Udaariyaan Naaz Nehmat clash 12th October 2022 Update

Udaariyaan Naaz Nehmat clash 12th October 2022 Update

Udaariyaan Naaz Nehmat clash 12th October 2022 Update Naaz and Nehmat get into a fight when the latter insults Varun. Naaz takes a stand for Varun. She demands Nehmat to apologize to Varun. Nehmat asks her not to get under Varun’s control. Naaz doesn’t want Nehmat to interfere in her life. She admits that she loves Varun and even he loves her. She wants to decide for her life. Varun tells that he will take a revenge for his insult. Nehmat decides to talk to family about Naaz. Naaz gets terribly upset. She reaches home and complains to the family about Nehmat, who made her cry. She tells that she is fed up of Nehmat’s interference in her life. She doesn’t want Nehmat to control her life. She asks Shelly to help her. Nehmat arrives home and gets reprimanded by Shelly.

Shelly defends Naaz. Nehmat tells that Naaz isn’t mature, she can’t judge a person. Naaz asks her to not prove her a fool. Nehmat tries to reason out. She tells Naaz that Varun is fooling her, he doesn’t love her. Naaz doesn’t believe her. The sisters get into a fight. Naaz tells that she has chosen her life. Nehmat is worried that Naaz is doing wrong. Naaz tells that she wants to learn from her mistakes. She confronts Nehmat about meeting Ekam secretly by lying to the family. She tells that she will give the breaking news to the family if Nehmat dares to control her life. Nehmat realizes that Naaz knew about Ekam and her. The family gets affected by Naaz and Nehmat’s clash. Nehmat leaves Naaz on her own. She doesn’t take the risk of revealing Ekam and her relation to the family. Nehmat and Ekam work together in finding Fateh and Tejo’s culprits. Advit cheats Nehmat by winning her trust. He plots to separate Nehmat and Ekam, by entering her life.


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