Swaran Ghar 3rd October 2022 Upcoming Love triangle

Swaran Ghar 3rd October 2022 Upcoming Love triangle

Swaran Ghar 3rd October 2022 Upcoming Love triangle Arjun as RJ Tanha encourages Swaran to confess her love, thinking she is going to name him as her lover. He is hugely hurt when he learns that she loves Ajit. He still encourages her to not get afraid of the society and go ahead to confess her love to Ajit. Swaran feels delighted with Arjun’s assuring support. She realizes that she really loves Ajit and can’t imagine her life without him. She wants to express her love to Ajit. Ajit gets depressed due to the misunderstanding that Swaran loves Arjun, she has chosen Arjun’s proposal over him. Ajit decides to quit on his life when he fails to get her love. He finds his life turning meaningless. He loses his heart. He goes to get under the tractor.

Arjun on the other hand gets mad in sorrow. He ruins himself in anger. He tells that he doesn’t want to think of his future, he is burning his achievements and his identity, when he can’t achieve his love. Ajit vents anger on himself that he couldn’t win Swaran’s love. He wants to stay in his limits and remain Swaran’s friend. Swaran tells Bebe that she spoke to Arjun about her emotions, but he didn’t tell her anything. Bebe realizes that Swaran doesn’t know anything about Arjun’s marriage proposal. Swaran doesn’t tell Bebe that she had confessed love for Ajit in front of Arjun, when she felt the need of speaking out her heart. Swaran longs to meet Ajit. Bebe also wants Swaran to accept Ajit’s alliance. Bebe wishes to see Swaran and Ajit’s marriage. Rajeshwari gets angered knowing Swaran had rejected Arjun’s love. What twists will come in this love triangle? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for Swaran Ghar 3rd October 2022 Upcoming Love triangle: 4/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.



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