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Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update New encounter

Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update New encounter

Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update New encounter Shrishti calls Rishabh. She asks him why wasn’t he answering her call. He tells that he does work. She informs him that she fired the party planners. He tells that it’s a big business party, he has to make a media announcement, he can’t arrange others in a short period. She tells that she will take the party arrangements responsibility, she will throw such a grand modern party that it will become memorable. He is okay with her decision. He asks her to do anything she wants, when she has decided everything without asking him. He tells that he trusts her. She tells that she didn’t call him to take permission but to inform him.

He still loves his crazy family. He thinks if he shall wait for Arjun or just leave. Prithvi waits for Preeta happily. Karan reaches there and stops Prithvi. Prithvi reminds that they are going to become business partners. He asks Arjun to behave well with him. Karan catches his neck and asks him to not be around Preeta again. Prithvi questions him, if Arjun has also fallen in love with Preeta. Later, Karan hides in the library, to avoid coming in front of Preeta. They both see each other in darkness, and scream.

Earlier in the show, Prithvi thinks the teacher finds Preeta sweet, Preeta is the best, so he often dreams of winning Preeta. He loves her and wishes she loves him too. He thinks even Arjun loves Preeta. Karan wants to throw Prithvi out of the lives of Luthra family members. He calls Prithvi. Prithvi demands the money. Karan warns him. He hears Preeta and Kavya talking in the background. He disconnects realizing Prithvi is at Kavya’s school. He rushes to reach the school. Teacher asks Preeta to get Kavya’s books from the library. Preeta heads to the library. Prithvi runs towards the library to be there before Preeta.

Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update New encounter:

Prithvi wants to stare at Preeta with love. He waits for her. He finds many people in the library. The lights flicker. The man asks the people to vacate the library and come after half an hour when the lights are restored. Prithvi thinks he has got a chance to romance Preeta. Karan looks for Preeta. He sees Kavya with the kids. The teacher sees Arjun and likes him. Karan asks her about Preeta. Kavya greets him. The teacher tells that Preeta has gone to the library to get Kavya’s books. Kavya tells that Preeta has scolded Arjun yesterday. She gets naughty and pulls his leg. The teacher finds Kavya just like Arjun. She thinks Arjun is Kavya’s dad. He thanks her and goes to see Preeta at the library.

The lights get restored in the library. Prithvi is delighted that the people left from the library and now he is all alone to romance Preeta. He feels the situation is just perfect. He gets to see Preeta and smiles. Karan looks for the library. He doesn’t want Prithvi to hurt Preeta. Peon asks Arjun to go to the library later. Karan rushes in worry. Prithvi tests if Preeta still remembers his voice. He calls her out, and plays hide and seek with her. She worriedly looks around to know who is hiding.

The lights go off. She gets scared. Karan catches Prithvi and takes him out of the library. Prithvi asks him what is his way of dragging him, when he could have talked to him with manners. Prithvi and Karan get into a fight. Prithvi asks Arjun not to hit him, they are friends, because their enemies are common. He asks Arjun to respect him as his future business partner. Karan chokes him and warns him to not be around Preeta. Prithvi asks him if he also fell in love with Preeta. He tells that even he loves Preeta. Karan denies his feelings. He repeats his warning.

Prithvi asks him to stop dancing over his head, talk with manners else shut up. Karan shouts at him. He asks Prithvi to get lost. Prithvi tells that he will become Arjun’s business partner. He warns Arjun back. He tells that he knows his secrets well, he can expose him anytime. He adds that he had come to spent time with Preeta, but Arjun spoiled his mood. Arjun picks a phone. He asks the lady to give the phone to the phone owner, who just went to the washroom. Preeta is still stuck in the library. Karan reaches the library and finds Preeta troubled. She feels suffocated in darkness.

He wonders since when did she get this new problem, she was never claustrophobic. He throws a book towards her. She gets scared of a ghost. He just wanted to divert her and show her the exit. He finds her tensed and loves the drama. He turns mischievous. He hides and pretends to be God talking to her. He thinks how easily she is believing that he is God. She suspects that someone is around and playing mischief. She engages him in the talk and catches him.

They scream seeing each other. She asks Arjun what is he hiding. She tells that she thought its some foolish person doing this to scare her, but he is that dumb person who planned all this. They both get into a funny banter. He asks her to support him in finding a way to exit from the library. She tells that she will not take his help. She follows him to know the way to exit. She regrets that she got stuck once again. Karan enjoys troubling her, just like before.

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