Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2022 Written Update Double trouble

Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2022 Written Update Double trouble

Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2022 Written Update Double trouble Prithvi gets angered over Arjun’s insulting behavior towards him. Sherlyn hugs him. She tells that she will not ask him to be careful this time, he should attack the Luthras and they will win today, they will not lose over Arjun. He thanks her for his confidence. He tells that he will make a strike in a way that both Arjun and Luthras will get shattered, nobody can stop him from getting victorious. He thanks her for her wishes. Sherlyn overhears Arjun and Anjali. Karan tells that Rishabh thinks he has come for a collaboration, Rishabh considers him a brother, but he doesn’t deserve to become a brother. He wants to ruin him.

Anjali tells that Rishabh’s happiness will end tonight. Karan tells that once the footage runs on the screen, Rishabh’s life will be ruined, he won’t be able to meet his face to anyone. She asks him if they should skip their next plan, because it will affect the entire family. Karan tells that she has always supported him in his revenge, they are close to their goal, they can’t step back now. Sherlyn gets confused when she hears that he wants to ruin Rishabh Luthra. She wants to inform Prithvi about it. She finds Prithvi and tells him about Arjun and Anjali. She tells that Arjun is dangerous, he is planning to ruin Rishabh. Prithvi tells that he knows everything about Arjun’s motive, but doesn’t know why Arjun isn’t becoming his friend.

She tells that Arjun is going to play a video in the party, it will damage Rishabh’s reputation and name completely, Luthras will be ruined. Prithvi wants that pendrive to find out the evidence against Rishabh. Rishabh gets hurt. Karan cares for him and scolds him with love. Rishabh tells that he didn’t do intentionally. He still talks of Karan. He tells that when Karan used to get angry, he used to punch on the wall. He realizes that Karan would have got much hurt. Karan asks him to find out why Karan did that, there is pain in heart that a person vents out.


Rishabh asks him how does he know Karan so well. Karan admits that he is Karan. Rishabh and Sameer stare at him. Karan tells that he is like Karan, but Rishabh wasn’t a good brother who couldn’t understand Karan, when he was in pain, when he used to punch the walls. Rishabh asks him does he know what happened, does he know who was Karan to him, who is he to ask him. Karan asks him why did he change and stopped loving his brother. Rishabh tells that Karan was like his son. He asks Arjun not to say this without knowing anything. He warns Arjun in anger. They both get tears in eyes. Arjun asks Rishabh why couldn’t he know his brother. Rishabh stops the reporters from clicking their pictures.

He doesn’t know why Arjun is asking this. He tells that Arjun has entered their house, family and heart, he is a nice man, but it doesn’t mean that he will question them about Karan. He adds that Arjun reminds him of Karan. He expresses his love for Karan. He asks Arjun to keep their relation good, and not spoil it. Karan cries and leaves in anger. Sameer gets puzzled with the strange argument. Rakhi tells Preeta that she knows her well. She asks Preeta why does she dislike Arjun. She wants to know the reason. She loves Arjun as her son.

She feels hurt that Preeta holds hatred and grudge for Arjun, who is a gem at heart. She fails to understand Preeta’s hatred for Arjun. Preeta understands what Rakhi wants to say. Rakhi feels Preeta is overthinking about Arjun. She asks her not to get any wrong thoughts about Arjun. She tells that she has experience and can judge people well, Arjun is a nice person, Preeta should clear the misunderstanding. Karan hears them. Preeta tells that Rakhi has a big heart and she is too innocent. Karan asks Rakhi what happened to her. She tells there is nothing. He tells that he can read her face, he knows everything, she would have not liked Preeta saying bad things about him, there are problems between Preeta and him.

He asks Preeta not to complain to Rakhi about him. Preeta asks Arjun not to worry for her family, she is with Rakhi always. Sameer follows Arjun and finds him with Rakhi. He can’t understand Arjun, what he wants. Preeta asks Rakhi not to worry, she won’t do anything that hurts Rakhi. She promises her. Sherlyn shows the pendrive to Prithvi. He asks her to play the video and check it. They hide when Shrishti comes there. Shrishti looks for the pendrive. Prithvi asks Sherlyn to pick the fallen pendrive.

Shrishti goes out. Prithvi tells that they will go and check the pendrive in some other laptop. Sherlyn heads to Rishabh’s study. Shrishti gets the backup copy and praises her intelligence. She wants to surprise Arjun with her amazing work. Sameer stops Arjun. Karan yells at him. Sameer asks him what’s the problem. Karan calms down. He tells that he has no problem. Sameer tells that Arjun’s words have troubled Rishabh. He adds that he loves Rishabh a lot and can’t see him upset. Karan asks him if he doesn’t love Karan. Sameer asks him not to say anything about Karan. Karan asks where was he when Karan died. He tells that Sameer was partying when Karan died, Sameer never cared for Karan.

Sameer breaks down and tells Arjun that he is right. He regrets that he wasn’t with Karan that day, he loved Karan a lot, they were really close. Karan consoles him and tells that he isn’t a reason for Karan’s death. Rishabh meets his manager Sahil and tells that he can’t tell anything about someone until they know the person well. He asks Sahil not to care for the people’s opinion. He is confident that Arjun is a nice person. Sahil asks him not to blindly trust Arjun. Rishabh doesn’t change his thinking. He wants Sahil to change his thinking, Arjun isn’t their business rival. He sees Preeta around. She wonders why Rishabh trusts Arjun so much.

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