Bhagya Lakshmi 12th October 2022 Written Update Rishi kidnapped

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th October 2022 Written Update Rishi kidnapped

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th October 2022 Written Update Rishi kidnapped Lakshmi asks Rishi how is he understanding her feelings. Rishi tells that its heart to heart connection, so he understands her. Balwinder sprays some chemical on the flowers. He sends the bouquet to Rishi. Rishi smells the flowers and faints down. Balwinder reaches Rishi and tells that now he will show the real magic, he will become a magician. Rishi is found unconscious in his room. Balwinder laughs at him. He lifts Rishi and takes him on his back. He plans to tie up Rishi behind the Raavan effigy and burn him. He tells that its time for Rishi’s Dahan. The pendrive falls from Rishi’s hand. Balwinder ties up Rishi and leaves from there. Malishka passes by and doesn’t see Rishi and Balwinder. Balwinder hides from her. He keeps this a secret and doesn’t tell her anything. Who will rescue Rishi? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Kiran tells that they are really happy that he is back. Malishka tells that she decided to not celebrate the festive without him. Rishi and Malishka talk of their old times and hug. Lakshmi finds them sharing a jolly moment. She grows jealous.

Virender calls Rishi. Rishi goes to Lakshmi and asks her to come home, Virender is calling them home. She asks him to go with Malishka, he will get time to hug her again. He tells that it was a casual hug. She goes home with Ayush. Rishi also goes home. Shalu asks him about Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi is busy in arrangements. She tells that she has come to assist Lakshmi. He asks her to help him in convincing Lakshmi.


Bhagya Lakshmi 12th October 2022 Written Update Rishi kidnapped:

Shalu tells Rishi that Lakshmi can never get upset with him. She asks him to apologize to Lakshmi, then things will get fine between them. He asks if Lakshmi will get friendly with her. He wants to know what wrong did he do. She asks him to apologize and end Lakshmi’s annoyance. He asks her if Lakshmi will forgive her. She tells that he is in Lakshmi’s heart already. She wants him to apologize with much love. He thanks her. He goes and rehearses his apology to Lakshmi. Ayush thinks Rishi is apologizing to him. He hugs Rishi and tells that he has forgiven him. Rishi asks what is he doing.

Ayush tells that he has no complains with him, Rishi can even slap him. Rishi slaps him and tells that he wasn’t apologizing to him, but to Lakshmi. Ayush jokes on him. Rishi tells that he was really apologizing to Lakshmi. Ayush wants to know what did he do. Rishi tells that Lakshmi got upset seeing him with Malishka. Ayush tells that jealousy means love, Lakshmi loves Rishi. He adds that Lakshmi’s feelings would have changed for Rishi. He asks Rishi about his feelings. Ayush asks him not to think and just go to make Lakshmi more jealous, then see Lakshmi’s feelings will come out, there will be just love.

Rishi tells that he will really make Lakshmi burn with jealousy. He thanks Ayush for the idea. Ayush tells that Rishi has to convince Lakshmi. Rishi goes to Lakshmi, and finds her avoiding him. He tells that he knows her excuses, her intentionally ignorance is her loss. He tells that he gets surrounded by many girls when he goes out. She tells that she didn’t see anyone except Malishka. He tells that he has many girlfriends. He fakes a call and makes long drive plans. He makes Lakshmi jealous. She knows that he is faking the romantic talks. She sits listening to his funny conversation. His phone rings. She bursts out into laughter. He appears foolish in front of her. She makes fun of him. He smiles seeing her.

She tells that she knew he is lying. He asks her is she still annoyed. Meanwhile, Balwinder reaches there. He sprays a chemical on the bouquet. He tells that now he will become a magician. Rishi tells that he knows Lakshmi was jealous. She asks him how can he say this. He tells that he can see her truth in her eyes. He asks her not to play any blame game. He tells that he was just making her feel jealous because it was Ayush’s idea. He wants to know what she wants to say, which she never said till now. She asks him to say what is he feeling. He asks her not to ask him. He gets angry on Ayush’s useless plan.

Shalu wishes Rishi apologizes and convinces Lakshmi. She meets Ayush. He compliments her look. He asks why did she suggest Rishi to apologize to Lakshmi. He wants Rishi to make Lakshmi jealous. She tells that Lakshmi can get more angry. He agrees with her. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he was just acting to make her jealous. He asks her not to get upset. He tells that they won’t let anyone come between them, they will just stay happy. He apologizes to her. He tells that Shalu suggested her to apologize. She realizes that Rishi can’t tolerate her annoyance. He tells that he can’t tolerate her annoyance. She doesn’t like to see his upset face. He reads her heart. She is surprised. He asks her to smile.

Neha meets Ayush and tries to impress him. Ayush thinks to make Shalu jealous by flirting with Neha. Shalu doesn’t get jealous. She compliments their Jodi. Ayush doesn’t want to upset Shalu. Neha tries to show off her earrings. Ayush asks Shalu didn’t she wear any earrings. He asks the reason. Shalu tells that Neha took the earrings from her. Ayush asks did Neha steal it. Shalu tells that she couldn’t buy earrings. He asks them to come, they will burn the Raavan. Rishi asks Lakshmi to smile well. Lakshmi asks him to smile as well. They laugh and hope to stay happy. She calls him naughty. He tells that he knows she likes him.

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