Anupama Kinjal big decision 21st September 2022

Anupama Kinjal big decision 21st September 2022

Anupama Kinjal big decision 21st September 2022 Anuj waits for Anupama. He longs to meet her and talk to her. Anupama finds the Shahs upset over the happening. She realizes that she still has no stand in the family, because they all take her for granted. She raises her voice to answer Pakhi and Leela. She tells the family that she comes to them, leaving her husband, daughter and work behind, because she loves them, it doesn’t mean that they take her for granted. She tells that she isn’t here to hear their taunts. She asks Leela not to feel so important in her life, because she has many duties on her head. She clears that she is struggling to balance her duties.

She wants to meet Kinjal. Leela blames her for breaking Kinjal’s marriage. She finds Anupama acting great. She asks Anupama to never come back. Anupama asks Samar to make a video. She wants to see if Leela can dare record her statement. She tells that Leela always calls her to handle the problems. Leela knows that Paritosh did wrong, but they should forgive him. She counts Vanraj’s mistakes. She asks Vanraj to call Paritosh and find out if he is okay. Anupama wants Kinjal to wake up, but she knows Kinjal is avoiding the bitter reality. She lets Kinjal sleep in peace. Later, Anupama returns home and meets Anuj.

She is emotionally hurt. She hugs Anuj. She asks Anuj is he okay. She tells that she is not okay within. Anuj gives her a hope that things will get better, she should never leave hope. Anuj pacifies a crying Anupama. He tells that he has many reasons to love her, but she still gives him a new reason to make him love her. He feels proud of her. He tells that she just thinks good for others, but the result isn’t good, the people blame her and insult her in return. She asks Anupama to keep her esteem and not visit the Shahs to help them, unless they call her up to seek help.


Kinjal decides to leave the Shah house for her mental peace. She feels tortured with Paritosh’s memories. Vanraj supports Kinjal’s decision and permits her to leave. Leela doesn’t want the baby to go away from the family. Kinjal tells them that she can’t live with the family from now, else she will go mad. Kinjal explains her stand to Leela and steps out of the house. Rakhi arrives there and questions Kinjal about her leaving. Leela asks Kinjal if she didn’t inform Rakhi about her decision. Kinjal doesn’t want to stay with Rakhi either. Will Kinjal head to Anupama’s house? Keep reading.


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