Udaariyaan Ekam loves Nehmat 20th September 2022

Udaariyaan Ekam loves Nehmat 20th September 2022

Udaariyaan Ekam loves Nehmat 20th September 2022 Tejo and Fateh meet a bad end soon after their marriage. They meet with an untimely accident. The family legacy ends when the entire family dies in that accident. Ekam’s father is indirectly responsible for their accident. He doesn’t want the world to know the truth of his involvement, which will ruin his children’s lives. He doesn’t want Ekam and Mallika to know his secret. Ekam and Nehmat love each other and want to get married.

He wants to bring her out of the burden that she is carrying since the last 16 years. He tells her that he can clearly see it, she isn’t able to forget the ill fate which snatched her parents. He wants to help her by finding out the truth behind the accident. He tells that he is just willing to becoming a police officer to find out the secret behind his dad’s suspension from his duty. Ekam is confident of solving the mystery of Virk family accident.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai:


Khanderao learns Ishwari Singh’s huge demands. Ahilya asks him to fulfil all the demands of their enemy and just get her son Malerao back. He can’t believe that she is falling weak and losing confidence. Malerao is taken to Ishwari Singh. He tells that he wants to go to his parents, but Ishwari Singh asks him to have patience until his parents come to take him home. He asks Malerao to be his guest and enjoy the adventurous trip. Malerao is kept hostage. Ahilya and Khanderao give each other strength and courage. They tell that they will succeed in the rescue mission and take their son home safely.


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