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Yeh Rishta 21st September 2022 Abhi learns Akshara’s truth

Yeh Rishta 21st September 2022 Abhi learns Akshara's truth

Yeh Rishta 21st September 2022 Abhi learns Akshara’s truth Akshara understands that Dr. Kunal has cheated her once again for his own selfish motives. She tells that nobody knew about the proof, but she is sure that Dr. Kunal grabbed that proof. Abhimanyu, Manjiri and the rest of the family members are shaken knowing Akshara is tricking them again. Abhimanyu finds Kairav in the video and wonders why didn’t Akshara tell him anything. Mahima tells Abhimanyu that Akshara fooled him, she would be laughing at him that he blindly believed her and gave her time to run away.

Mahima tells that she had worked hard to track Kairav since a year, and now Akshara is planning again to take away Kairav safely, just by manipulating Abhimanyu. She tells the entire Goenka family is lying to them, they aren’t trustworthy, they are playing with their emotions. She doesn’t want Abhimanyu to wait for Akshara’s truth and take action against Kairav. She tells that Goenkas doesn’t want Anisha to get justice, both Akshara and Kairav are cunningly fooling them for their convenience. Abhimanyu tells that there is just 40 minutes left for Akshara to come and defend her stand. He wants to know what story Akshara will put forth.

Mahima is shocked by his immovable blind faith on his wife. Akshara decides to make Kunal taste his own medicine. She reaches him to declare her decision that she will not sing for Maaya in the very event. She tells that he cheated her and put Kairav in trouble, now she will put Maaya into trouble. Kunal is left shocked with Akshara’s refusal. He requests her to go on stage and sing for Maaya. Maaya learns Akshara’s decision. She breaks down into tears. She asks Kunal to do anything but get Akshara back.

Kunal promises Maaya that he will bring Akshara and make her sing. A restless Abhimanyu reaches the event venue to look for Akshara. He gets to see Kunal with his sister Maaya. He overhears their conversation and learns that Kunal had been forcing Akshara to sing for Maaya. Abhimanyu is shocked. He doesn’t want Akshara to leave without giving answers to him. Fate makes Abhimanyu get the answers on his own. He bashes Kunal and asks him about Akshara. Abhi demands an answer from Kunal.

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