Pandya Store 26th September 2022 Upcoming Rishita’s plan

Pandya Store 26th September 2022 Upcoming Rishita's plan

Pandya Store 26th September 2022 Upcoming Rishita’s plan Gautam and Dhara finally dream of a happy retirement off their duties, once Krish and Shweta get married. Rishita suspects Shweta to be planning something, but has no evidence to show the family. Shweta plans to frame Krish and the Pandya family in the case of domestic violence, once she gets married to Krish. She wants to get rid of Pandya family, and go away with the property that gets transferred to Chiku. Rishita grows more suspicious of Shweta’s actions. She is sure that Shweta is connected to Forum and planning to run away to Dubai. Dhara realizes that Rishita has a big problem with Shweta. She doesn’t find a reason behind Rishita’s jealousy.

She unknowingly calls Rishita insecure. Dhara tells that Rishita feels Shweta isn’t a right girl for Krish, but does she have a strong reason behind her suspicion. She asks Rishita to give them the proof if she can. Rishita tells that she has to find a proof against Shweta soon, else the entire family will get fooled by Shweta’s cunningness. She wants the family to learn Shweta’s truth, and then stop the marriage. She hopes that she can save Krish from getting into a disastrous relation. Rishita is confident that her plan will work and that too before the marriage happens.

Moreover, Rishita decides to find Forum and bring her home to prove that Shweta was behind Chiku’s kidnapping. She finds a way to nab Forum. Shweta is using Krish’s innocence and also playing with the emotions of the Pandya family. Suman and Pandyas start the preparation of Krish and Shweta’s engagement. Rishita plans to hinder the engagement by Forum’s entry, which will be a shocker for Shweta. Will Rishita’s masterplan to expose Shweta work or not? Keep reading.



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