 Written Update Dida revelation:


Pallavi shocks Prachi by calling the pandit there. Prachi senses that Pallavi is up to something. Pallavi asks her not to ask anything, she will know it in some time. Rahul gets Mihika to his friends. He fools Mihika and takes her along. Sid passes by and doesn’t see Mihika. Mihika talks to Jay. She tells that he is making a big mistake. Rahul faints her down. Sid goes to the kitchen to get a water bottle. The goons hide Mihika and themselves. The goons take her to some room and tie her up. Vikram finds the police in the house. He asks Inspector did he come to have Bappa darshan. Aaliya gets scared seeing the police. She thinks of running away.

Inspector tells Vikram about the goons who entered the Kohli house. He informs that he followed the goons who kidnapped an old lady. She wonders if he is talking about Dida. Inspector shows the wanted goons’ picture to Vikram. Vikram tells that he didn’t see them. Aaliya recognizes the goons she hired. Police inspector sees Rhea tensed and asks her if she knows anything about the goons. Rhea denies of knowing the goons. He cross questions her. Aaliya asks why does he think that the goons will come here. He tells that the goons have entered the house. He wants to know why they are denying his investigations.

Vikram asks inspector to find the goons in the house. He requests that he hides this from the guests, who would worry knowing about the goons. Inspector assures him. Ranbir asks Sid to come with him. He also takes the pandit to Pallavi. He asks Sid why didn’t he tell about Mihika. Sid asks Ranbir is Mihika at home. Ranbir tells that Mihika has come home, she was with some strange driver. Sid asks where did he see Mihika. He sees the police. Ranbir asks Vikram the matter. Vikram tells that inspector is finding the goons, so he is checking the house. Inspector shows the pictures of the goons. Sid also recognizes them.

Sid thinks Mihika has escaped and came home. Inspector tells that he had seen the goons kidnapping an old lady. Ranbir tells that he didn’t see anyone. Rahul and his friends see the police. Rahul lies to Vikram. Vikram guides him to the exit. Rahul worries that the police may catch him. Rhea asks Aaliya why did she plan to kidnap Mihika. She tells that Dida came following her, Aaliya should have not called her at the hotel, Dida will now expose their truth. She tensely packs her bags. She doesn’t want an arrest. Rhea tells that Aaliya’s hired goons got the police home. Aaliya asks Rhea not to blame her if the plan failed. Rhea tells that she needs to go. Aaliya asks her to stop being foolish. She shuts the door and window.

She asks Rhea did she lose her mind. She tells that she will bring Rhea out of the problems once again. Rhea is scared that she will get exposed. Aaliya tells that they have a way, they should go and brainwash Pallavi, so that Pallavi doesn’t believe Dida. She asks Rhea to give her some time to think. Ranbir gets Sid and pandit ji to Prachi’s room. Pallavi asks them to sit. She asks pandit to match Sid and Prachi’s Kundalis. Ranbir feels hurt. Prachi and Ranbir cry for each other. Prachi asks Ranbir how can he do this, her heart is hurting, her love is bleeding, he can’t be quiet by supporting the wrong.

She wishes that he keeps his promise. Ranbir tells that he will always be with her, but not as a life partner. Their souls start talking. He tells that they both have to get separated. He wants to keep his promise to her baby, and give the baby the real parents. Pallavi tells that pandit has matched the Kundalis, and also gave an early mahurat. Ranbir wishes that the day gets happiness in everyone’s lives. Ranbir’s phone falls. Prachi bends to pick it. She finds Dida there. The family is shocked to find Dida there. Vikram shows Dida’s room to the inspector.

Inspector asks about his mother, if that old lady was his mother, where is she right now. Vikram tells that Dida is attending the guests. He calls her. Inspector tells that its strange that the call isn’t connecting. Vikram tells that they will ask Pallavi. Ranbir and Sid lift Dida. Aaliya and Rhea reach Pallavi and find Dida in the room. Aaliya finds the goons hiding, and shows them to Rhea. She signs the goons to leave. She tries helping them out. Aaliya and Rhea blind the family members by holding the blanket, and make the goons run away. Rhea tries making stories. Sid knows her evil. Nobody finds Rhea’s behavior strange. Pallavi asks Ranbir to do something. Prachi asks Rhea what is she hiding behind the blanket.

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