Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2022 Written Update Sirav love

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2022 Written Update Sirav love

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2022 Written Update Sirav love Simar is troubled by her illusion. She prays to Matarani for some way out to clear the misunderstanding. She seeks her help in solving this puzzle. Aarav comes to support Simar. He tells that such things do happen in life, she is also suffering from the post traumatic illusions. He tells that Matarani will give her the answers. Simar looks upset. Aarav makes Simar smile. He tells that he just wants her smile. He hugs her with love. Vivaan is glad to see Aarav cheering up Simar. He goes to tell Reema that Simar is okay now. He tells her that Aarav and Simar always cheer up each other whenever they feel low, their love is an inspiration for him. He praises Aarav and Simar’s love and their companionship. Chaya isn’t pleased to hear Simar’s praise all the time.

Vivaan tells that Simar is filled with so much love, she loves everyone, she can fix any problem anytime. Reema shouts enough. He asks her what’s wrong. She asks him not to praise someone else in front of his wife. He tells that red colour suits her a lot. She tells that she is wearing a white dress. He tells that her cheeks turned red by jealousy. She beats him. They have a fun moment. He hugs her. She asks him if he isn’t happy seeing her jealousy, which means she loves him. Vivaan feels something strange and gets away from her, saying she isn’t the old Reema. He tells that he felt it today that she also loves him a lot. He acts surprised.

She asks him to forget the old Reema and their past, the present is their truth. She tells that her love for him is forever. He tells that they shall celebrate. She asks him to plan a surprise for Simar and Aarav. He agrees and gets excited for the plan. He leaves. She tells that Vivaan seems to be Simar’s devotee. Mayakshi tells Chaya that she has explained this to her before. She asks Chaya to recall her motive, she has to kill Simar if she wants to stay in Reema’s body. She tells that Rudra won’t let her stay, but she can help Chaya only if she kills Simar. Chaya asks Mayakshi to kill Simar if she wants. Mayakshi asks her to know what she can do. She shows Vivaan. She threatens Chaya that she will kill Vivaan.


Vivaan shares the function planning with Chitra. Chitra supports him. Mayakshi hypnotizes Chitra and makes him push Vivaan down. Chaya shouts and tells that she will kill Simar. She asks Mayakshi to save Vivaan. Mayakshi saves Vivaan. Chitra is shocked to see Vivaan fallen downstairs. She asks him how did he fall. Vivaan tells that he felt like someone pushed him. Mayakshi asks Chaya to finish her work and fulfil the promise. She compels Chaya. Simar and Sandhya see Chitra and Reema making food in the kitchen. Sandhya thinks she is dreaming. She asks Chitra how did she come to the kitchen. Chitra tells that she wants to make food for the family. Simar finds Reema’s behavior strange. Reema asks Simar to let her do her work. Simar wonders how is Reema cooking so well when she knew nothing about cooking. She suspects Reema. Reema tells Simar that she has to know and understand a lot of things about her.

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