Imlie 5th October 2022 Upcoming Atharva Imlie bond

Imlie Chini final move 28th October 2022 Upcomingq

Imlie 5th October 2022 Upcoming Atharva Imlie bond Atharva loves Chini. He professes his love for Chini. He tries to convey to Imlie that he loves Chini, but she doesn’t get to read his message. Atharva gets engaged to Imlie, when he thinks he is going to get his love Chini. He worries that his relation with Imlie will become shallow without love. He feels helpless. Imlie has no idea about Atharva’s feelings for Chini. Atharva realizes that it got too late to explain his stand to Imlie. Later in the track, Imlie falls into danger. Atharva will save Imlie from the upcoming troubles.


Rajveer manages to stop Ravinder from shooting down Ajooni. He loves Ajooni and protects her from the punishment. Aman’s secret gets revealed. Rajveer sympathizes with Ajooni and decides to leave the house. Rajveer takes a stand for his wife. He shocks the family by revealing his decision. Ravinder doesn’t stop Rajveer from leaving the house. Ajooni feels guilty. Rajveer holds her hand, and they together leave the house. Ravinder rebukes Aman, by scaring her about her future. He orders Aman to leave the house all alone, because she has nobody to love her and take a stand for her. She begs for forgiveness. Ajooni tells Rajveer that she didn’t cheat him. She asks him if he still thinks that she cheated him. He tells that he doesn’t know about it, but he can’t leave her. Rajveer’s Dadi stops him from leaving. He tells that he can’t live without Ajooni. Ravinder asks Dadi to choose either of Rajveer or him.



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