Pandya Store 20th September 2022 Upcoming Krish Shweta wedding

Pandya Store 20th September 2022 Upcoming Krish Shweta wedding

Pandya Store 20th September 2022 Upcoming Krish Shweta wedding Shweta doesn’t want to get caged once again. She decides to do something before her mom and dad come home to take her. She decides from flee from Pandya House. Krish intervenes her plan. He gets to see Dhara’s deep attachment with Chiku. He doesn’t want Chiku to leave from the house for Dhara’s sake. He starts liking Shweta after she opens up her feelings and reveals her expectations from life. Krish thinks of a good solution to have Chiku with Dhara in the family. He decides to propose Shweta for marriage.

He calls up Shweta’s parents and gives an alliance for Shweta, thinking if he marries Shweta, then Chiku will become a part of the Pandya family forever. He thinks he can afford to give a good life filled with independence and liberty to Shweta as she desires. Shweta’s parents visit the Pandya with goodies and gifts. Suman gets surprised seeing the gifts and questions them to know the reason for it. Shweta’s mom tells Suman that she is pleased to know that Pandyas want to accept Shweta forever.

She is thankful that Suman has sent the alliance for Shweta by considering her suitable to be a Pandya. Suman gets confused. Shweta’s mom asks Suman why is she sending Shweta home after sending the marriage proposal. Suman asks her what is she saying, whose marriage is going to happen with Shweta. The family is shell shocked when Krish announces his marriage with Shweta. Later, Krish explains the reason behind the marriage proposal to the family. He wishes Shweta agrees to marry him. Will Pandyas accept Shweta in the family, or will Rishita expose Shweta’s evil deed? Keep reading.


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