Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2022 Written Update Simar sees Chaya

Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2022 Written Update Simar sees Chaya

Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2022 Written Update Simar sees Chaya The family sympathizes with Reema and think she is in trauma because of Rudra. They find Reema’s behavior strange, but pity her. They aren’t aware that Chaya’s soul is inside Reema’s body. Simar takes Reema with her to surprise her. She pleases Reema. Reema feels delighted to see the line of surprises set by Simar. Simar wants Reema to stay lively and happy like before. Vivaan also gives a romantic surprise to Reema and confesses his love. Reema happily cries and thanks Vivaan for making her feel so lucky. Vivaan tells that he is more lucky than her. Vivaan asks Reema for dance.

Reema asks how will she dance. Aditi tells that Reema is the best in dance. She asks Reema not to fool them. The family happily dances and enjoys their quality time. Chitra finds her son happy after a long time. She accepts Reema for the sake of Vivaan’s sake. She tells that she can forgive Reema. She gives Vivaan’s hand to Reema. She apologizes to Simar as well, and hugs her heartily. Badimaa is really happy that Chitra has changed for good. She likes this positive change in Chitra. Aarav and Simar are surprised by Chitra’s change. Reema tells Vivaan that she will never go leaving him and his family.

She tells that she has come in his life forever. Chitra tells that she has accepted and blessed Vivaan and Reema, who love each other. Reyansh doesn’t believe it. He wonders how did she change so much. He asks her how did she get the bangle. Chitra is hypnotized by Mayakshi. She assists Chaya in marrying Vivaan. Chaya recalls her marriage with her love, the guy who cheated her on their first night and killed her. She feels unhappy and unsatisfied with her life. She regrets of trusting wrong people in her life. Simar meets Reema. She finds Reema emotional and promises that she will never let her lose the family. Reema gets a bolt when Simar hugs her. She sees the Matarani pendant in Simar’s neck.


Chitra comes to take away Chaya from Simar’s sight. Simar gets troubled with the thought of such strange occurrence. She goes after Reema and Chitra to find out. She is hugely shocked to see a spirit in Reema’s avatar, when Reema passes through a glass mirror. Chitra drops Reema to Vivaan’s room. Simar witnesses Chaya with Reema. She doesn’t want Chaya to possess Reema’s body and trouble her. Simar shouts at Chaya and asks her to leave Reema. Reema shouts to Simar for help. Later, Simar confronts Chaya. She tells that Chaya isn’t Reema. Chaya tells that Simar can never prove her truth to anyone. She wants to continue living in the house as Reema.

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