Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s struggle

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi's struggle

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s struggle Malishka meets Balwinder and tells him that she will tell him his future. Malishka warns Balwinder that he will also get caught along with her, because Lakshmi has gone to meet Mukesh. She asks him to do something to save both of them. Lakshmi meets chef Mukesh and requests him to tell the truth if he knows anything about the incident. She tells that Rishi is in jail and getting punished for no fault. Karishma tells Virender that Rishi got jailed, and he has become a culprit now. Virender shouts that Rishi isn’t a culprit, and even Lakshmi is innocent. He doesn’t want the family members to accuse Lakshmi. Ayush helps Lakshmi. He tells that he will help her find the culprit. Virender shouts that Rishi and Lakshmi are his pride. He asks Karishma to always remember this. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Balwinder meets a pandit to know his future. Malishka passes by the same route. She wants to win her Rishi. Balwinder sees the speeding car. He runs in front of the car to save himself. Rishi meets Chotu, who blames him for his brother’s critical condition. Rishi defends himself and fights the guy. Balwinder gets saved. Pandit asks for the money. Balwinder tells that he won’t give any money. Pandit lies that Balwinder will marry Lakshmi. Balwinder happily pays him the money. He watches Malishka arguing with a lady. Chotu threatens of killing Rishi. Rishi says I don’t know your brother. Chotu tells that Rishi’s death is certain, no one can save him.

Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Update Lakshmi’s struggle:


Rishi gets into a fight with a guy, who blames him for poisoning the people at his hotel. Rishi tells that he didn’t do anything wrong, even his wife is innocent, he took the blame on himself to save his wife, he had promised that he won’t let her go to jail again, they both are innocent, they didn’t do anything against anyone’s lives. Rishi asks the man to punish him if he wants. The man tells that he finds Rishi speaking the truth.

The jail mates tell that Rishi and Lakshmi love each other a lot. Rishi apologizes to him. He tells that he is responsible because he is the owner of the hotel where the people fell sick. He promises to catch the culprit and get him punished. Malishka gets into an argument with a lady on the road. The lady threatens of sending Malishka to jail. Malishka gives her money and tells that she has no time for this mess. Balwinder finds Malishka paying the girl. He also wants the money. He pretends to be Malishka’s husband. He apologizes to the lady from her side and tells a fake story. The lady slaps him. She returns the money to Malishka and asks her to take care. The lady goes away. Balwinder asks Malishka to give the money to him.

She asks him how dare he touch her. He tells that he just saved her. She asks him is she drunk. He tells that she might be drunk, she is really mad. She tells him about the big problem, Lakshmi has gone to meet chef Mukesh, both of them will get into trouble. Elsewhere, Ayush tells Lakshmi that they are bearing much loss because of Rishi’s statement and jail stay. She feels guilty. He tells that he didn’t mean to make her feel guilty. She calls chef Mukesh. She asks him to tell him the truth, and fix everything, just he can help her.

Mukesh remembers Abhay’s words. He lies that he doesn’t know anything else. Lakshmi and Ayush ask Mukesh to realize that Lakshmi could have framed him easily, but she didn’t say anything. Ayush asks him to just help Rishi. She requests him and promises that his name won’t come in between, knowing he can never cheat Rishi. She asks him to just say the truth. Mukesh tells that he doesn’t want to get dragged into this mess. Ayush asks him to just listen. Malishka tells Balwinder that she doesn’t want anything wrong to happen. He asks her not to worry. She asks him to look at himself.

He asks her to stay calm like him, his mind runs faster, he just met a pandit, who told about his bright Kundali, he will soon get married to Lakshmi. He sits in her car and tells that he is her crime partner. He asks her to drop him home. Ayush and Lakshmi make a plan, suspecting that Mukesh has run away because he is involved in the matter. Bani asks Shalu about Lakshmi. Shalu tells that Lakshmi is fine, Ayush is there to help her. Shalu praises Ayush. Bani teases her. Mukesh gets to meet someone who threatens him. Later on, Virender tells Basu that Rishi can do anything for Lakshmi. Basu tells that Rishi should have become patient. Karishma reaches there to blame Lakshmi.

Virender sends off Basu. He shouts on her when she accuses Lakshmi. He defends Rishi and Lakshmi, who are his pride. He tells that he won’t repeat himself again. Ayush and Lakshmi stop Mukesh and request him once again to help them. Ayush tells that they will give them rewards if he helps them. Lakshmi emotionally appeals to him. Mukesh remembers Balwinder. Lakshmi and Ayush try hard to convince Mukesh. Balwinder and Malishka try reaching here. Mukesh lies to Lakshmi once again. Ayush asks him to think of it again. Lakshmi feels that someone is following them. Ayush asks who is around. Abhay is hiding behind the pillar and keeping a watch on them.

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