Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Update Arjun exposed

Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Update Arjun exposed

Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Update Arjun exposed Karan stops Preeta. He compliments her beauty and applies the kajal to her. She asks why is he misbehaving. He tells that it’s a polite gesture. She tells that he is doing such a thing publicly. He tells that he did this to save her from bad sight. She asks why is he acting close. He tells that he isn’t interested in her, he would have thought of flirting with Shrishti, but never with Preeta. Preeta stops Rakhi and complains about Arjun. Karan asks Rakhi if he did anything wrong. Rakhi takes his side because of his good intentions. Later, Prithvi, Sherlyn and their gang members enter the Luthra house. Raja tells that this time their plan won’t fail. Prithvi tells that they didn’t come to rob any money, but to show Arjun his right place.

Elsewhere, Anjali tells Rishabh that she doesn’t like Arjun, she has no feelings for him, she has told him wrong things before. She clears his misunderstanding. Preeta tells Arjun that she doesn’t want to talk about Karan. Karan asks her why is she so sensitive about Karan’s matter. Prithvi devises a new plan against Arjun. He plans to expose Arjun’s truth to the Luthras and show his real face of an enemy. He wants Rishabh to know that Arjun tried to get him killed. On the other hand, Karan plans to defame Rishabh by getting him bashed by the media. Karan isn’t aware of Prithvi and Sherlyn’s presence in the party again. What twists will come in the party when both Arjun and Rishabh are at the target? Will Karan aka Arjun really get exposed by Prithvi? Keep reading.

Ahead in the show, Preeta tells Arjun that nobody can understand her love for Karan. She admits that she loves Karan a lot, she doesn’t need to prove it to anyone else. She tells that Karan knew it well. He confronts her about marrying Rishabh on the next day of Karan’s death. He taunts her that her love for Karan is under the scanner. He tells that he heard that one forgets love in a lifetime, but she forgot Karan in a day.


Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Update Arjun exposed:

Karan tells that Preeta is really bitter. Rakhi tells that even Karan used to say such things for Preeta. He tells that its definitely true. Raja stops the bike and tells that the petrol got over. Prithvi scolds Raja. Vishnu tells that he will get the petrol from the petrol pump. Raja asks won’t you give us money. Prithvi tells that he has no money and the police is looking for them. They get into an argument. Prithvi makes a plan to turn rich. He tells that he will make them rich. Sameer tells Shrishti that he loves her a lot. She asks him to appreciate her. He asks her when didn’t he appreciate her. She tells that she got much love from him before, but now he has changed. She doesn’t want to fight with him. Preeta comes to tell her something. She asks Shrishti to stay away from Arjun, who likes her. She asks her not to get angry. Shrishti tells that she is feeling shy that Arjun likes her. Preeta can’t believe this. Shrishti dances with Janki.

She tells that she just got to know it, Arjun likes her. She stops Anjali to argue with her. She says Arjun likes her a lot. She asks Anjali to stop liking Arjun. Anjali tells that she doesn’t care a damn. She asks Rishabh why did he tell Shrishti that she likes Arjun. Rishabh apologizes to her. He tells that he didn’t tell it purposely. She tells that she doesn’t like Arjun. He asks her not to get angry. Mahesh recalls the similarity between Karan and Arjun.

Karan asks Mahesh why does he look so upset. He cheers up Mahesh. Mahesh gets a smile on his face. Preeta finds them talking. Mahesh hugs Karan. He asks Preeta to come and tell Arjun about Karan. He calls Arjun as Karan’s shadow. He asks Preeta does she feel the same. Mahesh gets a call and excuses himself. Karan asks her if she misses Karan as much as the family misses him. Preeta remembers Karan. Later, Prithvi comes home. He asks Sherlyn is she shocked to see him back, when she didn’t come to help and bail him out. He tells that he will ruin everyone. He asks her about the house.

She hugs him and sheds tears. She tells that she hates her life, she doesn’t want to live in poverty. He thanks her for choosing him over the richness. He promises that he will change everything. He admits that he cheats sometimes, but he doesn’t badly eye the women. He tells her that Arjun has framed him in the false accusation. He vows to give a solid reply to Arjun. She apologizes to him for suspecting him. She tells that she knows he isn’t of bad character. Raja and Vishnu reach there. Prithvi tells that he has come home to get the pendrive which carries the proof against Arjun. Karan asks Preeta if she doesn’t miss Karan at all. She refuses to talk to him about Karan.

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