Udaariyaan Upcoming Naaz ploy 22nd September 2022

Udaariyaan Upcoming Naaz ploy 22nd September 2022

Udaariyaan Upcoming Naaz ploy 22nd September 2022 Naaz learns that Mallika doesn’t want to take her along on her entry pass in Ronnie’s party. She also wants an invite to attend the lavish birthday party happening at one of the coolest places of Moga. She manipulates Ekam’s mother to get an invite. Ekam’s mother calls up her friend, Ronnie’s mom to get an extra invite for Naaz, who really deserves to attend the party. Ekam’s mom asks Naaz to attend the party and enjoy with Nehmat and Ekam. Naaz surely knows how to get things in her favor. Nehmat and Ekam spend some quality together. Naaz likes the magical trick of being silent and getting things in her favor, playing the helpless girl drama.

Woh Toh Hai Albela:

Nakul helps Sayuri in her work, which upsets Saroj. Sayuri has to find the women to do marble tile painting. She tells Nakul that they have less time. He tells that he is her assistant, he is always ready to help her. He calls her boss. Saroj asks Rashmi to see how Nakul is doing all the work, and still being an assistant. She tells that Sayuri isn’t letting Nakul grow in his career. She misses Kanha. She provokes Rashmi against Sayuri. She tells that Sayuri is taking an advantage of her rights. Rashmi also believes that Sayuri is controlling Nakul. Rashmi tells Sayuri that she wants to go out with Nakul.


Saroj asks them to go for an outing. Rashmi plans a coffee date. He apologizes to her, by stating the work. She asks if Sayuri isn’t doing the work. He tells that he wants to support Sayuri. She tells that she can’t become Sayuri’s assistant like him. Sayuri asks Rashmi to give them a day time. Saroj asks Sayuri to let them go if they want to. Sayuri tells that the deal will get final today, then they can go tension free. She stops Sayuri from interference. She asks Nakul to take Rashmi for a date. Rashmi asks him to please Sayuri if he wants. She refuses to go if Nakul isn’t happy to come.

Saroj blames Sayuri for creating a rift between Nakul and Rashmi. She asks Sayuri if she can’t see them happy. Sayuri tells that the project is important. She tells that she will ask Nakul to take Rashmi out later. Sayuri feels unwell, but gets ahead in her work without a halt. Nakul tells that nobody can stop them from getting the contract. Saroj hinders Sayuri in her work. Sayuri asks Saroj not to have any thought of discrimination, they really need the help of the women. Saroj doesn’t get any support from her family. She gets upset and blames Sayuri. Sayuri welcomes the women home and ask them to work as one team. She leads them to get the best results.


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