Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2022 Written Update Rhea’s news

Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2022 Written Update Rhea's news

Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2022 Written Update Rhea’s news Vandy tells that Pallavi didn’t hold Prachi’s hand and pull her back at the time of the fire incident, Pallavi held her ego. She calls Pallavi wrong. Pallavi asks her to speak in other’s matter when she is asked to speak. She asks Vandy to stay out of her family matters. She doesn’t want any lecture from Dida and Vandy. Rhea tells Madhu that she is faking her pregnancy, but everyone should be able to see her baby bump, her tummy is just flat. Prachi reaches there and seems shocked to see Rhea confessing about the fake pregnancy. Will Prachi learn about Rhea’s fake pregnancy and expose the big fraud in front of Ranbir and his family? Will Pallavi learn Aaliya and Rhea’s evil conspiracies? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rhea meets the doctor Madhu, who is her friend. She tells that she wants to look pregnant. Madhu asks her to stop pretending. She feels Rhea is taking an advantage of her. Rhea tells that they are friends. Madhu tells that some people are suspecting her. Rhea asks her to relax. Madhu tells that she is worried of getting caught, her license can get cancelled. Rhea asks her to not stress. She promises to give her much money. She tells that it’s a big favor, Prachi snatched her love, husband and everything, but Madhu is her savior. She wants to get back everything she lost. She admits about her fake pregnancy. She asks for a fake tummy. Madhu shows a sample belt. Prachi arrives there and shocks Rhea.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th October 2022 Written Update Rhea’s news


Dida asks Vandy how will she fight with Aaliya and Rhea. Vandy asks her to send Aaliya away and then corner Rhea, everything will be fine between Prachi and Ranbir. Pallavi hears them and claps. She asks Vandy did Rhea ask Prachi to conceive Sid’s child. She scolds Vandy for conspiring against Rhea. Vandy tells that Pallavi didn’t care for the family. Pallavi asks what didn’t she do. Pallavi gets upset when Vandy tells that Pallavi didn’t care for her bahu before. She asks Vandy to say it clearly. Vandy tells that Pallavi should have held Prachi’s hand, but Pallavi held her ego. Pallavi asks her to leave and board the flight. Vandy asks Dida to fight for Prachi’s rights.

Prachi meets Dr. Madhu and tells that she needs urgent medical attention. She asks Madhu to help Sid. Rhea hides her face. She doesn’t want Prachi to know about her fake pregnancy. Madhu tells that she is a gynac, she can’t come to attend any emergency case. Prachi apologizes to her. She leaves from there. Rhea tells Madhu that Prachi is her sister, who snatched Ranbir from her. Ranbir and Aryan meet at office. Ranbir tells him about Prachi and Rhea’s bad qualities. He is very angry. Aryan asks him not to say anything about Prachi.

Ranbir tells that Prachi also irritates him, but right now, he is angry on Rhea. Aryan tells that he can’t hear his frustrating words, he can’t decide what to call Ranbir, a brother or brother-in-law. Ranbir tells that Rhea is an uninvited problem for him, and Prachi is a love trouble. Aryan gets Shahana’s call. Ranbir asks Aryan if he likes Shahana. Aryan tells that its nothing like that. Ranbir answers the call. He tells I love you Shahana. She scolds him. Aryan asks what is Ranbir doing. Ranbir tells that he thought something is between them.

Shahana threatens of killing Aryan. Prachi asks her to calm down. Ranbir also asks her to calm down. He tells that he was just joking with her. She tells that she called for an urgent work. She asks him about Aryan’s friend, who is a doctor in the city hospital. She adds that she has come there with Prachi. Ranbir runs hearing this. Aryan tells her that his friend is still there. He asks is everything fine. She tells that Sid is hurt, Prachi and she got him to the hospital. He tells that he will call his friend. Madhu tells that Prachi had come here, it’s such a mere coincidence.

Rhea asks Madhu to check if the baby bump looks perfect. Madhu asks her if Prachi came to spy on her. She alerts Rhea. Ranbir reaches the hospital and asks for Prachi. Aryan doesn’t want Ranbir to know that Prachi is asking for a doctor for Sid. Nurse tells Ranbir about Rhea, who is with Dr. Madhu. Aryan asks about Ranbir. Nurse tells that Ranbir has gone to the gynac. Aryan doesn’t know what’s going on. Prachi and Shahana get Sid treated. They are angry that Aaliya has hurt Sid, but they have no proof against her. Prachi tells that they shall get a proof first. Ranbir meets Prachi and asks her is she okay. Shahana tells that its her mistake, they came to meet a doctor.

He tells that nurse told him that his wife is with Dr. Madhu. Nurse apologizes to him. She tells that his wife is with Madhu. Ranbir tells that Prachi is his wife. She tells that Rhea is with Dr. Madhu. Prachi tells that misunderstanding is from their side. She asks Ranbir if he didn’t know about Rhea. He tells that he just came for her sake. Shahana asks Prachi to take Ranbir to Rhea and clear all the doubts. Prachi asks Ranbir to come with her. Rhea tells that she didn’t like any fake stomachs. Madhu tells that she didn’t make it herself. Rhea yells at her.

She asks Madhu if she is with Prachi and wants to expose her. Madhu asks why is she threatening her. Ranbir asks Prachi to let Rhea stay alone. Prachi asks him to show some humanity. She holds his hand. He asks her to leave his hand. He complains to the nurse about Prachi. Nurse cracks a joke. Ranbir tells that he is leaving, Prachi shouldn’t care. Prachi tells that they should know about Rhea’s well being from her doctor. Rhea asks Madhu not to think she is doing a great thing. Madhu asks her to leave. She doesn’t want to help Rhea. Rhea tells that she is leaving. Madhu asks her not to show her attitude, else her secret will be out. Rhea asks her what will she tell the family. Ranbir and Prachi come inside the cabin and ask Rhea what’s going on.

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