Bade Acche Lagte 22nd September 2022 Upcoming twist

Bade Acche Lagte 22nd September 2022 Upcoming twist

Bade Acche Lagte 22nd September 2022 Upcoming twist Nandini and Shubham brainwash Ram against Priya, by showing him the cctv footage of the night when Priya was taking Pihu with her and leaving the house, keeping Ram in darkness. Ram is in shock seeing the footage. He wants to know why did Priya take this step. Nandini asks him if he can trust Priya or not. Nandini knows Ram will go and confront Priya. She calls Pihu and asks her to come with her to have icecream. Ram wants to talk to Priya and find out what was she thinking, that she will make Pihu away from him forever. Nandini tells Shubham that she has confused Ram, this doubt will end Ram and Priya’s relationship totally.

Shubham wants to make Priya and Pihu out of the house. Ram confronts Priya about the cctv footage. He tells her that he has seen her secretly taking Pihu out of the house. He tells that he can’t trust her if she can switch her mind and decision every now and then. Nandini brings Pihu there to show how Ram and Priya are fighting each other. It gets disclosed by Priya that Ram is Pihu’s father. Pihu gets to hear this and doesn’t know how to react. Priya tells that she wants Ram and Pihu to stay together, and bond with love.

Ram tells that her actions are matching with her words. He asks her to give him one reason that he doesn’t file for Pihu’s sole custody. Priya is left stunned by Ram’s words. Ram rages at Priya, without observing that Pihu is watching them. Pihu doesn’t want Ram to scold Priya. Ram tells that he has allowed Priya to stay with Pihu just for Pihu’s happiness, but now he doesn’t think he should take a risk by keeping Priya home. What will Priya do to expose Nandini’s plan? Keep reading.


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