Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2022 Written Update Prithvi caught

Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2022 Written Update Prithvi caught

Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2022 Written Update Prithvi caught Preeta feels she will turn dizzy and collapse. She fails to breathe properly. She wishes someone comes to her rescue. She sits crying. Karan looks for her. He grows worried when she doesn’t respond. He goes to her and finds her feeling suffocated. She asks him to take her outside. He asks her how is she behaving, after all she is a doctor. He taunts her jokingly just like Karan used to do. She looks at Arjun. He tells her that she is really beautiful, and she looks stunning whenever she wears the long earrings. He finds her fainting. He pacifies her and takes her out of the library. Later, Preeta gets okay. Karan asks her to say thanks.

She tells that she is always polite. She asks him what was he trying to do, was he flirting with her. She tells that they are matured people, they should not talk like teens. She clears that she is a married woman, her husband is Rishabh Luthra, she is proud of it. He tells that he has no interest in marrying or having an affair with her, she isn’t his type. He adds that he doesn’t care for her, he would have not shown interest in her even if she was single. She asks why was she flirting. He tells that he was distracting her. He calls her a thankless person. Karan sees Prithvi. Prithvi looks for his phone. Karan goes to trouble Prithvi.

Prithvi asks him what is he doing and why is he doing so. Karan asks him not to interfere between Luthras and him, his enmity is just his enmity. Prithvi laughs and tells that Arjun is really into love with Preeta. Karan denies it. He tells that he hates Preeta. Preeta gets Prithvi’s phone in the washroom. The lady tells her that she just saw this guy outside the ladies’ washroom. Preeta tells that she will go and teach a lesson to Prithvi. Karan tells that he really hates Preeta. Prithvi asks what does he want. Karan asks him to stay away from Preeta and Luthras. Preeta gets to see Prithvi. The lady tells that she will call the police.


Karan tells that very soon Prithvi will be in the jail. Preeta asks Prithvi why did he leave his phone in the ladies’ washroom. He tells that its his phone, but he didn’t do anything wrong. She tells that Prithvi left the phone by keeping the video recording on. Prithvi denies it. Karan tells that he didn’t expect Prithvi to do this. Prithvi tells that Arjun has done this to frame him. He asks Preeta to understand, he was looking for his phone, he likes her and can never do this with her. He tells that Arjun is coming between them. The ladies beat up Prithvi. He tells them that he is innocent, Arjun has done this.

Preeta tells that Prithvi is really cheap. Karan enjoys teaching a lesson to Prithvi. Preeta and Karan file a complain against Prithvi. Karan warns Prithvi. He asks Inspector to take Prithvi. Inspector doesn’t believe Prithvi and arrests him. The teacher thanks Arjun for saving the ladies’ respect. Preeta too thanks Arjun for helping her. Anjali finds Rishabh leaving. She hopes that he isn’t upset. He tells that he isn’t upset, but he doesn’t like anyone wasting time. She tells that Arjun’s phone isn’t reachable.

He tells that Arjun should have been there on time, or at least informed them. He tells that he utilizes his time well, that’s how he runs his business. He asks Anjali to ask Arjun the reason for being late. Anjali feels embarrassed. She wants Arjun to learn discipline from Rishabh. Shrishti works on the corporate event planning. Sameer also offers her help. Mahesh asks them what’s happening. She tells that she doesn’t need anyone’s help, she has invited the media for the party, there will be a big announcement of Rishabh and Arjun’s business partnership on a big project. Mahesh feels proud of her. He asks her to take Sameer’s help.

She tells that she also has a team to work with. Mahesh tells that Shrishti can never be wrong. Preeta’s car breaks down. Karan finds her in trouble. He offers her help. He tells that he can drop her home. She tells that she can go by her own. He tells that he is just offering her lift. She asks him about the meeting with Rishabh. He tells that the meeting got cancelled. He asks her to just come. She tells that she wants to go to her mom’s house. Kavya’s teacher gives him a smile and waves to him. Karan gives her a flying kiss, surprising Preeta. Preeta asks him why is he flirting with that girl. He tells that he knows that girl likes him for various good qualities he possesses.

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